Craig M Clarke

Craig M Clarke


Deep, Dark, Devout, And daringly to the point. Indie pop spiced with rhythms and heavy electronic beats that dig as deep as his lyrics.


Craig M Clarke's music sounds exactly the way he sees everyday life. Deep. Dark. Devout. And daringly to the point.

The audacious singer (and founding member of The New Slave and D.W. Holiday) recently moved from Northern California to Reno, Nevada, where the surroundings gave him a fresh and new sense of freedom - to write songs that are even deeper, darker and devoutly more daring. The cool nightly winds that followed Craig from the corner pub to his recording studio relieved his soul from the heat of the day, as he lay down electronic beats that dig as deep as the duende in his lyrics.


For his latest album, "Here I Go Again," Craig worked with Sacramento music icon John Callan (SymbioticBiorhythms), who mixed and produced the album. Craig sometimes refers to the album as "The Ghost of Frankenstein," because he related to the theme of a "monster" like Frankenstein being perceived as ferocious. "With this album," explains Craig, "I set out not to destroy the monster in my head, but to understand him, find his weakness and then manipulate him into doing my will."

"Here I Go Again" will be released digitally worldwide on July 31 (via Snowstorm Music) and in Europe on August 6 (via Raw Onion Records).

Craig M Clarke has shared the stage with the likes of The Mountain Goats, The Besnard Lakes, Tobacco, The Hood Internet, Califone, Two Gallants, Film School, Scissors for Lefty, Von Iva and Loquat.

Craig's influences include XTC, Radiohead, The Flaming Lips, Pink Floyd, Depeche Mode, The Cure, Robyn Hitchcock, ELO, George Harrison, Donovan, Grandaddy, Blonde Redhead, The Smiths and Morrissey.