Craig Moreau

Craig Moreau

 Calgary, Alberta, CAN

Original Americana artist backed by 1 to 5 players, depending on the venue.


Craig Moreau is a Calgary, Alberta based, Singer/Songwriter of the first tradition. He always believed you have to live it to write it."Everything I did, I did in search of a song.รข€? Craig has definitely lived a storied life. He has been a roadie, bartender, farmer, cowhand, truck driver, stuntman, actor, carpenter, mechanic and a postal worker. Travelled 10 years on the rodeo circuit and even spent some time in California learning how to surf. Moreau has released his second, full length record 'The Daredevil Kid' on August,8, 2014.

    Performing his songs as a solo artist, in bars and coffee houses, festivals, banquets and on live TV and radio. His first record 'Every Now and Then' received local, national and global airplay achieving critical acclaim from Performing Songwriter magazine and was picked as one of the best of 2000 by Fast Forward weekly in Calgary.

    Returning to music full-time in 2013, Craig finished writing the songs then headed down to Austin, TX to record with Mark Hallman at the Congress House Studios. With the help of Kevin Welch, Kimmie Rhodes, Gurf Molix, Kim Deschamps, Elana James, Ben Tagseth and Andre Moran and the encouragement of his fans, friends and family; they ended up with one helluva' record.
    Craig plans on touring extensively in 2014/15 in support of 'The Daredevil Kid' and is currently assembling a backing band of seasoned musicians to flesh out the studio effort. He hopes to give this collection of songs the exposure they deserve.