Craig Owen

Craig Owen


My music is modern folk with a light touch of spirituality. My songs invite listeners to reflect on their own experiences as mirrored in my words & music. Reflective & affirming for my audience-my goal in writing and playing my songs.


I have been playing guitar and writing songs since1980. I would describe my style as modern or contemporary folk with a light touch of spirituality. My preferred instrument is 12-string acoustic guitar.
I have been in the South Carolina Upstate since 1997. I am originally from Denver CO, where I played at a number of open mic nites. In the Spartanburg-Greenville area I have played
at Barnes & Noble, Coffee Underground and other venues in the area.
I am a member of the Nashville Songwriters Association International- Greenville Chapter.
My first CD, The Smallest of Things, was released in January 2004. My CD can be sampled at


Somebody's Hero

Written By: Craig Owen

On the early bus weighed down with books
She fells invisible, no one ever looks
She starts her day to teach her class
The children greet her with eagerness
The she knows
She's somebody's hero
She's somebody's hero

For thirty years he's pushed that broom
Picked up the trash, cleaned out the rooms
He's hardly noticed, not much to say
When he sees his grandkids at the end of the day
Then he knows
He's somebody's hero
He's somebody's hero

Most of us will never see
Our names go down in history
What greater role could there be?
To shape young hearts and set them free
So let this be your legacy
That you're somebody's hero

The old lady's health is not the best
She needs help to eat, get up, get dressed
Sometime she forgets her own son's name
When she remembers a smile lights her face
Then she know
She's somebody's hero
She's somebody's hero
She's somebody's hero

c 2005 Craig Owen

A Distant Shore

Written By: Craig Owen

How do we measure the life that we live
By the things that we take or the things that we give
By the people who hurt or the people who care
By the love that we lose or the love that we share

Keep your eyes on a distant shore
You know there is something more
Keep your eyes on a distant shore
to help you carry on
Keep your face turned to the stars
You know the dawn is not too far
Keep your face turned to the stars
to help you carry on

Each breath that we take is a gift from above
We can use it to hate or use it to love
We can bind up the wounds or strike new blow
We can build a new world or run down the old

When you're lost and confused and you can't find your way
And the pain is so great that you can't even pray
There's a voice in the darkness like gentle starlight
A whisper of dawn in the endless night
You may not graps it but you know that it's there
You see its spark every time that you care

c 2005 Craig Owen

He Will Lift You Up

Written By: Craig Owen

He will lift you on eagle's wings
He will renew your strength and hope
You will run and never fall
You will walk and never fear
All He asks is that you trust in Him

1) The road's been long and hard
The struggle never ends
How do we find the hope
How do we find the strength to go on?

2) We never are alone
There is Someone who cares
If we turn our hearts
To the One who first gave us life

c 2005 Craig Owen

Be Patient Restless Heart

Written By: Craig Owen

The nite’s been long and lonely
The pain beyond all words
I have waited on my Lord
Clinging to the vision of my heart

Be patient, oh restless heart
Your wounds have finally healed
Something warm and joyful is drawing near
And you shall find a place to call your home

When I thought my dreams had died
And my strength was all but gone
Softly did He whisper
These kind words to my battered soul

Sustain me my Creator
Give me strength to carry on
Lift me high on eagle’s wings
To see the new dawn of love and peace

c 2005 Craig Owen


The Smallest of Things- Released January 2004