Craig "Sim" Webb

Craig "Sim" Webb

 MontrĂ©al, Quebec, CAN

Craig Sim Webb is a dream-inspired singer-songwriter, multimedia edutainer & guitarist for 25 years. His style ranges from pop to world to folk with electronic influences. He's worked with Fortune 500 companies, major motion pictures, A-list celebrities, and appeared on 1000+ international media.


Craig "Sim" Webb is a dream-inspired singer-songwriter, performer/edutainer/speaker, and guitarist. His music style ranges from pop to world to folk, with occasional electronic influences.

He has composed music for TV and video, been played on over a hundred radio stations, and been a SOCAN member for 2 decades. Hit Song Science reviewed three of his songs which all won Platinum Auddy awards (the highest ranking). Two received a higher hit score rating than Taylor Swift's "Love Story" and both tied with Black Eyed Peas Billboard chart topper "I Gotta Feeling".

His experience as a dream/consciousness researcher adds a unique creative essence and approach to his compositions and has also helped him develop a strong public presence, including being an invited expert for major motion pictures, Fortune 500 corporations, A-list celebrities, and well over a thousand international media.

Creative Inspirations for his music often come in dreams, just like Paul McCartney (Yesterday, Let It Be), Billy Joel (many of his melodies, lyrics, arrangements come from dreams), Sting, Train (Drops of Jupiter), Neil Young, Keith Richards/Rolling Stones (Satisfaction), Savage Garden and many other well-known artists and composers.

He's had the honor to be hired as presenter for a high-profile international tour by Tommy Hilfiger, and he's performed/presented at international festivals, conferences, and other public events as a multimedia artist creating innovative sound, consciousness, and perception shows that incorporate original music, group singing, photographic and video art, dance, and interactive physiological visual/touch/sound technologies.

He has arranged and experimented with multicultural instruments (Indian sitar, South American Quenachi flute, African djembe, various percussion instruments, etc.), and his music blends folk and electronic music styles with various world influences including traditional music of India (where he has traveled 6 times), Spanish flamenco rhythms and South American native folk (picked up during extended trips in Ecuador, Venezuela, Guatemala, Honduras and Mexico).


Bridging Worlds (debut album)