Craig Stagg

Craig Stagg


A new fusion of R&B and Hip-Hop, with Gospel Lyrics.


Singing the praises of Jesus, Craig Stagg blesses the recording that marks his debut with a powerful performance that only this patriarch of the pulpit can deliver.
Craig's love of music can be traced to his humble
beginnings in the Baptist Church, where as a child growing up in Harlem, he was a standout in the choir. Later he joined the Harlem Boys Choir and soon realized that a life as a professional singer was his destiny.
"The tracks are defining a new sound for Craig. A fusion of R&B and Hip Hop with Gosple lyrics that hasn't quite been heard before," claims DJ Callie Bon. "The music industy is competitive, but we strongly feel that people will embrace the music," adds producer Robert Purchase. Whatever the future may hold for Craigs Stagg, one thing is certain: no matter where life may lead him, he will always carry the torch of the Lord in his heart and the message of His word in song.
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The Title of the first LP and first single is Thank You.
Other songs include
Free Your Mind
Never Look Back
The Light
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Rolling With Jesus Christ
How Do I Say