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Written By: Craig Tuttle

By Craig Tuttle and Chris O’Hara

1st verse
I lie awake, in a dream I wake up
Without knowing where I’m going
Or where I’ve been
Sometimes life seems made up
There’s no way of ever knowing
When it all will end
So I step outside of my mind
I look inside where I lied
To myself again
But I know when I realize where I’m going
I’ll be halfway there
Where I’ve always been

2nd verse
I stand still, my mind starts to wander
While I wonder what it takes
To break through the clichés
The answer’s there, but questions still linger
While I try to put my finger on it
I think I got it but I never really had it
I just had it but I lost it
It’s gone away
Sometimes I don’t know why I even try
I guess that’s why I always try
But I go halfway

Already halfway there
Halfway there
Halfway there

3rd verse
And I know that life’s little struggles
Are just pieces of the puzzle
Thrown into your way
But I can see the light through the tunnel
And I know that I am gonna
Make it through okay
I just need a little time to myself
Open my eyes and realize
What everyone did say
The first step is always the hardest
I already got it started
I’m already halfway



Written By: Craig Tuttle

By Craig Tuttle and Chris O’Hara

1st verse
Revolving in slow motion
My world is not what it once seemed
And I see this the only
Way that it can be
So I spend a lonely
Night inside my mind
I find you only
You’re nowhere to be found
Reflections in my head
As I look for truth and now I live heartless
My heart once given to you

And I sit here looking
At where you used to be
Nothing there to remind me
Of all your distant memories
I try to piece it together
But nothing seems to fit
Loneliness surrounds me
And all I can do is sit

2nd verse
No one can replace the
Place you left behind
There’s no reason to look on
Cuz you’re the best there was to find
And I’m too late to realize
The biggest mistake I made
But still I have to face the
Fact I let you get away
So I sit by myself
Wonder how it could have been
But you only get one chance
I’ll never see that chance again


And I sit here
While you’re gone
Remembering the times
All alone

3rd verse
Everything was perfect
But I was too naive to see
And now I sit alone
In a lifeless misery
Going through the motions
I struggle just to breathe
My eyes were open
Still I could never see
I always wanted more
When all I wanted was in front of me
And now I sit alone
A product of all of my greed

Chorus (x2)


Written By: Craig Tuttle

Written by: Craig Tuttle

Verse one
Verse two
Verse three
Verse four

Verse one:
What would you do if I told you
You only had one day to live
Who’d be there to console you
Who’d you spend your last moments with
Who would you bother telling
All the things that you’ve left unsaid
Or would go on selling
Your soul until you’re dead

No one lives life’
Walk in a straight line
There’s always downs
Everything’s not fine
Everyone’s fucked up
Tasted their own pride
Everyone’s felt pain
Some just hold it inside

Verse two:
Would today be any different
If tomorrow does not come
Or would you just go on with your life
Because you’re the only one
Would you feel any remorse
For all the fucked up shit you’ve done
Or continue walking alone
Thanking Him for what’s to come
Verse three:
You live inside your own world
Blinded by your jaded truth
Nothing else seems to ever matter
If nothing does not include you
Your selfish way of life and now
You’re left here to make this choice
But nothing that’s been said to you
Can be heard over your own voice

Verse four:
You’re not the only son in life
Not everything revolves around you
Someday you’ll hear all of these words
And you won’t know quite what to do
But you put yourself in this spot
No one to blame but you
You’ll just have to dig yourself out
But that’s something you’re used to

My Own Man

Written By: Craig Tuttle

My Own Man
By: Craig Tuttle

1st verse:
You walked out of my life
Denied me what I need
If you couldn’t own up
Then you shouldn’t have planted the seed
That’s sprouted all of this anger
And still continues to feed
On hopeliess emotions
Brought upon by your greed

Cuz all that you gave me
Blood running through my veins
But that doesn’t make you my father
Ya you might have named me
But then you just walked away
I guess you just couldn’t be bothered

2nd verse:
You commit the crime
Then you walked away
I was made to serve your time
Didn’t even have a say
Still I always knew
That you’d be back someday
I’d look you right in the eyes
Turn my back and walk away


3rd verse:
Now you write a letter
Try to get to know me
Maybe if you were there
You could use your own eyes and see
But you had someplace better
Somewhere else to be
So turn around and go back
And never think of me

Now I’m my own man
Never needed an old man
Did it all on my own and
That’s why I’m my own man