Craig Werth

Craig Werth

 Newmarket, New Hampshire, USA

Craig Werth is one of those Renaissance beings -- as comfortable telling a story with a "stand-up" touch, singing a potent ballad a capella, or playing a compelling original instrumental on something stringed.


Craig Werth Bio

In 2006, Canada’s own David Francey chose New England songwriter/instrumentalist, Craig Werth, to serve as his accompanist/arranger and touring partner. They co-produced David’s “Right of Passage” earning a best album Juno in 2008. Performing his own songs in each of David’s shows over the years, Craig’s Folk and Americana based originals won the hearts and minds of Francey’s faithful across the globe.

Newfoundland’s Jim Payne put it this way: “In recent years Craig Werth has been applying his considerable talents as a multi-instrumentalist to accompany Juno award-winning songwriter David Francey, but his naturally modest demeanor in that role belies the fact that he is a truly gifted songwriter in his own right. As an inspired musician and a perceptive and emotive writer, it is when he applies his musical prowess to his own songs that the depth of his artistry is revealed."

Werth accompanies himself most often with guitars, bouzouki, banjo, ukulele, and shruti box. He sings of home, relationships, childhood, lessons learned, his Newfoundland roots, and more, with great humility, warmth, insight, appreciation and humor.

Werth’s most recent solo release, “The Spokes Man” earned him profuse accolades and folk radio airplay across Canada, Australia, and the U.S.
He was a quadcentric and folk-DJ pick of the year showcase artist for the 2011 North East Regional Folk Alliance Conference.
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“Sometimes in life you just know when it’s ‘right’.  That’s the sense I’ve had all along since I first heard ‘The Spokesman’. There was a ‘vibe’ going in this performance that I’ve not sensed here before.  An absolutely perfect night!” - Barbara Kerr, Studio 13 House Concerts, Ontario

“Craig tells stories well, has an eye for the human condition with all its foibles and passions, and he accompanies himself superbly.  He seems to have filled the time he had on his hands when he wasn’t on stage with David Francey very well.” - Penguin Eggs

“Craig Werth is a master songwriter. His songs, gems of communication, are made with a voice of pure beauty and instrumental work so precise that it's a wonder he finds the room to get so much honest soul them.”
David Matheson, producer, founding member Moxie Früvous

"My brother, Craig Werth, is an exceptional writer, a natural born storyteller, a brilliant singer and an outstanding instrumentalist. Catch him whenever and wherever you can." – David Francey

4F Bass Street • Newmarket, NH, USA • 603-659-7555 •


Loose Gems -- original songs, 2000
Sideview -- instrumentals, 2008
The Spokes Man -- original songs, 2010
Ten Miles Out -- 2011
(Regard With Grace -- 2013)

Set List

Shows are nearly exclusively original songs with some brief story-telling, and occasional instrumental pieces on guitar and/or bouzouki. Craig has written over 200 original songs and his recordings are starting to catch up.