Craig West

Craig West

 Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, CAN

Progressive Songwriter: Imagine music sitting somewhere between the progressive rock and singer-songwriter genres. Experimental and ambitious with sincerity and heart.


It's our goal to create music sitting somewhere between the progressive rock and singer-songwriter genres.

We like the experimental and ambitious qualities of the best progressive bands, but also the sincerity and honest of classic singer-songwriters, and we don't feel those things are incompatible.

If we do our job right, then our stuff will be adventurous without being pretentious. The key is finding the right balance between acoustic and electric, light and heavy, long and short while always remembering to play from the heart.

We have a couple of EPs and Single tracks released so far, with a full album coming out shortly.

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Live Again

Written By: Craig West

Harsh light 6 AM
This is someone else's life
all the pieces they have slipped
but my life withstands the clip
things are moving into gone
and the echo tells the song
this is my life 6AM
things have changed

time to live again
time to cast away
the troubles and the threats
time to live again
time for feeling high
time to step away
from civil and depressed
time to live again

sleeping with the dead
finding nothing in the end
I have wept here I have lied
I have left here in disguise
all the damage, all the pain
all the residue remains
this is my life 6AM and I have changed


Craig West Band
Mad For All Seasons - Promotional EP - 2010
Live Again - single - released 2009
Never Let Go - song on local compilation CD 'Soo Cousitc'

With Startlefish (lead singer, guitar, bass, primary songwriter)
- The Debtor's Heart - released December 2006
- Regretfully Yours - released July 2005

With IT (bass, vocals, lyricist)
- Departure - full length album - released 2009
- DVD - live concert film - released 2009

With Chris Belsito (guitar, bass)
- Revelation Come Late - 2010
- Fade Dissolve - released 2006
- Turbulence - released 2005

Set List

45 - 50 minute sets of original songs
Performances are usually 2 sets
Can perform 3 sets of music if required thanks to the wide world of covers
Acoustic performances (solo, duo, etc.) as well as full electric band performances, depending on the gig.