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Craig Wilson

New York City, New York, United States

New York City, New York, United States
Band Pop Americana


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"Craig Wilson"

Craig Wilson
New York, New York

By: Susan Frances
of Northeast In Tune Magazine

Solo artist Craig Wilson has one of those timeless voices that is good for any decade, appealing to every country, and compliments any pop assortment from acoustic to rock. There are facets of blues, soul, funk, rock, folk, and easy listening in his vocal melodies, and a musical setting that is agreeable with his vocal prowess. He has a voice that wants to be liked, exhibiting an intuitive sight to place his vocals on the right levels with a Kelly Clarkson proficiency.

Wilson's self-titled EP and his EP entitled ..Home.. culls adult contemporary vibrations with a pop/rock voicing. His self-titled assemble features legendary drummer Jonathan Mover (Shakira, Aretha Franklin, Fuel, Joe Satriani) and producer/engineer Chris Musgrave (Bruce Springsteen, The Allman Brothers Band, Dickie Betts).

Wilson's song ..Home To Me.. has an easy-going pitch with Lone Star style clamps. The misty guitar passages are receptive and non-offensive and set the mood for the lyrics:

..I can't find an easy way,
Nothing feels like home today
This house is just a place to stay
All these pictures don't mean much
If I can't wake up to your touch
Baby believe your home to me...

The selection ..I Can't Wait.. has a blues/rock stock that shines with a Shawn Brown emission and a Melissa Etheridge stylized funk. His song ..Real Kind Of Love.. is a mid-tempo pop rocker with harmony vocals that add Soul. The comfy dips and vocal ranges emote an Emerson Drive loftiness. The delicate keyboard intro and vocals on ..Man Of Steel.. kites the soft ballad with a Michael Crawford sophistication. The volume builds as Wilson sings outside of the melodic streams and rises above the melody to a high flying crescendo.

His final number ..Angel.. lolls gentle vocals with soft stringed caresses. His vocals dip and sprout with a reminiscence of early ..80s solo pop singer Rex Smith and contemporary artist Edwin McCain. The vocals glean with feeling and meaning attached to the song with a Richard Marx tenacity.

Craig Wilson's songwriting and singing has the making of mainstay artists like Richard Marx and Melissa Etheridge. Similar to Marx and Etheridge, Wilson comes from a small town, his was just outside of Detroit. Born to parents who were both involved in the Arts .. his mother was a ballerina and painter and his father was a photographer, Craig Wilson learned to play the guitar and sing at an early age. He moved to New York City and took quickly to writing his own original material and playing live in clubs like CBGB's and the Bitter End. He has played showcases for both BMI and the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences and sees songwriting and singing as the means to his future.
__________________________________ - Northeast Intune Magazine

"Interview with Craig Wilson"

Craig Wilson is energy. Craig Wilson is romance. Craig Wilson is wit. Mostly, Craig Wilson is a friend, a lover, a son, a brother whose life is singing with more passion than most PA systems can handle, not in volume but in intensity.

He has toured the country playing his “stories” – his songs have that story-telling quality of country music, although his melodies are just as easy to remember and hum all day as a good pop tune (try “Stay” it won’t get out of your head!). During his many travels, he has shared the stage with artists like Cindy Lauper, Tyler Hilton and Toby Lightman.

While originally from a little town in Michigan, he now calls New York City home, although he could easily pass for a Nashville or Los Angeles resident, as he seems to be comfortable anywhere. Craig is the guy everyone wants to be friends with; he can play in front of a thousand people or ten and still give you chills; he is currently recording a new album and my friends it will be worth checking out!

What stage is your album at? (meaning, when can we get it?)

Well, the album is kind of an ongoing thing. I write A LOT so new stuff keeps coming up. I have probably 20-30 songs recorded in some form that could end up on the album. Right now it’s about finding the material that fits together the best and finding the perfect arrangements of it all. We are definitely close to having that. When you spend the amount of time, and energy that everybody working on this album has, you want to do the songs justice and make sure it reaches people the right way. It may take a little longer but I believe in having an album that makes you really think and feel throughout, not just one or two catchy singles which seems to be more and more the case in the digital download days. I remember back when I was a kid and discovering artists for the first time, I heard Bruce Springsteen’s “Born To Run” album and I had to listen to the entire thing because it carried a message. I think that part of the power of an album is to hold a common theme that leaves you changed in some way after you’ve heard it. That is not to say that there is no room on my album for the fun and catchy, pop songs! They are certainly in there!

Who did you team up with for the recording of this album and what made you choose them?

Well there are a lot of people that have worked on this record. As I’ve said, I’ve really taken time on this one to explore a lot of options and that includes producers, musicians, studios, and engineers. Mainly, I have worked with Robert L. Smith of Defy Recordings at the helm to engineer everything. Robert has worked with the likes of Aerosmith, Bon Jovi, Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder to name just a few. I was also lucky enough to co-write one track (Sacrifice) with the wonderfully talented writer Jo Davidson. She has had cuts with numerous artists and she stepped in to also produce a few tracks on the album. I had the pleasure of working with Bart Migal (CBS Records) as a producer on a few tracks as well.
The songs definitely walk the line between rock and a bit of folk/country so I was blessed to have Lisa Cochran (Faith Hill, Carrie Underwood, Tim McGraw, Garth Brooks) from Nashville sing on some tracks with me. I also worked with David Patterson (Shawn Mullins, Indigo Girls) and Peter Calo (Carly Simon, Willie Nelson) on guitars. I rounded out the band with Dan Vonnegut on drums and my long time friend and touring bassist Nick Aliberti.

Having lived in NYC for a few years now, what do you feel has been your biggest accomplishment as an artist-singer-songwriter there?

I can say, without a doubt, that my biggest accomplishment as an artist in NYC has been continuing to be an artist living in NYC! Coming from a small town in Michigan it was quite a change to live in the “center of the universe.” Choosing to be an artist anywhere in the world has always been a challenge, and it continues to be today right here in America as well. The funding in schools for the arts has been depleting for years, and even many, many professional musicians that make their money solely off of music can’t afford health care. Artists have always been the heart and soul of the world. In times of crisis, we turn to artists to express our feelings. Whether it was the 60’s folk revolution, the 70’s punk revolution, or today’s rise in popularity of the “indie” musician through the advent of the Internet, art is a reflection of who we are. My biggest accomplishment as an artist has been to keep making art.

Have you always been a musician and a songwriter?

I started playing music professionally almost as soon as I started playing music period. I was in high school when I took up the guitar and singing and got a job playing a bar in Detroit right away. I wasn’t very good but I showed up every Wednesday night to play! I remember that gig being the first time I really understood what performing was. I got boo’d at my first show there, and that is a lot to handle at a young age but I really wanted to win those blue-collar guys over so I went home and re-thought my show. I remember watching t.v. with my brother and seeing James Taylor do a version of “Steamroller” and that is really when it hit me, he was having so much fun and was totally IN the moment! If I could figure out how to play and have as much fun in front of people as I did when I was alone or just thinking about doing it, they would feel it to.
So the next week I went back and I actually did my own version of “Steamroller” and I stopped thinking about anything but playing the hell out of that song, in that moment. The amazing thing was, everyone else stopped thinking about everything but that song and that moment also. From then on I had a packed house every week. Eventually they started requesting my own songs by name. That is how it started.

What do you do when you are not working on your own music?

When I am not working on my own music I am usually working on someone else’s. I am a freelance producer, and song writing coach in NY. I also occasionally play guitar for a few various artists like Michelle Citrin and Amanda Droste. I also enjoy traveling around this great country of ours. Of course I still love getting back home once in a while to Michigan. One of my favorite places in the world is the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. I love photography and there is no better place for it than in Northern Michigan. It is very remote so it’s not for everybody, but that’s just the way I like it.

I have heard that you recently won some awards… can you tell us a little bit more about that?

Yes. I won two Billboard songwriting awards for my songs “Stay” and “Hopelessly, Helplessly”. I had entered the contest months before and kind of forgot about it to be honest. It was a nice surprise to receive the awards.

Are you “living your life the way you dreamed it would be” (this is Craig’s mantra)? Even if the answer is “yes”, what else would you like on top of what you have?

Ha! That’s so funny that that quote has become my mantra. It is from a very old song that I wrote and I put it at the beginning of my bio on my myspace page and it seems to have stuck!
I really am living my life the way I dreamed it could be, and more so. I never really thought that I could be a professional musician, making my own music, and that I would make a living that way. I am so incredibly grateful for all the things I’ve done, people I have met, and places I have been in my life so far. I really do sometimes think I am living a fairy tale.
As for what I would like on top of what I already have, I would like to continue being happy. Do I want more money? Sure, we all do. Do I want more freedom, more time? Of course! I have specific goals and dreams just like everyone else but I think it’s dangerous to get too attached to those things. When we focus on one thing so hard, sometimes we miss out on something else that might have been better. A friend and wonderful mentor of mine John Battaglia just recently wrote a book entitled “The Rockstar In You”. The book applies to anyone trying to live his (or her) life to the fullest. He says something really profound in it, which has stuck with me…
“…When you are in an aircraft, it is constantly going off course. It is always veering off track and having to make adjustments to land at its destination. ”
If we are never afraid to take flight, and we are always open to those adjustments, I think we eventually land at our destination.

What is next? Any trips or shows planned?

I am planning a trip down to Nashville to do some recording, and writing. The best songwriters in the world live in Music City, so this past year I have been going down there meeting some great folks and some really talented people. I am excited to get back. The energy in that town is just really inspiring, not to mention it’s a beautiful part of the country. - iprong magazine


Self Titled E.P. Thousands of copies sold through itunes and at various venues throughout the country.

Finishing my full length album now.



"Living life the way you dreamed it could be." This is at the heart and soul of Craig Wilson's music. Craig's musical journey began almost at birth in a small town outside of Detroit. Craig recalls his weekends as…"following my parents around to art shows, and while they sold their art I would sit behind the tent and write songs." These songs were soon put to the test thanks to his older brother who got him a weekly gig at a Detroit bar. "I remember my first time playing live in front of a real bar crowd. I got boo'd! They were used to listening to Springsteen and Bob Seger coming through the jukebox, not some teenage kid with a guitar. The bartender handed me fifty bucks after my set and said "it's okay if you don't want to come back." But with a stubborn streak that Craig carries to this day, he did go back. The next week Craig went back to that Detroit bar and found the passion and energy that was missing...and so did everyone else at the bar that night. With a rafter shaking version of James Taylor's Steamroller Craig brought the house down at the end of his set. He had found his voice, and he made sure everyone within a twelve block radius knew it. From that evening on Craig played to a packed house every week and started getting requests to play his own material.

From those humble beginnings in Detroit, Craig's prowess as a master songwriter has expanded into music production and collaboration with a plethora of artists and writers from the U. S. and abroad. Craig has toured nationally playing some of the country's best venues like the legendary CBGB's, and Irving Plaza in New York City, The Viper Room and The Gig in Los Angeles, and a sold out show for 2000 people at MGM's Theatre of the Stars in Orlando, Florida. He has appeared alongside Cyndi Lauper, Tyler Hilton, and Howie Day. Craig’s first e.p. garnered him radio airplay on Indie radio 104 in Los Angeles, TV placement (NY360) and rave reviews.

"Solo artist Craig Wilson has one of those timeless voices that is good for any decade, and compliments any pop assortment from acoustic to rock. Craig Wilson's songwriting and singing has the making of mainstay artists like Richard Marx and Melissa Etheridge." - Susan Francis- Northeast InTune Magazine.

Currently Craig is working on his first full length album in New York City and Nashville,Tennessee. The first single released entitled "Stay" has already garnered Craig top honors from the International Billboard Songwriting Contest in the pop category. Craig has the best in the business coming together to make this album. Robert L. Smith, veteran producer/engineer and head of Defy Records has worked with Michael Jackson, Aerosmith, Bon Jovi, songwriter Jo Davidson co-producing and playing keys, Winston Roye on bass (Lauren Hill, Jewel, Patti Smyth), David Patterson on guitar (Shawn Mullins, Indigo Girls), Peter Calo on banjo, mandolin and dobro (Carly Simon), Lisa Cochrane on background vocals (Carrie Underwood, Faith Hill) and drummer Steve Hass (John Scofield, Billy Joel). With songs like “I’m Alive” and “OurTime” the album epitomizes Craig’s sound and mantra of living life the way you dreamed it could be.