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Craig Zund

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My music's orientation is original pop rock / singer songwriter based, capable of relating to a wide range of age groups and able to cross over genres including Pop, Rock, classic rock, R&B and adult contemporary.


I'm not an overnight success, I'm in this thing for the long haul...

Beware, songwriting and performing is highly addictive!!! The journey for creating a song begins with that one note or some cool vibe or melody. It's about working in the studio until the sun comes up, until you can barely keep your eyes open just so you can bring your idea to life. My first concern isn't whether people like my music or not, it's about knowing you just put it out there. In the end I hope folks like it, that's gravy !!!

My influences are Led Zeppelin, Bob Marley, Jimi, Jet, Incubus, 311, Pearl Jam, U2, STP...The list goes on, there's just so much great indie music out there as well.


Live Here Together

Written By: Craig Zund

Sit on down with me here for a while
Long enough, take your shoes off
Let’s talk about the state of us for a while,
I know what you’re thinking

Can we live here together
will we reach for each other’s throats
Is there room for one another
Enough to grow

Laugh about the way I say my words
Is that enough to keep your interest
Difference is we come from different worlds
I know it’s not easy, for us…

To live here together
Will we reach for each other’s throats
Is there room for one another
Enough to grow

When you gonna push your junk aside
Laundry don’t work on auto pilot
Can I get a little fresh air ?
How you gonna leave the bed un-tied
Water the plants, the fish have died
Can I get some space in here?

Do you think it’s too crowded…
Do you need a little more, space in here....

Is there room enough to grow? Is there room enough?


Current Singles:

Live Here Together - Streaming Audio available on Sonicbids and

Hard (Acoustic and Electric Versions) - Streaming Audio available on

Keep the Faith - Streaming Audio available on

Lead You Again - Streaming Audio available on

LP's Released:

Wooster Sang - Self titled debut album 1999, former band; no streaming audio available at this time; was aired on over 150 college radio stations.

Set List

My typical set list is mostly original, although I will always throw in cover songs that are important to me, this keeps me, as well as the audience, interested and focused. My typical set is approx. 45minutes to 1 hour, although I have been know to play shows lasting approx. 3 hours, which then becomes mostly covers with my original material sprinkled in.

Typical Set List....

ROOFTOP (Original)

HEAD DOWN (Original)

NOWHERE (Original)

DRIVE (Cover - Incubus)


HARD (Original)

AXIS BOLD AS LOVE (Cover - Jimi Hendrix)




DON'T LET ME DOWN (Cover-Beattles)