Crane Crushers
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Crane Crushers

Las Vegas, Nevada, United States | SELF

Las Vegas, Nevada, United States | SELF
Band Hip Hop Singer/Songwriter




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Midnight in vegas



Crane crushers is a group started by Ised, Sharp, and Slick, who are all artist from San diego California. Over the past year the group has grown and added a few more to the roster such as, Scane (dayton ohio native), Kalion( bay area), and Tha Jones( san diego). Crane crushers music is a blend of many different cultures, which makes it stand out when heard. Influenced by a variety of music ranging from, 2pac to marvin gay, the crane crusher music is very diverse. Crane crushing is a term used for being free and fly as a bird and crushing ever obstacle that life throws at you, so in a sense, everybody that believes in something and stops at nothing to get it is a crane crusher. Midnight in Vegas is a classic mixtape that will be played for many years to come, with such hits, like "Midnight in Vegas", "I like it", and "No Chaser". Currently promoting the new mix tape and recording the next lp, the crane crushers stay at work to make the best music possible, so be on the look out the "Crane" when they fly to a town near you!