Crane DanceTrio

Crane DanceTrio


“As elegant and magical as the mating dance of the cranes – the dance of the music enchants the listener. This is true listening pleasure for the discriminatling folk music lover. The ensemble have incredibly close interplay and are thoroughly musical.”


Mats Edén and Jonas Simonson have been playing together since 1983, when their paths crossed for the first time as members of the ensemble Groupa. Their intricate teamwork has continued to develop over the years. Receptive, creative guitarist Mattias Perez is the perfect complement, making the trio inventive and sensitive. You can hear them live, as both concert and dance musicians – Mats with his hypnotic springlek (Swedish folk tunes) and Jonas with his subtle hallings (Norwegian folk tunes) playing folk melodies from the Swedish provinces of Värmland and Västergötland as well as from Norway.

Jonas Simonson flute, alto flute, overtone flute, Härjedal pipe
Simonson has played in a wide variety of groups on the contemporary folk music scene for the last twentyfive years. His intensive, rhythmic flute tones have contributed to the success of the tirelessly creative veteran ensemble Groupa, the more recent folkrockjazz ensemble Den Fule, the absolutely new folk electronica experiment Folkmaskinen, and the brilliant, now defunct folk trio Bäsk, as well as the wind-fiddle trio Kapell Frisell.

Mats Edén fiddle, viola d’amore, accordion
Mats Edén grew up in the province of Värmländ, where Swedish folk music is deeply rooted. He was one of the founding members of the legendary ensemble Groupa in 1980. His fiddling is elegant and virtuoso, and with his combination of Swedish and Norwegian folk strains, he leaves his own mark on the music, no matter what context he is playing in. Mats has toured the world with Groupa, Ale Möller and Lena Willemark in the ECM Nordan project, Annbjørg Lien, Bruce Molsky, and others. He has also recorded a number of solo albums on the AMIGO label. His third Solo album, Milvus, with Jonas Simonson and Norwegian string quartet Cikada, was released in 1999 on the renowned ECM label.

Mattias Pérez 12-string guitar
Mattias is a frequently-engaged guitarist. Among others, he plays with: with vocalist Åström Rune, with his own trio MP3, and with Outhouse Allstars, an ensemble with cult status today. He has also performed with musicians such as Ånon Egeland andMats Berglund, and with the Harv ensemble. He has also played with the Västanå Theater, appearing in productions such as The Magic Flute, and two plays based on works by Selma Lagerlöf: Gösta Berling’s Saga, and En Herrgårdssägen (The Tale of a Manor).Mattias teaches at the Ingesund Academy of Music.


Crane Dance -2007, Nordic Tradition

Set List

45-60 minutes, or 2 x 45 minutes featuring tunes from the album Crane Dance and a lot of new material, both new written and traditional. Crane Dance trio also love to play for dancing!