crane your swan neck

crane your swan neck

 Madison, Wisconsin, USA

Combining energetic live shows with often jaggedly sincere moments, CYSN has created a lot of buzz and anticipation in Madison WI for what will come of this ever evolving project from Randall Luecke. Whether performing with four musicians or nine, CYSN is ready and destined for greater things.


While teaching himself piano in the cold early months of 08, Randall Luecke began to construct pop songs for the first time in his life. The fractured songwriting and intricate melodies are both products of his history in prog-rock (namely in Young Bodies) as well as learning a new medium. He was offered a show at the mole hill in early march, so he put together a three piece band (guitar, violin, drums) in a matter of weeks for this anticipated house show. Very soon after this well received show, the band blossomed into a full 7-piece orchestral rock band and began garnering a lot of buzz around the city. CYSN soon swelled to 9 performing members.
After many successful shows and two separate incidents of broken bones later, Randall and the band shifted to a three piece rock set-up until the addition of cello and accordian again shifted the band into its its current 4 member state.
Returning to what made him love music in the first place, CYSN turned the expansive orchestral songs inward and on their head and began to reinvent them faster, and louder.
Plans to expand again are in the works as is a full length lp.


full length out this winter..

'on landmines' was released in 2009 on the Science of Sound label's sampler lp.