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If you don't let us play, you'll be sorry!


Crankbox is a coed rock band from Cincinnati, Ohio, dedicated to live performance and seemingly disinterested in publicity, record deals, or "making it." What else would you expect from a group that takes naked promo shots or slips profanity into an otherwise perfect radio tune simply to avoid mainstream acceptance?

Having experienced College market success with their 2004 CD Release, Superbitch, Crankbox still proudly lists ALL shows on their website right alongside their PollStar listings, including backyard barbeques and Bat Mitzvahs.

Unique in their performance style with backup singers, stage antics that would make Gene Simmons blush, and a sound that lies somewhere between Wilco and Green Day, Crankbox finds a groove that people can relate to by dancing, singing along, having sex, or drinking (the four food groups!)


CMJ top 200: "On The Radio" SuperBitch CD 2004/CMJ top 300: "Punch Something" SuperBitch CD 2004/Rotation on most Core College Stations

Set List

All originals, ear candy with hooks that makes folks groove, we'll play for 3 hours straight with no breaks if you'll let us, otherwise, 3 one hour sets or 4 45 minutes sets.