Crankdaddy is sloppy, poppy, punk rock 'n' roll at its finest. Whether they're channeling the Spirit of Elvis onstage or handing out free Limited Edition Officially Licensed Crankdaddy Crap(TM), you can be sure they'll rock your ass off with extreme prejudice.


The Official Rather Lengthy CRANKDADDY Bio

By day, they work behind desks. Four grown men engaged in the business of commerce, four tiny cogs in the grinding machinery of capitalism. But by night, they trade in their computers and cell phones for guitars, drums, and microphones – and proceed to rock so hard you’d think aneurisms were in the offing.

The band consists of three advertising executives and one IT professional. Handling rhythm guitar and vocal duties is Tom Merrick, Senior Vice President and Chief Creative Officer of MRA, one of the Northeast’s most respected advertising shops. Lead guitar is handled by Donn Denniston, the agency’s Director of Interactive Services. Rounding out the sonic fury on bass is Andres Echenique, MRA’s Vice President of Interactive Services. And drums? Well, they’re handled by Tom Williams (known in some circles as "The Poundinator"), the only non-MRAer of the bunch. He’s the resident IT guy at a local medical center.

Their music is a potent sonic cocktail comprised of 2 parts metal, 2 parts punk, 2 parts pop, and a splash of AC/DC. Shake it up well and you get a foamy mix that smells a little funny at first, but actually tastes better with every swallow.

CRANKDADDY is living proof that in an era of pre-fabricated, pre-packaged, pre-moistened music, anyone with a guitar and a dream can rock their asses off.

Even four dads with day jobs.


"Feel This" EP

1. Intro
2. Jetta
3. Where Do I
4. People Whose Asses I Could Kick
5. Bling
6. Heartbeat
7. Howard

Set List

All orgiinals, with the occasional revved-up cover of "Cat Scratch Fever" thrown in to satisfy drunken locals.

Typical set: 40-50 minutes

Set list:

Things I'm Not
Where Do I
People Whose Asses I Could Kick
Cash, Cleavage, or Cocktails
Still in Love, Not in Like
Speed Freak
Come Out and Play
Velvet Elvis (includes the live, onstage channeling of the Spirit of the King Himself)