A twisted musical mixture somewhere between the styles of Faith No More, Deftones, Mr. Bungle, Squirrel Nut Zippers, Sublime, Incubus, and Cab Calloway.


The boys from Chattanooga have brought us conceptual artistry like we've never heard it before. Take styling extremes, put them together side by side, and you've arrived at CrankSanatra. You'll be thrust in one direction, then resurrected into another without warning, much as a great movie leads you into sweeping twists arriving at unexpected swells of unanticipated excitement. Revolutionary without being confrontational, they are like nothing in the music marketplace today.
Daring and unorthodox don't even come close to describing the inventive mix of genres that tastefully explode through the senses and blow your mind. Chris Moree, songwriter/guitarist extraordinare, knows he has to do his homework to compete in this business. "I take nothing for granted. I don't want CrankSanatra to ever be compared to those cardboard clone bands out there." In fact, their CD "Another Wasted Summer" takes you on a progressive musical journey bringing you to an unbelievable climatic ending that definitely stands alone.

Chris, along with precision drummer Josh Cannon, experimented with their impressionistic style of music for a year and a half before adding the incomparable stylings of lead guitarist Nate Luttrell and bassist Jake Williams. After auditioning several singers, Mote, singer, lyricist and frontman got the nod. The double-edged meanings in his lyrics allow the mind of the listener to take them exactly where they want to go. "We want people to think for themselves, instead of listening to mindless music just because it's on the radio."

This band, whose members come from different backgrounds, and who have equally diverse musical interests, came together and allowed this diversity to fire their passion, making for an explosive collaborative effort. Their influences range from Faith No More, Primus, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Deftones, Beach Boys, and Cab Calloway to the books of Edward Gorey, Hunter S. Thompson, and Chuck Palahniuk, just to name a few. Rock and roll, heavy metal, swing, R&B, soul, and classical film scores find a magnified new life in CrankSanatra. People feel alive in their music, as if tasting each genre again for the very first time.

In 2005, they were voted "Best New Act" in Chattanooga. And in 2006, a closing night showcase spot at the Atlantis Music Conference in Atlanta propelled them on their explosive musical trip, reaching into the minds of their followers allowing their creative genius to grab hold. Are you ready to experience this unforgettable ride for yourself?

(423) 903-0855

J.B. Brocato
Intense Artist Management


"Downtown EP"-2005
"The End Of Summer"-2006
"Another Waster Summer"-2007
"CrankSanatra's Vinegar Works"-early 2008

"FBFA" single-2006-Peaked at #2 on the Chattanooga Local Charts
"Cryonized Reflection" single-2006
"The Locusts" single-2006
"The People's Republic For Conserving Daylight Hours"-single 2007
"Inanimate Tragedy"-single 2007
"Kali Ma"-single 2007
"Dead City Radio" single 2007
"Nightwatch" single 2007

2005 Best New Act
2006 Best Rock Band
2007 featured artist March

Set List

We are capable of filling up to a 2 hour time slot with over 25 original compositions including
A Cryonized Reflection
An Inanimate Tragedy
Capillary Action...A Generation Parasite
The People's Republic For Conserving Daylight Hours
Dead City Radio
The Locusts
Kira Kener
I Sing To The Soil
Tony Todd Or How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Greet The Unspeakable Atrocities Of The Apartame Drip
Kali Ma
Do We Really Need Another Coppola?
The Nightwatch
Darwin's Endless Forms
Good Mourning Beautiful...
A Generation Parasite
Mysterious Cirumstances Regarding the Disappearance, Rebirth and Re-Emergence of Mrs. Jane Cordova Doe
A Glorious Nosebleed
A Dame To Kill For

covers range from:
Bullet With Butterfly Wings-Smashing Pumpkins
Zero-Smashing Pumpkins
Surprise You're Dead- Faith No More
Retrovertigo- Mr. Bungle
Paranoid Android-Radiohead
Say It Aint So- Weezer
In the Meantime