cranney loves to create music with what we call "feel". Songs that everyone can relate to and find connections to there own lives. Our best song always seems to be our next song and our only wish is to have a career in what we love to do, writing and creating great music.


Where has rock gone? Since the beginning of the 21st century, the music market has become increasingly saturated with bands that have nothing new to offer. What about good old fashion rock licks, and melodic vocals from people that actually know how to sing and play?

Enter Toronto’s Cranney.

It all started a decade ago although none of the members of the band would know it at the time. Rai witnessed Nirvana’s “Smells like teen spirit” video and decided to pick up the guitar and start writing songs. After years of playing he began to search for a drummer to help engage upon his vision of what Cranney would become, luckily he discovered a hard pounding drummer named Rick. After a few different members came and went, Higgs impressed them. He joined the band and the Cranney sound was close to complete. All that was left was a bass line to fill the void; once Robbi arrived the band was absolute.

What gives Cranney its sound?? Each member of the band grew up on different styles, and different genres of music such as grunge rock, punk, classic rock, 80’s rock etc… These influences are all incorporated into their overall sound to make it something truly original.

With lyrics surrounded by the idea of “FEEL” mixed with melodic chord progressions, flawless beating of the skins, Flowing solos and super melodic vocals it’s not hard to see why Cranney will continue to be a success in the years to come.

Rai Starr: singer, songwriter, guitar
Rikki Stixx: drums, vocals
Higgs: lead guitar, vocals
Robbi: bass, vocals


all you had to say

Written By: raimo strangis/cranney

i've changed my ways
and i'm never gonna change
i found who i am
i wonder where i've been
it's my time
and you're standing in my way
believe in yourself
is all you had to say
nah nah nah nah nah nah
believe in yourself
is all you had yo say

how'd you get so strong
in my head
you've been in there so long
it's time you
runaway, runaway

cause you'll never find another one like me and i'll never be the to hold you close

where's my fame
i've been waiting for so long
sharing all my thoughts
sharing all my songs
it's time to wait
better days are on there way
live in your life
is all you had to say
nah nah nah nah nah nah
live in your life
is all you had to say


Written By: raimo strangis

if you knew that you were never gonna
say those words to me, why did you
if you ever find me lost inside your
ever-lasting haze, see through me

will i follow, cause i dont look that way
feeling hollow, cause i dont live that way

i dont wanna feel like that again
i dont wanna listen to you, listen to you vent...
i dont wanna live like that again
i dont wanna listen to you

if you say that you are never gonna
feel that way again, i cant hear you
if we stay together, live forever,
will you find a way, to leave me


Written By: raimo strangis (rai starr)

if i could search through heaven
i know i'll find you there
i can't be here forever
i know im on your mind

sixteen days and i'll be waiting for your eyes
falling dreams are burried deep inside my mind
let it lay between the worries and the lies
i can't dream about the way i live my life

cause im waiting for the stars to line
and im waiting for my time to shine
get right where im going to, with you

for everyone behide me
i'll take care of all of you
for everyone that doubts me
fuck off to all of you


We have recorded and released five albums independantly to friends, fans, and after shows:

...untill the day -2000
rock was dead... -2002
we came along -2003
cranney acoustic -2004
chapter five -2004
demo -2006

Set List

Our set list includes ten songs, or as many as they let us :) approx 45mins:

all you had to say
i must be crazy
feeling dire
so beautiful
break it
been through
i'll try to feel alive