The music of Crash can be summed up in a simple phrase - "Epitome of Diversity." Crash is a group of young, ambitious, passionate musicians. In the present, Crash is a band that is beginning to find their original sound and style to be more diverse and memorable than other bands around today.


Crash is the epitome of a classic rock band delivering everything from progressive hard rock to a clean acoustic jam. With the great diversity in sound and style, it’s very easy to find yourself relating to the music. Formed in September 2006 Crash has progressed greatly in the short time of its existence.

Defined by the explosively powerful and catchy music of the classic rock inspired Nathan Durnin, Crash redefines rock and roll by calling on the outside influences of the virtuoso guitar stylings of Adam Rykaczewski, the improvisational techniques of bass player Mark Musial, and the technically versatile abilities of percussionist Andrew Ryan.

After the recent production of their six track demo CD, featuring songs with everything from a hard and heavy feel to a rolling stones inspired jam, the band has received a great deal of publicity and was even featured with a full article in Play Magazine, and a front page article in The Times Herald. Perhaps the most remarkable part of Crash is the ability the band holds to compose music at their level but still remain even too young to play at the upscale bars in the greater Philadelphia area at the ages of 18.

This has not stopped them from gaining the attention of other local music venues, though, such as PhilaFunk Live, The Trocadero Theater, and World Café Live. With the new found publicity Delaware’s 93.7 WSTW Hometown Heroes special has gained a new interest in Crash’s unique style and has requested a copy of the demo CD to feature on the radio.

Crash although young has attracted fans from around the world with their unique style and sound, and will continue to bring people together. Crash will continue to redefine the sound of rock and roll and will hopefully be able to influence the lives of people around the world for years to come. With high expectations and its young members, Crash hopes to one day achieve a record label, record a full album length CD, and to go on tour letting their music be heard and enjoyed by rock and roll fans everywhere.


Crash - Crash (EP)
1. Wicked Girl
2. Horizons
3. Southern Girl
4. Rock N' Roll
5. July
6. Shine

Set List

Our set list can range anywhere from 30 minutes to 3 hours.

Wicked Girl
Brain Damage
Into The Night
Battle Cry
Away From Here
The End
Ruby Eyes
Southern Girl
Tell Me
Heartbreak Fever
As The World Turns
Deadwood Burning
33 Jam
Rock N' Roll
Takin A Ride
Though Luck
Can't Stop
One More Night
Soul of Radio
Siren Call
Soul For Sale
Shot Of Whiskey
Heart Of Radio

Our covers also include:
Foo Fighters - Everlong
The Surfaris - Wipeout
The Beatles - Day Tripper
The Rolling Stones - Jumpin' Jack Flash
Jimi Hendrix - Fire
Jimi Hendrix - Voodoo Chile