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"Crash 45 Releases Debut EP (full article due out December 2009)" - Houston Baptist University Collegian

"Crash 45 Wrecks It"

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Crash 45 wrecks it
Deborah Clanton
Issue date: 11/12/09 Section: Entertainment
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Concert review

Everything fell into place for the five members of Crash 45, as they rocked the stage at Fitzgerald's.

Crash 45 with lead singer, junior John Wethington, and sophomore Kollin Baer, lead guitarist, was one of the 80 bands that performed Oct. 24 at the venue.

The night marked a celebration for the band, as they released their debut album, "Falling into Place."

Starting the set with an original song, "Completely," the guys settled into the rock 'n' roll ambience.

"Before the show you're so nervous," Wethington said. "Then after the first 15 seconds of that first song all the nerves are gone."

Standing in the crowd the audience could see why the nervous feeling went away. Their confidence emerged and their fans got involved with every beat, jumping and singing along.

The group's strong Christian influence in their music did not keep them from appealing to the mainstream audience. A few songs into the set, the band played an entertaining rendition of Switchfoot's "Dare You to Move," and 3 Doors Down's "Kryptonite."

Wethington incorporated his faith within the lyrics of a song, with lines like "A taste of grace is all it takes, to ease the pain, to feel your name."

Even though the thrill of performing live keeps them playing, they also hold true to the meaning behind their music.

"Being a musician is really hard," Baer said. "You only have so many words and so many chords to relay a message. If you had to narrow it down to one thing, I think it would be hope."

The band's original name was Shaddai when it began three years ago, but was later changed to Crash 45 with the addition of new members.

The meaning behind Crash 45's name takes major influence from Interstate 45, which the band considers a unifying element. It also holds significance since the bass player was involved in a severe wreck on the highway.

Wrapping up the show with another song from their new album, "Going Under," the band ended the night to a vigorous crowd, full of friends, family and fans.

- HBU Collegian


"Falling Into Place EP".. Availiable on i-Tunes.

A couple tracks will have airplay starting January.



When we first came together everything seemed great. We had several songs we were excited about, a full committed five piece band, and a financially backing manager with connections to take us to the top. Before you knew it we had been invited to L.A. to record with a couple members of the band Trapt. Everything was in line, then contract negotiations went south and the management deal ended up not taking place for various reasons.

So here we were with a CD's worth of material ready to be recorded, yet no money and direction. So we pulled it together, raised money to record at the premier studio in Houston (Digital Services Studios), and got our songs ready. Within four months we have recorded our first EP, "Falling Into Place," (availiable on i-Tunes), played a sold out show at one of Houston's biggest venues, been featured in a local University newspaper, and signed with a new promising manager, as well as looking into a possible booking agent. We entitled the EP "Falling Into Place" because that was how we all felt at that point in our lives. We were falling and things weren't going well, but there was this feeling that good things were going to come out of the misfortunes we had encountered. So we were "falling" yes, but falling "into place." The songs reflect the uncertainty we face in the future of our lives and just experiences that every person can relate to. In the end we hope to bring some substance to what we view as a very watered down mainstream music industry.