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"CD Review"

“Crash Carter's Red Buttons Blink is a bit of a throwback to the ‘70s when artists like Elton John, Gary Wright, Stevie Wonder, Steely Dan, Hall and Oates, and Billy Joel were filling the top 40 charts with catchy, keyboard-based, male vocal-driven tunes. That having said, this disc in no way sounds dated, thanks to the exuberance and fresh musical approach of the band, which takes some of the old school appeal of the aforementioned artists and throws in other varied influences, i.e., Sting/The Police and Squeeze. Whatever stylistic approach they happen to be taking, the appeal of Crash Carter hinges primarily on the piano playing and vocals of Casey Gee. The good news is that this guy can play and sing with the best of 'em. John Mears and Jeff Bowman add drums and bass, skillfully managing to pull off the difficult task of enhancing this material with just the right blend of gusto, groove, and sensitivity. In the wrong hands, these tunes would be seriously damaged by a heavy-handed rhythm section...
"Play On" incorporates more of a Police influence with a righteous percussion track and sly, Sting-esque layered-doubled vocals. Three tracks deep into this recording, you will be struck at just how impressively versatile Gee's voice is. This guy really uses his vocal instrument to full effect and has remarkable range. "Fill You Up" lays down a mean groove and makes a cool, subtle shift from the piano driving the music to the drums and bass primarily making it snap... "Jungle" features a somewhat kinky chord structure and melody in the verses, creating the perfect ramp-up for yet another ridiculously catchy chorus. It also introduces some cool, subtle production touches like the retro-cool, fuzzed out bass part on the bridge. "Talk, Turn and Run" is a moving ballad that, like "Jungle," masterfully uses a tension building harmonic structure in the verses and then delivers a big time melodic, lyrical, and emotional resolution in the chorus. One thing I loved throughout the whole recording is the way so many old school keyboard sounds were incorporated, especially the insanely groovin' clavinet parts that show up on "Jump Ship" and "Better Than Myself." Producer Sven-Erik Seaholm seems to have wisely made the choice to let Red Buttons Blink stay pretty close to what Crash Carter does live and not add too many bells and whistles. The sly touches that do show up (i.e., live crowd sounds on "Once Like You") are welcome additions that don't detract from the natural strength of the tunes and the performances.
In a world of too many guitar bands and guitar plucking singer songwriters, Red Buttons Blink is a wonderful breath of fresh air that is likely to bring Crash Carter a dose of well-deserved attention.”
Craig Yerkes, San Diego Troubadour 11/1/05
- San Diego Troubadour

"CityBeat CD Review"

“Crash Carter certainly flies in the same jet stream as Switchfoot. But on their catchy debut, their keyboard pop leans further toward the sexy, funky side, and that’s a good thing. Producer Sven-Erik Seaholm no doubt helped polish the band’s intriguing melodies into a coherent stack of tracks here. Though they’re less than a year old, some tricky mid-song pace changes and well-developed vocal harmonies indicate their substantial musical experience. Unlike the recent glut of coastal crooners, Crash Carter avoids whimsical bonfire tunes. Their sunny chime manages to sound smart and fresh, climaxing with “Tidal Waves,” a quirky single with Ben Folds tendencies. Frontman Casey Gee should be peeling the chicks off the speakers when he opens his mouth on Red Buttons Blink-he obviously studied the Stevie Wonder catalogue..”
Caley Cook, San Diego City Beat, 11/16/05
- San Diego City Beat

"Crash Carter : Et un coup de coeur.. un !"

(French article translated by author Eric Boisson)
"San Diego seems to be a hotbed for new talents these days. After Tristan Prettyman, this sunny Californian city now gives us a wonderful band - Crash Carter. We're talking real musicians here. Their first opus, "Red Buttons Blink" is pure delight, a dazzling mix of pop rock with jazzy, soul and even funk overtones. Put Ben Folds, Stevie Wonder, Jason Mraz, Jamiroquai and Bill Withers in the same studio, let them jam a while, and they might just come up with a 14-track set as varied as this. The many atmospheres on this album make for a wild musical trip. Casey Gee's voice is a fine fit for the highly melodic tunes he crafts with his accomplices, John Mears and Jeff Bowman. The production is tight and the trio grooves hard. So don't be shy : join the party now."
Eric Boisson,, Lyon, France 10/16/05
- (FR)

""Fillin’ you up with sensational vibes""

"I first discovered the intoxicating ear candy better known as Crash Carter last Spring at Festival Del Mar, where by sheer luck and word-of-mouth we happened to catch their show... Keyboardist and lead vocalist Casey Gee takes his seat at the keyboard and plays with precision and beauty, in a white button up dress shirt, royal red tie, and slick black shades as John Mears thunders powerfully on the drums, weaving in and out of the bass progressions Jeff Bowman ... Their sound is as emotional as Maroon 5, as entrancing as The Police, as crisp as Steely Dan, and as hip-moving and head-turning as the old classic jazz masters of yore..."
Amanda Andreen,, Carlsbad, Ca. 9/23/05
- www.themusicedge,com

""Local Band Attracts Variety, Releases CD""

"In the dark club (Belly Up), little red buttons blink everywhere. Crash Carter's energy is infectious as they start to play, and everyone on the floor is dancing...The variety of happy fans at the CD release party is a reflection of their universal sound. Bright keyboard melodies together with simple but funky rhythms and catchy vocals make the perfect pop recipe...Crash Carter is a favorite of KPRI radio personality Meg Banta, who turned out to support the band...they are also a favorite of the "Locals Live" program on Palomar College radio KKSM, and will be in the studio again with host Joan Rubin on 9/7...With all the buzz the band may be passengers on the fast track to stardom........ "
Chystall Kanyuck, Senior Staff Writer The Coast News Encinitas, Ca. 8/19/05
- The Coast News

"The Purest of Pop"

Reviewer Rating: A
"The Purest of Pop"
"With bright lead vocals, sunny electric piano and smoothly percolating rhythms, San Diego County's Crash Carter
has the kind of immediately friendly pop-rock sound that once populated AM radio. Think the Zombies, Ace,
Squeeze or Crowded House, but updated for contemporary ears.
Vocalist/keyboardist Casey Gee has a strong, soaring voice, not so different from that of Paul Carrack (Ace,
Squeeze) or Neil Finn (Split Enz, Crowded House). In fact, Crash Carter's overall bubbling sound of pop purity
draws much from Carrack's and Finn's respective bands. Drummer John Mears and bassist Jeff Bowman provide a
constantly shifting, consistently intriguing backdrop for Gee's voice and keys.
Best of all, the band manages to turn out the same kind of interesting, well-crafted pop songs the above
comparisons practically demand. If d.j.s still picked their own playlists, cuts like "Jungle," "Tidal Waves" and "Unreal" would be getting picked up by Casey Kasem Saturday morning.
Those days are gone – or least in remission – and so whether Crash Carter is able to find the national audience they deserve remains to be seen. In the meantime, those of us in San Diego have something very special to savor."
-Review by Jim Trageser, North County Times 7/28/05 - article pre-released 7/23/05 on
- The North County Times

"Crash Carter"

"I love the sound...and the new CD, this band is something special, very unique. You'll hear plenty of influences
from numerous bands and yet Crash Carter still produces a totally original style...I've seen the band live numerous
times, definitely recommended."
Meg Banta KPRI 102.1FM San Diego, CA - KPRI-FM Radio

"Crash Carter Interview"

"I ghost interviewed you for my production interruption thing... wish I could have met you guys! I had never heard
any of your music, and I am TOTALLY blown away by the track we used!! You guys kick ass, thanks for being part
of my podcast!! "
Cathryn Beeks of ListenLocal' San Diego Internet Radio Show
- Listen Locals


"Red Buttons Blink" is the debut CD from Crash Carter. Released July 28, 2005 on Sub Committee Records & Publishing.


Feeling a bit camera shy


Based in the Carlsbad/Encinitas region of Southern California, Crash Carter is a keyboard driven trio that mixes Pop Rock with heavy influences of Jazz, R&B, Soul, Reggae & Funk. Drummer John Mears & Bassist Jeff Bowman line up with Casey Gee on his soulful, soaring vocals & electro-mechanical keys to present a retro/modern groove, full of heartfelt lyrics and melodies that stick to your brain.

·“Crash Carter certainly flies in the same jet stream as Switchfoot. But on their catchy debut, their keyboard pop leans further toward the sexy, funky side.”
- Caley Cook, San Diego City Beat, 11/16/05

· “Put Ben Folds, Stevie Wonder, Jason Mraz, Jamiroquai and Bill Withers in the same studio, let them jam a while, and they might just come up with a 14-track set as varied as this.”
- Eric Boisson,, Lyon, France 10/16/05

· “…whether Crash Carter is able to find the national audience they deserve remains to be seen. In the meantime, those of us in San Diego (County) have something very special to savor."
- Jim Trageser, North County Times Encinitas, Ca. 7/28/05

“Red Buttons Blink” – Crash Carter’s debut CD was released & preformed in its entirety July 28, 2005 at the Belly Up in Solana Beach, Ca. before 250+ fans. The 14 song, 55 minute CD was engineered and co-produced by multi San Diego Music Award winner Sven-Erik Seaholm and is released through Sub-Committee Publishing & Records. (See reviews)

Musicians History:
Trace it back to a mutual friend and fine musician Matt, son of Jerry Beckley, the singer songwriter of the huge 70’s band “America”. Matt hired both Casey Gee & John Mears for live performances and studio work on his own projects throughout 2000 & 2001. His band “Phobicman” was also accompanied by the likes of Ryan Fisher (touring keyboardist for Switchfoot) as well as Jake Najor & Ryan Sid who both also were full time members of the band “Lamont” which included keyboards and vocals by Crash Carter’s Casey Gee. Lamont had a steady run of quality shows performing with the likes of Karl Denson, G. Love & Special Sauce and Steel Pulse throughout Southern California at venues such as the Belly Up, 4th & B as well as San Diego’s Street Scene. The band specialized in funky, jazzy, soulful jams that (like Crash Carter) were performed by the trio set up of keys, drums and bass. During this period Gee also worked with childhood friend Jon Foreman of Switchfoot and co-wrote the song “Underwater” which appeared not only on the band’s CD release but also on the FOX network program “Dawson’s Creek”.

During the same period drummer John Mears & bassist Jeff Bowman were also keeping steady gigs with the Surf/Pop band “Tower 7” with a long resume of shows such as the La Paloma Theater in Encinitas, Ca. with Dick Dale, The Rob Machado Surf Classic with Jack Johnson as well as numerous shows at The Belly Up with the likes of The Heartbreakers, Venice & The English Beat. An independent CD release in 2001 resulted in placement in numerous music videos from surf films to films produced by San Diego State University and KPBS Public Television. Tower 7 also was one of the first bands to appear on San Diego’s television program Fox Rox (then a segment of the local FOX-TV affiliate news cast) who produced a full-length video of/for the band. Late 2004 John Mears recorded with Michael Tiernan on his 2nd CD release “Jumping In” which continues to receive critical acclaim: “The Musicianship on the album is flawless…” Mary Montgomery – The San Diego Reader, 8.25.05

Early crashcarter:
Late 2003 the evolution of Crash Carter began.
Casey Gee had been rehearsing a new sound that incorporated his jazz, soul and funk influences but now mixing in strong pop oriented vocal melodies influenced by artists such as Sting, Stevie Wonder and Bill Withers. John Mears, long over-do to find the style/group that had so long eluded him for his 20+ years of drumming, was contacted by Gee and the ball began to roll. The group Pryda-Madera was formed which spent close to a full year of rehearsals defining what was to become the sound of the Crash Carter. Beginning in the summer of 2004 Pryda-Madera performed numerous shows as well as receiving airplay on 91X-FM San Diego with the song “Fill You Up”, which was an demo mix of the current Crash Carter song. As the band began to receive more notoriety it also began to require more attention by its members, which lead to a gradual change in musicians, namely the bass player(s). Bassist Jeff Bowman was tipped off that bass guitar was up for grabs to the musician that could commit the time and energy needed (Jeff was the 3rd of 3 bassists in the early mix). Assuming the roll of back-up bassist Bowman proved to be the most indispensable of the lot: reliable, committed but most important the most talented with the one with the “groove”. Pryda-Madera was spinning off – a new tighter core named Crash Carter had developed and it needed its own, new