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Crash Cutie Crash

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"Three song Review"

1-Hooked There is an underlying elegance embedded in the music here, a barely contained chaos. Emotional meltdown. Something dangerous. But “Crash Cutie Crash” gives life to this sinister symphony, not by wandering through the by-now overplayed Night of a Million De-tuned guitars nor subjecting us to those unintelligible, incomprehensible, grunt like an ogre on acid vocals. Instead, with passion, poise and intelligence, - a virginal guitar tone, unadulterated, is balanced against a rhythmic pulse of thumping, splattered against the wall bass and snare drum that pops in the Beatles-period fashion of the unimaginably unique Dave Clark Five. Vocalist Nikki Paige is a rare machine; a woman possessed of pipes, oh the pipes, Danny Boy, but more critically, the essential nature of understanding melodic ABC’s. This New Millennium music injected with a retro sense of economic song structure (this one clocks in at around 3:00), hum-along lyrics, and a track that underscores the vocal rather than buying it. There’s a power borne organically within this ensemble.

2-Suprise“Every Breath You Take” whispers singer Nikki Paige, in a track made poignant by the beautiful use of silence and space. Overplaying is overkill. Zeppelin understood that and the Who were masters of it. Certainly elements of both bands reside in “Crash Cutie Crash” sound and here they present a piece of rife with relentless desperation and grinding uncertainty by carving away the instrumental fat. Drummer James “Ashley” Longstreet and bassist Drew Hartel wield rhythmic long knives to cut long, loping grooves, creatively abstaining from the numbing type of industrial and current metal fashion that seems to mandate exaggerated and over the moon techniques. Barely 21/2 minutes fly by before songs end. 150 seconds that are illuminated like phosphorous and yet it’s in the shadows where “Surprise” burns brightest. Dark and light. Silence and eloquence. Elements that wash this track like the sweat from Freud’s brow…

3-Wasted Asaff Rodeh’s wah-wah, with a swirling quicksilver essence that speaks of the mind and memory jettisoning away into space. A perfect utilization of tone embellishing the lyric theme. Again, the umbilical cord here is attached to mother Zeppelin – pounding rhythm section, in the main – but a Zep gone mad here in the year of Bush and a world orbiting wildly in confusion. Modern. Anthemic. Dramatic. A song for you… and a band of the world. Edgy and compelling. This is an honest and frightening picture of the human animal unraveling – it will make you feel right at home.
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Crash Cutie Crash




“Crash Cutie Crash” seamlessly melds the melody of ultra modern pop with startling, full-throttle rock grooves, a combination that has helped it gain a rabid, under-the-radar following. Thanks entirely to the magnetic charisma of front woman Nikki Paige, whose sexy appeal and ravenous vocals brings to mind a young …Gwen Stefani, or a modern day Blondie… “Crash Cutie Crash” maintains a fresh and fervent command of its material that never seems to disappoint its fans, and is likely to snare some new ones when the lights go down and Nikki Paige hits the stage.

“Crash Cutie Crash” is an all-ages phenomenon…Nikki never let’s the energy dip during her lengthy set of epic concoctions. She has a commanding voice throughout, delivering a surprising succulent sustain, leaving her interested teen legions thoroughly satiated.”

“Ridiculously talented, captivating and boasting a front woman with immaculate live vocals, Nikki Paige is in her own league entirely. Craftily blending infectious choruses, toxic riffs and all-conquering aggression; one minute you have your hand pressed on your heart and your fist in the air, the next, chanting ingeniously moving chorus’s, Sheer magic.”

“While Crash Cutie Crash willfully displays elements of pop rock, it places special emphasis on the more electronica/dance/techno and synth side of it’s sound, embracing such influences as …Blondie… as well as Depeche Mode and The Eurhythmics.”

“Influenced equally by …The Ramones, PJ Harvey, The Clash and The Cure … “Crash Cutie Crash” attempting to bridge the vast musical and cultural chasm between modern pop and classic rock. This new, Album…, is powerful enough to get even the most cynical fan up and dancing.”

“Crash Cutie Crash” sensual live show and their hit oriented sound has drawn recent praise from the press. Critics say “Crash Cutie Crash” completely blur’s the line between pop and rock…” and they would be equally “as comfortable on the big stage as they are playing local smaller venues.”

“Crash Cutie Crash” is a band that has consistently pushed the boundaries of its sound--a groundbreaking blend of rock influences with energy reminiscent of the glory days when music was art and innovation was king.

“Crash Cutie Crash” was conceived by Nikki Paige, original material thrust her into the local spotlight at the age of 8. Frustrated by the corporate politics choking the industry and the “plastic junk” being forced on the fans. “Crash Cutie Crash”, set out to bring together an exciting project that far surpassed the mediocrity, which is being introduced to the masses. “It was her goal to create a situation that enabled her to make the music she loved on her own terms, and be treated fairly in the process,”

Her persistence paid off as her fan base in the Los Angeles area began to grow. Local weekly gigs soon followed, spreading word of “Crash Cutie Crash’s” classic level of showmanship like wildfire throughout the West Coast music scene.

The lesson learned was to always be true to yourself and your art. Her true sound would have never been uncovered had she not been forced to dig a little deeper

The new collaboration ensured consistent, invigorating performances and set the pace for the next phase of her career. “Her chemistry shows that she is authentic about who she is and what she does and people appreciate that,” says Nikki. “People who support this act know it is always going to give it 100% in terms of energy on stage, as well as preparation beforehand.”

Putting together an all-star cast to support her dynamic vocals Nikki set out to find a band that was musically supportive and genuinely inspired by her music. Nikki brought in the best of the best to back her.

About the band:

Bouborn-Bob Bass Guitar-

Asaf Rodeh-Lead Guitar- He started taking guitar lessons at the age of 12 and started performing at the young age of 14. He started his studies at “Rimon – School of Jazz and Contemporary Music” In Ramat Hasharon , Israel, studying arranging and orchestration and majoring in guitar performance. In 2005, he graduated from “Rimon” and started performing with leading rock/pop Israeli artists and working in studios across Israel. In 2006 Asaf started working for the LA based online studio service “” recording guitars and producing tracks for hundreds of customers world wide. Asaf has recently relocated to LA and is currently working with local artists such as Lady Fox, Cassandra Spring and the LA Music Awards “Alternative Pop Artist of the Year” winner, Noush Skaugen.

James Longstreet-Drums- Originally, from upstate New York. James has been playing music now for about 14 years. His inspiration to play arose from his parents when he was just a kid. His earliest memories were watching them play and jamming along with them on his first drum kit. As he got older his