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Detroit, MI | Established. Jan 01, 2010 | INDIE

Detroit, MI | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2010
Band Rock Punk


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"CrashDollz Debut CD Review"

“Their live shows are an intense experience with exciting showmanship and very very tight sets musically and they have pulled off a damn fine debut record. Aggressive snot nosed hard rock with punk rock sneer, with whiz kid guitar licks,memorable chorus's and a gut punch drive behind it all.Its sick really that a label has not picked them up already but hell they'll probably do better for themselves in the long run anyway. Crashdollz look like an updated Runaways but sound like a slightly more psycho L7. Not a dud on this record and it just might change the way you feel about your faith in the future of US based hard rock. Its hard to pick my favorites off this record but I'll try.... Novocaine,Bad Taste Barbie,Sugar Rocket, and the tune that really grabs me is Dollhouse. This song starts off slow and creeps to mid tempo but the song is powerful ,and so damn creepy it makes the hair on my arms stand up. Haunting...its all too rare that a song will do that to me these days.” - Punk Globe Magazine

"CrashDollz Debut CD Review"

“Now ths is what I call something special. CrashDollz have got everything going for them with this 12 tracker which is a marvelous fusion of punk and metal. Imagine L7 jamming with Warrior Soul in a padded cell with attitude dripping from the walls and the door locked shut. Tracks like "27 Tulip Pass", "Novocaine" and "Female Anarchy" are some of the very best songs Ive ever had the pleasure of hearing and the level of ferocity that goes with them can be terrifying at times. Guitarist Rachel thrashes out riffs in pure Johnny Thunders style while singer Nikki attacks the vocal duties as if her life was about to end. This is the real deal people! Upfront, honest, no bullshit sleaze-punk which hacks away at you like a knife-wielding maniac. Not only is this the album of the issue but it's also the best punk album of 2013. Rated 10 out of 10 (a first for this magazine)” - Positive Creed Fanzine

"CrashDollz Debut CD Review"

Detroit has a rich musical legacy from Alice Cooper and Electric Six to Red Hot Chilli Peppers drummer Chad Smith, eccentric musician Ted Nugent and bonafide rock legend, Iggy Pop.

The city today has a burgeoning live scene and Crashdollz are doing their best to bring their punk attitude, Heavy Metal power, virtuoso musicianship and sexy/trashy/gutter punk image into a whole new music revolution that could only have come out of Detroit.

Their debut self-titled album is some twelve tracks long (including two radio edits tagged on the end giving maximum value for money), and it manages showcase the different sides to the band and the how their musical influences have shaped the bands sound.
The punk influences of the band are obvious on 'Dumpster Punk'. Not only is the title your first clue, but once you get into it, it's a very noisy tune with drummer Mikk Manikk's sound unfortunately not very punchy at all. Still, he shows good ability with the relentless beat and use of his cymbals.

Vocalist Nikki Darling gives a fittingly punky performance, which leads you to think you know where the album is going, and you're not disappointed at the result. 'US Punk Bomb' is a similar sounding number with its long intro that's picked up by Manikk before the guitar and vocals eventually kick in. A fast paced song, it features some synthesised vocals with the short lyrics delivered well by Darling with the overall guitar sound from Rachel Rekkit driving the song.

In comparison, '27 Tulip Pass' is a much more solid track with Manikk really laying down a great intro before the main vocals from Darling begin with a simple but effective count in. The difference to the punky sounding tracks is tangible – sure, this song still retains a fairly frenetic pace, but the drum sound is completely different - much more solid sounding, whilst Darling gives a much more self assured performance. Rekkit plays a great guitar solo which could be more to the fore of the overall mix but that's a minor criticism from me.
Likewise, 'Bad Taste Barbie' has Rekkit leading the way again with some inventive tremolo work and there's nothing slowing the band down here. Some harmony vocals give the song extra depth whilst Rekkit's guitar punctuates in between the verses. The catchy chorus leads onto one of Rekkit's best solos which shows what a prodigious talent she is. All in all, though, this track was firm favourite of mine from an early listen, and only gets better after repeated listens.

'Novocaine' has Rekkit sliding down the fretboard in another fast paced number. "Gimme some medicine, I need something to numb me" references the title of the song (a drug given to people to stop them feeling pain). Darling is at her most ferocious here as the opening lines of "Fucked! Like a muthafuckin jackhammer!" ring out, tinged with a bit of venom, so you wonder how much of this song is down to personal experience or whether she's just playing a part. If it's the latter, she's playing it really well!

The slower mid section sounds a little disjointed but then this could be just for effectual purposes of the song, before the pace ramps back up once again. 'Sugar Rocket', on the other hand, has an almost thrash Metal feel to it. Manikk's drum beat is relentless as is the performance from Darling, and you can just imagine how much fun this song can be live and could be a great end to the bands live set.

It's not all fast songs and rock n' roll/punk attitudes as they demonstrate with 'Dollhouse' which is a much slower and moodier paced number. The songs intro is filled with atmosphere with the guitar and simple almost spoken rather than sung lyrics giving it a haunting quality. It's a showcase for Darling, though, who shows what she can really do vocally. Manikk plays a simple but effective beat and the song does have an overall creepy feeling about it.

Certainly, it's a good solid debut from the band and with work starting on their follow up album, their future looks very bright indeed. - Metal

"CrashDollz Debut CD Review"

Let us have a blast through this Album with a track by track review.

1. DUMPSTER PUNK - Right away we are deluged by a riotous wall of sound tearing along like an express train with aggressive and snarling vocals from Nikki. This is high octane, no messing punk/metal heaven. Explosive guitar licks from Rachel and a manic rhythm section all gelling together and blowing your house down. Nikki's angst ridden vocals tearing through your system and kicking you in the balls. Great opening track with enjoyable lyrics that will stick in your mind.


2. 27 TULIP PASS - Great pounding drumbeat, then the track explodes with a great 70's punk feel to the sound of this driving number. Nikki's vocals are infectious and at times she sounds like a wounded cat, in a very good way of course. Rachel's searing guitar licks saw right through to the bone as the whole number takes you apart in grand punk style. This will get your adrenaline pumping and have you leaping about in no time. Super stuff.


3. NOVOCAINE - Your senses are hammered straight away by a deep angry tumult of noise. Nikki comes in with her tormented vocals, she has you immediately eating out of her hands and is in full control as she delivers venomous, punk style vocals backed by Rachel's manic guitar shredding as the bass and drums pound away all creating a punk/metal fusion."I AM A JUNKIE FOR YOUR DISEASE " snarls Nikki as she torments you. The track slows down briefly with some searing guitar licks from Rachel before taking off again like a rocket and going totally bonkers, smashing you in the face till the end. WOW !!!

4. BAD TASTE BARBIE - Another blistering track with pounding drums and searing guitars. Nikki's infectious vocals crawl over you like the plague, playing with your brain cells. Some wailing siren noises enter the mix, giving the track another element. This is a great anthem style punk number with superb angry guitar work, shredding your nerves and taking you apart bit by bit as it reaches an adrenalin fuelled hectic close. Nice and nasty, "WHATEVER HAPPENED TO KEN ?"


5. DOLLHOUSE - A very gloomy, creepy beginning with a tint of evilness within the sound. Nikki enters with almost spoken vocals that are chilling as she leads you into her madhouse. The track explodes with a slow, angry rhythm creating a black and dark sounding track, full of eeriness with tints of Gothic. The whole number overcomes you with its hypnotic rhythm and throws up black shadows. This is scary, nasty stuff indeed and totally insane, don't play this in the dark. A number to give you nightmares and will continue to play in the dark recesses of your mind.


6. U.S PUNK BOMBS - Opens with a spacey intro that buzzes around in your head amid the creative sound of bombs before exploding into aggressive punk fury, pelting along at supersonic speed with Nikki returning to her nasty angst ridden vocals. This is right in your face, aggressive energy that will rip you apart and some sonic sounds shooting out at you amongst the madness. An insane track full of tasty guitar licks from Rachel, manic drums and insane vocals combining to get you jumping about like a madman.


7. FEMALE ANARCHY - Starting with a great steady drum beat as Nikki enters with some anarchic vocals as the track ignites with insane power, propelling its way through your system. Lots of different textures and beats on offer here. Rachel's guitar work is excellent and compliments Nikki's punk style vocals to a perfection. This is high octane fueled stuff that motors along with punk aggression and defiance ..... Female anarchy rules.

8. SUGAR ROCKET - Just as you've got your breath back, we are hit again with some blistering hot punk attitude. Nikki's addictive vocals hold your attention once again as Rachel's guitar licks shred your nerves to pieces. This is another track that lifts your adrenalin level up another notch as the track takes you through a blitzkrieg of maniacal, aggressive bliss. Sheer punk power that will leave you exhausted.


9. I WILL NOT BE IGNORED - Starting with Nikki chanting the song title, then the band kicks in once again with super charged power, full of aggressiveness and angst. "I WILL NOT BE IGNORED" will have you chanting along with Nikki on the chorus and slamming about to the violent surge of punk aggression. Total chaos reigns as the number thunders out of your speakers, turn up the volume and let it take you over. Rachel produces some great intermittent shredding once again throughout this absorbing number.


10. WRECKING BALL - Not to be confused with the pop number by a certain Miley Cyrus, this is pure punk fuelled rock that is catchy with an underlying menace. This wrecking ball will smack you straight in the face. A great driving beat with metal overtones, Nikki is on fine form again with her unique style vocals. The whole band is rocking again, maybe not so fast as some of the previous numbers, but more on the heavier side with some great guitar work from Rachel and a powerful rhythm section supplying a deeper, driving backbone. Great head banging stuff that will also have you leaping about, leaving you like a wrecked ball.

Well this has got to be one of the finest Punk albums I have heard for decades. Full of aggression and high octane energy from start to finish, all done in their own unique style and putting their own stamp on the genre. The album is absolutely crazy and manic and will get your adrenaline pumped up, in no time you will be slamming and leaping about with the bands music. This album should please punk and metal fans alike with its infectious vocals and searing guitar licks. Can't wait to hear their second album which is coming soon. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED .... 10/10 - Black Phoenix Rising

"CrashDollz Debut CD Review"

“In my heyday, I liked The Sex Pistols, The Ramones etc etc and I liked the no nonsense Punk attitude these bands portrayed. Now we have CrashDollz from Detroit, to grab us by the short and curlies and drag us screaming through the streets, letting us know that real Punk is still alive, well and kicking ass. There is no mercy shown here by the twelve tracks on this record, and with titles like 'Dumpster Punk', 'Novocaine', 'Bad Taste Barbie', the rather awesome 'US Punk Bombs' and 'Female Anarchy', that should give you a taster as to what to expect on this record. I would also imagine that their live shows offer a taste of female anarchy - there are two girls in this four piece combo by the way. CrashDollz being fronted by the awesome Nikki Darling with Rachel Rekkit who lets rip on guitars, and boy does she let rip too! If you think this music died years ago, then check out CrashDollz who will prove you totally wrong! Punk-Metal is alive and kicking so check them out!” - Ravenheart Music

"CrashDollz Debut CD Review"

“Born out of the hotbed of the grandfathers of garage punk, Detroit band Crashdollz certainly know a thing or two about rock music. One of them is raw, and the other is loud. Fronted by the eye catching female duo of Nikki Darling on vocals and Rachel Rekkit on guitar, this punk rock crew have created a bit of a buzz in and out of Michigan. The self-titled debut album kicks off with 'Dumpster Punk', a riotous blast of punk rock, followed by a more grungey sounding '27 Tulip Pass'. 'Novocaine' begins with enough f-words to turn air blue and is one of the best tracks on the album with a catchy chorus. The album continues in the same breathless vein until 'Dollhouse', a sludgey, menacing creeper of a song and a welcome change of pace, and along with the opening track, it is the definite highlight on the album.” - Mudkiss Fanzine

"CrashDollz Rockwired Magazine Article"

“Come away from the music of CRASHDOLLZ knowing that rock n roll is still alive. With a new year on the rise, it's good to know that there is a band out there with the same mission as ROCKWIRED. Based in Flint, Michigan CRASH DOLLZ are adding a little bombast to their local scene as well as in a few surrounding stages with their full frontal rock n roll assault accentuated by NIKKI DARLING's SUZI QUATRO-like growl and IGGY POP-sized stage presence as well as RACHEL REKKIT's lethal guitar licks. This ain't girl power. This is women's rawk and CRASHDOLLZ lays it down on the tracks NOVOCAINE, DOLLHOUSE and the slamming FEMALE ANARCHY.” - Rockwired Magazine

"CrashDollz Debut CD Review"

“Crashdollz hail from Detroit and they are purveyors of blood red hard rock steak with a punk rock seasoning on top. That’s a relentlessly macho musical place to be but adding in female vocals and, perhaps surprisingly, a female guitarist has a distinctly positive effect. Crashdollz know that they have to make music to accompany professional late night beer drinking (and consequently they may cause your average mid-western 14 year old male to explode prematurely). Witness the overt sexuality in “Novocaine” if you need to hear the proof that heating things right up is their way. Now on to what makes Crashdollz a bit different. The lyrics go a good bit further than you might expect with the surf powered “Bad Taste Barbie” throwing a verbal rock right at you. That pushing things a bit further attitude extends into twisting their songs into something simultaneously theatrical and disturbing. I’m talking about "Dollhouse" and its the song of the album.” - Bluesbunny Independent Music Reviews

"CrashDollz Debut CD Review"

“CRASHDOLLZ is fronted by Nikki Darling who kills it harder than most guys in the Punk Rock scene. Her vocals can be very harsh and gritty old school Punk, but also a bit more melodic and modern Punk as well. The band has a really cool gritty old school '70's styled D.I.Y. Punk Rock sound. There is a fast paced kind of chaotic sound to the majority of their music, which is the way Punk is supposed to sound. Also a bit of Rockabilly or Psychobilly influences mostly in the guitar riffing and some of the song arrangements. A combination of LUNACHICKS meet THE PLASMATICS meet BETTY BLOWTORCH meet BABES IN TOYLAND. The CRASHDOLLZ are a killer old school Punk Rock band that fans that grew up during the '70's & '80's Punk movements will love, but they will still pull in a lot of fans of modern day Punk as well. I loved the CRASHDOLLZ and would love to see them in concert.” - Beowulf Productions

"CrashDollz Debut CD Review"

“Hit play and you will soon find yourself with a stiff neck as head-banging is an essential accompaniment to the high energy rock thrust into the room by CrashDollz. As subtle as a brick in the face, this is music which is hurled into the audience. The well-set framework of bass and drums allows CrashDollz to set this off with slick guitar riffs and a mewling vocal which gives the rock rooted material a jolt from the ’80s to the ’10s with a lightness of touch that makes the music far more than a throwback. This is a band who I should not be reviewing as they offer everything that a major label could possibly want from an act, yet, such are the vagaries of the industry and I am delighted that they currently remain precisely the reason Indie Bands Blog started back in 2009 and I wish them all the best for the future. Accosting attitude, visceral vocals, glittering guitar, drilling drums, booming bass, vixen visuals – what else does a band need I ponder? I leave this review feeling completely invigorated and refreshed as CrashDollz make the 21st Century seem relevant once again; in one fell swoop of engaging enthusiasm and impressive musical competence. Thank you CrashDollz for doing what you do and long may you continue to do it, ever more loudly. - Emerging Indie Bands

"CrashDollz Hear This Promotions Article"

"There are plenty of bands and people that want to be back in the 80's these days, or (maybe better) just relive them. While Crashdollz, a nostalgic punk metal band from Detroit, certainly has music that could have commanded the airwaves at the time, they moreso cultivate that classic atmosphere in their own way and update it for today’s music fans. It’s not often that we find a band so simultaneously in tune with the past and the present, but when we do, we can’t get enough of it.

If the live videos are any indication, Crashdollz are about as anomalous as it gets on stage. Lead singer, Nikki Darling, cockily struts across the stage in her high heels, sneering and snarling at the crowd, all while her middle fingers bombard the audience without a care in the world. Lead guitarist, Rachel Rekkit, has an equally intimidating presence and somehow finds a way to run into the crowd and back in high heels, without ever missing a note during her ever impressive solos. If Mötley Crüe drifted up from the underworld as females and were way tougher than they ever were with Tommy Lee, you’d have the perfect recipe for CrashDollz.

Lead single “Novocaine” is the most alluring introductory package for the band, with its bold attitude and confident lyrics, “You got that thing that I need / I’m a junkie for your disease”. Darling’s snotty delivery is only made more powerful by her unabashed, open nature—this woman isn’t afraid of anything, and she’s going to prove it to you, time and time again. After some impressive speed and energy, the song slows down in tempo during the bridge, as a fuzzy Rekkit solo emerges to seemingly cap off the track. Then, the song immediately jolts back to life thanks to the drums, and CrashDollz finishes the song in style, as strong as it began.

With an entire album to dive into on Bandcamp, and a live show that dominates the stage, CrashDollz has no shortage of material, and spunk, to offer to the world, and all of it is right at our fingertips. If you’re looking to take a journey to the past while still feeling in tune with the present, and getting something fresh and new, CrashDollz, in all of their fierceness and energy, is the answer. If you’re not looking for something like that, these musicians are as confident as it comes, and they’ll gladly give you a big "F*** YOU" as they continue to rock on!" - Hear This Promotions

"CrashDollz Debut CD Review"

Fantastic female fronted rock/punk and more band. We say more because that's what you get, the way they have mixed heavy rock in with punk and added a big touch of diversity by adding some thrash to there style. Exciting full on and highly charged, one great band indeed. Vocally superb, Lyrically supreme and the music will blow you away. A must add for any collection. - Rockbandom Magazine

"CrashDollz Debut CD Review"

They hail from the same bad streets that brought us MC5, Iggy and the Stooges, and the punk band Death. They've played with everyone from Jello Biafra to Great White. They have song titles like "Dumpster Punk", "Bad Taste Barbie", "Female Anarchy", "Sugar Rocket", and "U.S. Punk Bombs". And their lead singer's name is Nikki Darling. Yep, I'm talking about the legends in the making, CrashDollz! Let's all give them a hardy welcome and then be sure to thank the band for this special treat that they have brought for us today. It's called "CrashDollz" and boy is this self-titled affair ever fun! Well, maybe "fun" isn't the right word choice to describe this full-length party in the making. How about "wild"? No? Maybe "crazy"? No? OK, maybe "mischievous"? That's still not enough? Well, I'm stumped for a description then as the truth of the matter is "CrashDollz" is all of that (fun, wild, crazy and most definitely mischievous!) and then so much more my friends! "CrashDollz" serves as my first introduction to this four-piece band and as far as first impressions goes this was truly one of my better first dates! At it's core it's definitely rock (as is R-O-C-K!), but not in the way you might think. It's more rock and roll in the fine traditional of Detroit's previously mentioned greats (MC5, Iggy & Stooges, Death, etc...) or even a band like the Ramones. It's rock and roll the way Motörhead would do it or rock and roll by way of The Runaways if the Sex Pistols had been their greatest source of inspiration! Yes, it's that kind of rock and roll and it is absolutely glorious! But then again, "CrashDollz" is as much about fierily punk rock as it is rock and then it's also about honest to goodness heavy metal! So, you've got rock, punk and heavy metal in an album like "CrashDollz". What more could you possibly ask for? Oh, did I mention how it's available for free on the group's bandcamp page? That's right kids. "CrashDollz" is free for the taking and with a new album planned for sometime later this summer now is as good a time as any to join the party! Recorded at Union City Studios in Flint, MI, "CrashDollz" was made possible thanks to the joint efforts of Nikki Darling and her equally awesome bandmates (guitarist Rachel Rekkits, bassist Kevin "Krank" Kekes and drummer Mikk Mannikk) and with nowhere to go but up it's easy enough to see this band going from being one of Detroit's premier punk bands to world-wide favorites in no time flat! Especially seeing as their live show is reportedly ever bit as righteous as this self-tiled album is! I want to thank the band for contacting Heavy Metal Time Machine about their free album and encourage all of our readers to check out CrashDollz's online site for more information about this very cool band! - Metal Mark

"CrashDollz Interdual Article"

CrashDollz, the electrifying Detroit punk/metal crossover band has had the whole Midwest and beyond talking… Aggressive intensity and a mean 1-2 punch of psychotic punk-glamour and excellent songwriting is the foundation upon which a new rock and roll movement is built on with excellent musicianship, killer vocals and a stage show that cannot be described. It must be seen.
Has the new Rock and Roll Wet Dream finally arrived? … Yessss…
Nikki Darling is the dynamo gale-force wind of hostile chaotic anger. Caged and let loose on stage like a wild animal, Nikki brings unhinged punk and
Rachel Rekkit shreds like Eddie Van Hendrix and performs like Sid Vicious on bath salts. - Interdual

"CrashDollz Debut CD Review"

I had no idea that this was going on in Detroit! I am referring to CrashDollz, whose 2013 self titled release landed in my lap last week. Way cool riffs, great vocals, and a solid rhythm section fill the 12 tracks. The songs are wonderful, with dynamite changes, cool effects, hard rock guitar, and a punk attitude. The sound attacks from the 1st note, grabbing you by the throat, and never letting go. There are no bad tracks here, but pay particular attention to ‘Novocaine‘, with its great riff, cool changes, and almost psych-rock guitar solo. ‘Sugar Rocket‘ delivers great guitar, cool effects, and nice changes. ‘I Will Not Be Ignored‘ has a dynamite vocal track, great guitar effects, and stands out as the anthem for a new generation of punk. My favorite track, ‘Dollhouse‘ has a surprisingly interesting intro, and some way cool effects, tripping me back to the psychedelica of the late 1960s.
This is no holds barred, pure unadulterated Power-Punk. The songs are great, and the album features production techniques I do not usually associate with punk. The energy level is off the chart. CrashDollz has forever changed my image of punk, and now I am thinking of heading down to Detroit to catch a live show. Or, maybe I could entice them to come up to Toronto for a few gigs. This album just plain kicks ass.Excitingly innovative and inventive, I only wish that I found it sooner. Play it loud. Play it often. - I Cant Believe My Ears

"CrashDollz Debut CD Review"

CrashDollz are a badass chick fronted punk-rock band from Detroit, Michigan consisting of Nikki on vocals, Rachel on guitar, Mikk on drums, and Kevin "Krank" on bass. As they state on their facebook page, their interests are “taking over the world”. Since 2010, this band has been kicking major ass and taking names. CrashDollz's self-titled full length album was released in 2013, and was recorded at Union City Studios in Flint Michigan. The album is complete with attitude and straight up girl power! Think old school Joan Jett And The Blackhearts meets new age punk rock anarchy rage.
“27 Tulip Pass" and "Dumpster Punk" are just a couple of songs to name that fans should check that really show the band's true and unique sound. Singer Nikki Darling has a wide range of vocals that are full of aggression and intensity that captures that classic punk sound that has been missing for a while in the music scene. If you're unable to have the pleasure of seeing the group live due to distance, you can view some of CrashDollz's live performances on YouTube.
They are definitely a band to watch out for in the upcoming years with their raunchy guitar riffs, crashing drums, and signature energetic vocals (not to mention the ladies dress up in some pretty sexy clothing). We cannot wait to see what they do next and are anticipating their next release. - The Metal Experience

"CrashDollz Debut CD Review"

Detroit punk rockers Crashdollz are set to unleash their visceral sounding hybrid of punk and metallic aggression with the release of their debut self titled album. Having caught the acclaim of radio shows and playing alongside Negative Approach and LA Guns, the quartet are ready to deliver their trashy gutter punk vibrancy to their ever growing fan base.
Exploding into action with, ‘Dumpster Punk’, the opening track glides along with speedy guitars and consistent drum work. The band unveil some impressive lead guitar manoeuvres around half way as the infectious chorus kicks back in.
‘27 Tulip Pass’ comes with an immediate sounding riffs and a strong vocal performance. The infectious guitars remain highly present and is no doubt a fan favourite at live shows.
The record conjures up plenty of high moments. From the gritty dialogue of ‘Bad Taste Barbie’ to the galloping drums of ‘Sugar Rocket’, making these guys an impressive accessory to any punk fan’s music collection.
Meanwhile, the angry grooves of ‘Wrecking Ball’ show Crashdollz spilling out plenty of memorable lyrics, edgy guitars, and enough energy to turn a mosh pit into a full scale riot.
While Crashdollz dish out plenty of anarchic noise, the record does come with its flaws. Firstly, the vocals at times feel forced and suffer lack the diversity to make these essential anthems. What’s more the record does appear to rehash many of the same qualities, which can work better in some places than others.
Although there is nothing revolutionary about their sound, Crashdollz do come with a strong sense of urgency and with a sense that their potency has yet to bloom fully. However, at such an early stage in their career they may just be at the start of something big! Promising debut. - The Independent Voice

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"Female Musician Article"

CrashDollz are THE Detroit Punk band of 2015 and beyond!

Finally here to re-ignite Rock and Roll, CrashDollz bring Punk sneer with Big Rock Power into a new uncharted area. Crossing demented aggression, punk attitude, heavy metal power, virtuoso musicianship and sexy/trashy/gutter punk image into a whole new music revolution that could only have come out of Detroit, CrashDollz are truly unique and one-of-a-kind. Listen to "Novocaine", "Dollhouse", "Dumpster Punk" or the radio-friendly "27 Tulip Pass" and you will hear serious songwriting talent at the core of a big explosion of rock and roll audacity the likes of which hasn't been heard in many years.

Fearlessly leading the way is Nikki Darling, with her Raw, Aggressive and Powerful vocals. Nikkis technical ability as a singer adds enormous depth to an otherwise stale genre and her outrageous stage presence and confrontational stance is without peer. Followed by Guitarist Rachel Rekkits loud in-your-face but memorable guitar riffs, whiz-kid solos and fiercely aggressive stage presence.

Drummer Mikk Mannik, the Motor City stix splitter is a ferocious metronome! His fluid, yet thundering beats, precision technique, and driving double bass work provide the torque in the Crashdollz engine! Finally, you have Kevin "Krank" Kekes on pounding, aggressive bass guitar. Kranks agile and acrobatic playing ability and stage presence balances the CrashDollz front line into one of the most uniformly bombastic stage fronts in rock history. Leaving a trail of legendary live performances everywhere they go - CrashDollz are the band to watch in 2015 and beyond!

Winner: BAND OF THE YEAR - Rockwired Magagzine 2015 Readers Poll
Winner: SONG OF THE YEAR "Female Anarchy" - Rockwired Magazine 2015 Readers Poll

National acts played with: Jello Biafra And The Guantanamo School Of Medicine, Negative Approach, Great White, The Misfits, LA Guns, Crud and Vains of Jenna. - Female Musician

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THE CRASHDOLLZ : Detroit's Hottest Punks

I was so excited to be asked to interview this crazy band hailing straight outta Detroit, Michigan.

Ladies and Germs....CRASH DOLLZ

Starting in 2010 these chicks have been ripping up the music scene and making their mark with their killer , sexy, out control antics that grace many stages. If you haven't heard of them until now, you are in for a real treat. Finally here to re-ignite Rock and Roll, CrashDollz bring Punk sneer with Big Rock Power into a new unchartered area. Crossing demented aggression, punk attitude, heavy metal power, virtuoso musicianship and sexy/trashy/gutter punk image into a whole new music revolution that could only have come out of Detroit, CrashDollz are truly unique and one-of-a-kind.

How did the Crash Dollz come about?

Nikki Darling- I had placed an ad looking for a guitar player.Rekkit had contacted me and we talked she sent over some tracks. We met up and the rest is history.

Rachel Rekkit- I remember it differently; I was at a hospital for the "nervous" and so was she. We got in a fight over the meds we were hoarding and while we were fighting she yelled really loud and I remember thinking "wow, that voice would be great in a punk band".

Tell me about your new record deal with Radiclea Records?

Nikki Darling- We're in the process of recording the vocal tracks right now. We're really excited and can't wait for everyone to hear it.

Rachel Rekkit -With distribution through Sony, RED and C.E.N., RadicLea Records will get our music to a lot more people this tme around. Also their contacts for placement in film, television and video games among other huge contacts will push us up the ladder quickly.

THE CRASHDOLLZ : Detroit's Hottest Punks

I was so excited to be asked to interview this crazy band hailing straight outta Detroit, Michigan.

Ladies and Germs....CRASH DOLLZ

Starting in 2010 these chicks have been ripping up the music scene and making their mark with their killer , sexy, out control antics that grace many stages. If you haven't heard of them until now, you are in for a real treat. Finally here to re-ignite Rock and Roll, CrashDollz bring Punk sneer with Big Rock Power into a new unchartered area. Crossing demented aggression, punk attitude, heavy metal power, virtuoso musicianship and sexy/trashy/gutter punk image into a whole new music revolution that could only have come out of Detroit, CrashDollz are truly unique and one-of-a-kind.

How did the Crash Dollz come about?

Nikki Darling- I had placed an ad looking for a guitar player.Rekkit had contacted me and we talked she sent over some tracks. We met up and the rest is history.

Rachel Rekkit- I remember it differently; I was at a hospital for the "nervous" and so was she. We got in a fight over the meds we were hoarding and while we were fighting she yelled really loud and I remember thinking "wow, that voice would be great in a punk band".

Tell me about your new record deal with Radiclea Records?

Nikki Darling- We're in the process of recording the vocal tracks right now. We're really excited and can't wait for everyone to hear it.

Rachel Rekkit -With distribution through Sony, RED and C.E.N., RadicLea Records will get our music to a lot more people this tme around. Also their contacts for placement in film, television and video games among other huge contacts will push us up the ladder quickly.

CrashDollz- Dumpster Punk Video...via YouTube

What are some of the challenges Rachel and Nikki face as women in punk?

Nikki Darling- I think people just misjudge who we are, what we are capable of! Usually they're surprised.

Rachel Rekkit -I agree with that. We turn a front row of folded arms and raised eyebrows into jaws dropped on the floor by not just our look or even our bombastic performance but also the musicianship and songs.

What is the prior band experience of the members and what brought them to Crash Dollz?

Nikki Darling - We were all Virgins before CrashDollz. That's all that matters.

Rachel Rekkit

What is your tour schedule for the rest of 2015?

Nikki Darling -- Insane!!!!!

Any plans to make actual dollz?

Nikki Darling - Shh we don't share our secrets.

Pain being a huge part of the music, does the music help you with your pain?

Nikki Darling - Yes. It's my pain intimate and private and I chose to share it.

Rachel Rekkit - We are both rather broken people who use our music as a way to safely channel emotions that otherwise tend to manifest in ways that get us in more trouble so music is a necessary thing for me.

What is one of your craziest moments with a fan?

Nikki Darling - I had a kid smack my ass once, didn't end pretty.

What message do you want your fans to walk away with from your shows?

Nikki Darling- I want them to feel violated, their ears to bleed , their tongues to have the word CrashDollz on the tip of it.

Does the sexuality in your shows come naturally or is it planned out?

Nikki Darling- We never plan anything. It's always what it is real and raw. Sexy is objective.

Nikki Darling

Rachel Rekkit - Every single element of our shows is raw and "on the night". How we feel that moment is what we transfer through the music to the audience. Personally, I find the "sexy" side of what we do to be fun sometimes but I'm more into the idea of taking people who might find one or both of us sexy and through a crazy performance and tight killer music, make them forget about that and focus on how good we are.

What’s next for Crash Dollz? - Wait and see fuckers. Nikki Darling - Uncivil Revolt

"100% Rock Magazine Article"

Detroit punk-metal rockers CrashDollz have recently taken their attitude and talent into a recording studio to record the follow-up to their 2013 self-titled debut. Having just signed with a new label and PR team, as well as a few sponsor deals, this group of Motor City music makers is seemingly on their way up and on to bigger and better things. Guitarist Rachel Rekkit took some time away from her instrument and the recording sessions to answer a few questions for us…
Toddstar: Rachel, thank you so much for taking time out of your busy schedule and the studio for us today!

Rachel: Hi! Sure thing and thanks for having me.

Toddstar: As I said, CrashDollz are currently in the studio. What can you tell us about the new material you guys are putting together?

Rachel: We’ve amped up that “propulsion” factor that CrashDollz are known for with this record. The material is a bit more mature in the songwriting and the collaboration between the singer Nikki Darling and I is deeper, which is making this album a fuller representation of the CrashDollz vision but we’ve really revved up the “punch-you-in-the-fucking-throat” sound. We’ve found an even more complete way to bring melody into it too so we’re really excited for everyone to hear this stuff.

Toddstar: How is the writing and recording process for this album coming along, compared to your previous release, the self-titled CrashDollz?

Rachel: The last record was a fucking nightmare to record. On pretty much every possible level. This one is so much better. It’s not only incredibly productive and pro but also a lot of fun.

Toddstar: Are you sticking to the same method and style of music as your previous effort or are you branching out and experimenting at all? If so, how?

Rachel: Definitely increasing that kinetic energy we had to a whole other level. There are songs that are like tracks from the first album but on steroids or something but we have branched out into some different ways to transfer the CrashDollz energy. We’ve found new ways to get our identifiable sound into songs that are, in separate cases, more straight up punk or more metal or sleazy or more melodic as well as one song that is more of a jerky spastic song that turns into an anthem. Ultimately, the fans that know and like what we’ve done are going to love this record and we’ve branched out enough to bring in new fans.

Toddstar: Things seem to be coming together for the band on all fronts lately. You guys recently signed with Radiclea Records. How does it feel to have a label behind you in this day and age of downloads, streaming, etc.?

Rachel: We’ve been around for 5 years and have done everything up till now on our own. It has been time for a while now for a label to step in. It’s a game changer because of the exposure a label with major label distribution will bring us. Our music needs to be heard and there’s only so much we can do on our own. I can’t get our CD into Best Buy and I don’t have the connections to get us in a movie soundtrack, ya know? A label can do things like that.

Toddstar: It was also announced that in addition to a new PR firm, you guys are now also sponsored and endorsed by Metal Babe Mayhem Clothing – are you guys going all corporate on us?

Rachel: Hahaha. Well, the short answer is no but having said that, at a certain stage of a musical career, those things enter into it. We are now endorsed by about 6 different companies. All of which were handpicked by us because we like their stuff and would (and have) plunked our money down to buy it. I’m not big on the business side of all of this and frankly, a lot of it is a headache to me. I’m a songwriter, a guitar player and a performer. I’m not a business woman. But to move forward, we HAD to get our hands into that cookie jar and start talking percentages and obligations and all that. It’s the nature of the beast and I’m learning to acclimate. I do love the idea of anything that gets our music to more people. I want everyone to hear us and if it’s a kid who loves Metal Babe Mayhem clothing who checks us out because we’re on their roster, that’s awesome as far as I’m concerned. I love their clothes and I’m a ham for the camera so I’m happy to do promotional photo sessions for our endorsements. It’s fun and it helps spread the word.
Toddstar: Rachel, let’s talk about you for a minute: you describe yourself as someone out there trying to set a new standard for punk-metal players. Who set the bar and that standard for you?

Rachel: Honestly, I think that bar is fairly low. Most guitar players who would identify as punk-metal are probably more punk and less technically inclined. My goal has been to bring fluidity and technicality to punk rock guitar. The metal players already generally do that but many of them lack the passion I bring and way too many guitar players lack the electricity and palpable emoting that I bring to my live performances so I’m out to make all guitar players see something in what I’m doing that might be lacking in their own style (technicality, emoting, transference of emotion during performance, recklessness). I utilize all of those components and all of that is lying on top of well-written songs so, yeah, I’m setting a new bar. I’m a cross between Eddie Van Halen and an out of control Kurt Cobain so maybe they separately were bars I wanted to bring together and surpass as a hybrid player.

Toddstar: You guys have been at this for a while. With the different bands you have toured or shared a stage with, what have you learned from watching other bands perform or interact with their fan base that you have been able to utilize in your performances or interactions with CrashDollz fans?

Rachel: Playing with Jello Biafra and Negative Approach was a great experience. I think I was just more in awe than anything really. Most of the bands we’ve played with, if I’ve picked up anything, it’s been a reiteration of what NOT to do. Don’t treat other bands like shit, don’t ignore your fans, etc. but we already know that stuff. We are very accessible to our fans. I think a lot of bands learn from us how to grab a crowd by the throat. I see bands change what they’re doing after playing with us so it’s probably more common that bands pick stuff up from us. Sometimes it pisses me off actually.

Toddstar: Speaking of live performances, you have been quoted as saying you channel “the most reckless broken-doll stage performances…” When it comes to stage persona, how much of it is Rachel that one might run into around town and how much of it is CrashDollz Rachel?

Rachel: Increasingly, there is less of a demarcation line between the two. Originally, I constructed a persona to hide behind because deep down, I’m really a timid girl with a huge nerd streak. This bands music though…it throws a switch in me on stage and I become something totally different. The bigger CrashDollz have gotten, the less the “normal” Rachel even surfaces. For the time being, I’m ok with that but I anticipate trouble down the line. I have no balance and have given myself over to Rekkit. Maybe the truth is that that is more who I am than anything else. It’s just scary ‘cuz Rekkit is a character and that can and has created a disconnect about bad behavior.

Toddstar: Who out there would you like to share the stage with that you believe CrashDollz would match well with from a sound and image standpoint?

Rachel: I don’t know. Maybe Barbed Wire Dolls or maybe a tour with In This Moment or someone. I think whoever we play with, their fans are gonna get their fucking heads blown off no matter what.

Toddstar: Let’s talk about you individually once again. What or whom in your life created the want or need to get on stage and be a punk-rock star for a living? Was there a defining moment or influence that is to be thanked… or blamed?

Rachel: Broken home, troubled past, busted spirit, mental illness, and trauma. There isn’t one but many. I always wanted to make other people feel the way I did when I heard great music that set me on fire. That’s at the core of what drives me musically. To share that exhilaration with others. Personally, the need to be on a stage channeling rage and emotional torment (and joy as well) probably comes from being a broken person with a lot of issues.

Toddstar: When was the last time, and by whom, were you star struck?
Rachel: I don’t get star struck. Nikki Darling impresses me sometimes. She has that larger than life fills up a room with her personality kind of thing, but I do too. I’ve met a ton of huge rock stars. I’ve never felt star struck. I’ve had some pleasant conversations, I’ve had a fling or two and I’ve met some douche bags that let me down. Now if I met Paul McCartney, I would fall into a crying puddle of tears on the floor.

Toddstar: When it comes to leaving home for a tour, whether it is a one-off show or a multi-show run, what are the items you look around your place and decide you cannot leave home without?

Rachel: A picture of my Mom, at least one good book, and I always bring a special stuffed animal to sleep with if I’m home sick.

Toddstar: If you were to leave your music playing device (iPhone, iPod, iPad) behind at a venue, what musical selection(s) might a fan of the band find to be odd on your device?

Rachel: Bjork, XTC, Beach Boys, Radiohead, Skrillex

Toddstar: If you were given the opportunity to go back through the history of time, what piece of music do you wish you could put your stamp on musically or just be a part of the process?

Rachel: The Beatles Revolver album

Toddstar: If you could use one song name to describe your life, what would it be?

Rachel: “Punks in Amerika”

Toddstar: What was the first disc, LP, cassette, 8-track (or whatever mode of music you were into at the time) that you remember owning or purchasing for yourself?

Rachel: Revolver– Beatles

Toddstar: And the last you purchased (physical or download)?

Rachel: Queen Adreena – Ride A Cock Horse

Toddstar: A final thought from you personally, at this point in your career and life, with everything going on, what are you most proud of and want to be remembered for?

Rachel: Originality. I want to be remembered as a musical maverick that played by my own rules and made a musical stamp that was unique and started a musical revolution. - 100% Rock Magazine

"Pop Roxx Interview" - Pop Roxx Podcast

"Natalie's World Article"

Punk, metal, rockers CrashDollz have released their self-titled debut, played shows, and are in the process of releasing all new material soon. Guitarist Rachel Rekkit discusses about their debut album, how the band came about, and future plans.

1. Can I get a backstory on the band/ band biography?

Rachel: Nikki Darling (singer) was the one originally looking to start a new band in 2010 and had an ad running for a guitar player which I answered. There was an insane amount of chemistry immediately when we met but it took us quite a while to figure out what we were going to do with it. We were both into punk a lot and I was also into hard rock and metal being that the guitar playing was more challenging in those genres. We decided to try and put the 2 together like peanut butter and chocolate, almost like an experiment at first. I started writing musical ideas that were these weird hybrids and we knew then that we were ready to get a rhythm section. We got Brian Kaos and he was the perfect hard-hitting precision drummer we needed and that's when the first songs that had the CrashDollz sound started to come together. Our original bass player Ron Krash was with us for a couple years but left back in August over scheduling difficulties and we got our new bass player Kevin Krank who is a powerhouse and rounds the band out to perfection. Its funny though that when we first came out ,we really didn't know if anyone would even like it until we got it onto stages and people instantly reacted. I remember just holding my breath after we finished the first song at the first show waiting to see if the audience was going to applaud or just be silent. There's video of that on YouTube somewhere. We loved what we were doing and it was like we were trying to make the music that we wanted to hear that no one had done but it was nerve-wracking for a while feeling that people might totally hate it. It was awesome to see such a great reaction and that apparently people were wanting to hear that music as much as we were.

2. How did you guys come up with your band name?

Rachel: We tossed band name ideas around for months trying to get the perfect one. We did a lot of mashing 2 words together which in some ways is the root of this band. Pushing punk and metal together. I knew the second I read CrashDollz out loud that it was right. I wanted it to roll off the tongue really easy and it did.

3. Where is the band based out of and what is your music scene like there?

Rachel: We're based out of the Detroit area. The scene is finally starting to thrive more than it was when we started. It was very cut throat when we first came on the scene and the bands really weren't working together to build any kind of scene. Its getting better now but still most Detroit bands are scared to death of playing a show with us. They should be too cuz we blow them offstage so hard its stupid.

4. What lyrical theme do you guys use in your music? What message do you want to send?

Rachel: We're not really a big "message" band generally though if there is one theme that recurs in our songs it's the message of female empowerment. Women can rock and rock HARD. You don't have to play it pretty or worry if your lipsticks right. Get on the stage and kick the shit out of the guys in the other bands. That's our message.
5. What bands have influenced your band and its sound?

Rachel: Nirvana, Van Halen, Iggy Pop, Julliette and the Licks, The Beatles, Sex Pistols.

6. Is there any story or concept behind wanting to Self-Title this release?

Rachel: Not really. We're introducing ourselves to the world so we wanna make sure the band name sticks in your head.

7. Who produced this release what was it like working with them?

Rachel: K-Watt (ex bassist of 10-96) produced it and it was a nightmare. It was like giving birth to 10 children at once. I'm still fuckin sore.

8. Who did the cover art for this release and how much input did you have on it?

Rachel: We designed the CD art ourselves and we were very hard to work with. Seriously though, a number of great photographers provided us with a wealth of killer pictures so it was fairly easy to put it together. We present well visually.

9. What's your favorite song on the album right now?

Rachel: Novocaine.

10. Do you guys have any new music in the works as far as a follow-up release?

Rachel: Yes, we're about halfway deep into the writing of a second release and are currently playing some of those songs live now like "Activate" and "Stab The Ground".

11. What are your upcoming touring/show plans?

Rachel: We've been playing regionally for a couple years in the Midwest but are currently working on expanding that out further. We're currently touring the Midwest through February and will be back out in April and through the spring and summer. We've got so many show offers out of state, we're just trying to find a way to connect the dots. Stay tuned. :)

12. Where can we listen to your band and where can we buy your stuff?

Rachel: You can get our CD and other merchandise at and you can listen to us on Bandcamp and other places. We're available for download pretty much everywhere (iTunes, Amazon, Tunecore, etc) and we're currently on and as new artists.

13. What is it you’d like a listener to remember the most when hearing your music for the first time?
Rachel: That we bled for this stuff. We don't toss a few chords together and lean on the stage show or image. That's all frosting. We really twisted ourselves into pretzels to write and perform these songs the way they are. We lived this stuff and it has a visceral reality to it that's no joke. If people only knew the toll it took for us to write these songs and make this band what it is.

14. What can the fans expect to see from you in the future?

Bigger shows, bigger tours, more chaos and recklessness and the CrashDollz bulldozer pulling into your town.

15. Any final words of wisdom?

Rachel: Don't chew gum while you play guitar, don't use the word "love" unless you mean it, eat more sweet tarts and always stay naked in your underwear. - Natalie's World

"Music Legends Article"

What’s new in the world of CrashDollz?
There is so much currently going on, I wouldn’t even know where to begin..We are in the process of procuring a record deal.. Which I’m sure you know is daunting in itself.. We are recording our second album, wrapping up the writing process here shortly… We have begun practicing with our new drummer.. as well as amping up for spring and summer shows all around the country.. along with a little hair pulling between Rekkit and I.. nothing out of the ordinary .. giggle
– Could you describe what goes on in a day in your life as a musician on tour? Also do you have upcoming shows?
Wake up, shower if, and when available, and time permitting. (should I say that lol) possible radio Interviews usually in the a.m., and then off to getting ready loading in.. and starting the show.. It is always rush, rush from the minute before you wake up.. leaving you still behind in time . We are usually on tour trying to get used to a time change or lack of sleep during travel, but we love it.. that’s why were here..
yes lots of shows coming up this spring and summer be sure to watch :: CrashCave for future updates.
– I am sure you’ve met interesting fans and have good stories to tell. What’s the most interesting thing that’s happened on tour?
I wouldn’t even know where to start.. Everything begins to look like a blur.. being stopped at the border is our most recent issue.. I was unaware mace is illegal in Canada.. We def have some loyal fans who sometimes would let us nearly do anything to them.. I am sure others have more sorted stories.. This always stuck in my mind though we were playing in Chicago USA and we were literally in need of jumping out and running onstage.. cops pulled up.. I was in full stage attire, trying to get the key to work in the lock of the equipment trailer. Im pretty sure they thought i was a hooker trying to break into someones trailer.. I had to inform them they chuckled and all was fine.. I have another hooker story but I don’t know I am at liberty to say.. We will just say what happens in Indiana stays in Indiana..
– How is the music scene in your area these days?Are clubs still popular?
The music scene in Michigan for musicians, its just haunting ghosts of yesterdays past.. you hear such amazing stories of how it use to be in Detroit and all that is gone.. All the great clubs are closed or have ridiculous restrictions that leave very little feel for the audience to enjoy and be personable with the musicians onstage.. The bar owners make it impossible for bands to play.. Fans get ripped off and no one leaves happy..
– Could you describe some of your earliest influences in life and in music?
My family.. Rekkit and I both come from a musical family.. I think those members of our families who influenced us to our passion of music is where is stems from. Music is such an amazing and beautiful thing to be heard and felt.. Very few get to have that in their life as young children..
– What’s your take on the sex appeal in the music industry? Is it as important for men and women?
Beauty is important you see it all the time, If your a model.. We aren’t models.. We are musicians.. Im sure it is pleasing to the opposite sex from both sides if your male or female to be attractive and permeate sex. Music is sex.. music is everything you hear, see, and feel. I think most musicians are ok being ugly.. please do not misquote this.. that I mean I am not pretty when i sing i have bulging veins, and what we joke about my man face.. I think some find that sexy.. The great thing about sex appeal is it is different for everyone.. everyone’s idea is different ..
– What would we be surprised to find in your music collection at home?
We all listen to a huge selection of music.. I think that is is important to say we are from Detroit .. Motown, Detroit Rock City, so theirs the obvious.. However, that being said I don’t think anyone would be surprised.. music spreads in such a broad spectrum. I don’t think people are surprised anymore if someone says the Beatles?? of course you would, of course you would own them.. (believe it or not.. ) a question we have never been asked.. you stumped me.. I can list a ton I think may surprise.. I just feel like it isn’t a surprise ..
– How important are music videos in the industry today? How do they compare to videos from 20 years ago?
I think everyone can agree its a popular catalysis in music..However when was the last time you seen videos on MTV.. VH1 no one plays them anymore.. people nearly have to seek them out.. however i do think they are significantly important for those to get a story we are a visually driven society
– Any words of wisdom to share with aspiring artists?
Read lots of books about those before you.. There are so many stories of those who have failed.. Failed and then succeeded and tons to be learned.. Most people jump when a record company comes calling.. To know the struggle and what you will endure will be key.. Love and passion is all you need.. Music and preforming needs to be like the air you breath.. If you have a back up plan.. your not a musician.. Its that simple. - Music Legends

"Music Interview Magazine Article"

She is a founding member and lead guitarist for one of the hottest bands in the country. Whether it’s session work or a live show, her punk-metal solos typically sear with unrelenting passion. To say she is reckless, coarse and unpredictable would be a drastic understatement. She is the incomparable Rachel Rekkit.

Rachel Rekkit and the CrashDollz have been pulling out all the stops lately. The band just inked a deal with Radiclea Records, which is distributed through CEN, RED and entertainment giant Sony. Add to that, the group has been endorsed and sponsored by Metal Babe Mayhem Clothing in Hollywood. The Dollz also have begun work on a new album scheduled for release by the end of the summer.

CrashDollz are Rachel Rekkit-guitar; Nikki Darling-lead vocals; Kevin Krank-bass; and Mikk Manikk-drums. Together, the Detroit-based band is a rising force to be reckoned with. They have built a solid following with original songs, including “Novocaine,” “Dumpster Punk” and “DollHouse.” Get ready for the CrashDollz, if you can take it, because they have a new album on the way.

Interview with Rachel Rekkit recently spoke with Rachel Rekkit. She talked about the CrashDollz upcoming album, creative inspirations, guitars, her views on feminism and much more.

Wow, you and the band have been busy. Congratulations on the new deal with Radiclea Records. Can you tell us how that came about?

We were kind of shopping the band around to different companies. We had about four that were interested. We negotiated with all four for about a month, but the distribution capabilities of Radiclea Records, through CEN, RED and Sony was a huge plus. That particular record company has a lot of experience with placement in television, video games and things like that. They’re very market driven and we’ve always said our band is very marketable. So is our music. To have a company that has a lot of experience and connections sealed it for us. They’re [Radiclea] out of New Jersey. One of the big plusses about the new album is that it will be mastered in New York at Masterdisk, by the guy who did some Slayer records and the White Stripes and stuff like that. The mastering is going to be phenomenal. That’s really to match Sony standards.

The new album is going to be recorded at Ape Studios in Ohio over the summer, with an anticipated release date of Aug. 2015. Talk a little about some of the tracks. Will they all be new songs?

The last album came out in 2013, so we’ve had two years to prep for this record. It’s been important to us that we surpass the watermark of the first album. The songwriting on the first album was unique and interesting. There have been a lot of songs that have been tossed because they just weren’t up to standards. We probably could have three albums out by now if we weren’t going to be really particular about it. But we did spend the time it took to create a full length record that I believe surpasses the first album on most every level. The title of the new album will be Punks in America, which is a song. It’s kind of like our anthem and probably the most punk song we’ve ever done. This band does a lot of different hybrid-type sounds but that one is almost a direct punk song. Nikki and I are glad to have something in there that we can bounce to and have fun with. We’ve played it live a few times, it’s extremely heavy. It has to have one of the snarliest guitar riffs ever written. Another new one is “HellCat.” We’re real proud of that as well. I’ll mention one more new one that we performed acoustically last weekend. It’s called “F-ck Me Nation.” That’s kind of a left turn for us but it’s another anthem.

Who will produce the album? Have you worked with the producer before?

The album will be produced by our label head, Scott Lea. He owns Radiclea Records. It will be produced at Scott Lea Production Studio in New Jersey. But it will also be engineered by Randy Wilson. He did Damien, a Toledo band. Ours is kind of going to be a three-way production. It will be engineered by Randy Wilson, produced by the three of us and then mastered out of Masterdisk. This will be our first time working with this producer.

The CrashDollz have been endorsed by Metal Babe Mayhem Clothing in Hollywood.You’re certainly gaining steam. As the lead guitarist and co-founding member, what inspired you to create the band?

When I met Nikki, my expectations were not to start a rock and roll revolution. I just wanted to find a similar-minded girl who wanted to make some punk rock music with me. It was something that happened with us. I’ve talked about this before. She’s played with a lot of musicians before and I’ve played with a lot of musicians before. But neither one of us felt what we felt before we started playing music together. There was something there. I believe in chemistry. You can’t predict it. It either happens or it doesn’t. That’s what happened with Nikki. It was kind of magical. Our sounds came together in a way that was truly unique. As far as creating the band, after writing some songs and creating a bit of a blueprint for what we wanted to do, it all just started to fall into place, the name, the look. Then we had to really talk about how to empower women with what we were doing, without having to stand there covered up and doing the whole feminist thing about not showing you my body because that’s objectification. Rather, we did a double reverse on that. We look the way that we look, but we’re going to rock you so hard you’ll forget what we’re wearing.

We have to ask, how did you initially meet up with the other band members?

Nikki and I met through a Craigslist ad. Our bass player, Kevin, was referred to us. He’s a kind of a legend, a celebrity in Ohio. He’s played with David Chastain and he has been the bass player for Damien. We found Mikk through an ad.

The CrashDollz are based in Detroit. Why is it such a hub for important music?

That’s a great question. I think a lot of rock journalists have been musing over that for decades. I don’t have an answer. But being someone who has lived on Eight Mile for 20 years, I do know Detroit. I know the streets of Detroit. When I write a song, it sounds like a Detroit band right out of the gate. Everybody in the band brings that to the table. When Detroit comes up with something fresh and exciting it’s usually truly fresh and new. It typically scares the hell out of people who don’t like it or get it because it’s too new. Even The White Stripes got a bit of a backlash at first. You know, to me, Iggy Pop, Alice Cooper, MC5, they scared people. We’ve been together for five years and we scare people. Our fan base has been growing because people are starting to get it.

Live and in the studio, visually and sonically, the CrashDollz are a compelling band to experience. All of your songs explode with sound. For instance, “DollHouse” is great from the studio, at concerts and even acoustically. The show last June, when the CrashDollz opened for Jello Biafra, your guitar absolutely screamed. What kind of guitar did you use?

I only play one guitar. It’s a vintage Guild X79 that’s been heavily modified. It’s from about 1981. They’re very rare. I run that through a vintage Marshall JCM-800 that’s slightly modified. On “DollHouse” I use a little bit of a custom effects pedal that’s on a pedalboard where I just created the preset. I get an outrageous amount of controlled feedback that I can pull between the Guild and the Marshall. For “DollHouse” I really try to utilize that especially in the solo section. On the studio version, there is an overhang that goes 16 measures past the vocal where I’m just coasting on these unearthly and ghostly controlled feedback tones. I had my Marshall in a shed at the studio locked up and everything was turned to ten. The whole neighborhood could hear us. I just let these moans come out. It sounded so cool. You can hear it in the studio version; it’s in the mix. The guitar has a very specific sound. It has a specific look and plays differently than other guitars. It’s the only guitar I play. Actually, I have two but that’s the white one.

What kind of pickups are on the Guild?

I heavily modified it and pulled the originals out. I use an EMG 81 in the neck position. The bridge position has been disconnected so the toggle switch is the kill. I have a Kahler in there because oddly, looking at it, you’d think it had a tremolo when they were made, but it didn’t. So, I had the Kahler installed.

Do you always use a pick?

Oh, yes.

What about drop or open tunings?

The entire band plays one-half step down from standard. Then there are a couple of songs that we do drop-D, like “Sugar Rocket.” There are a couple of songs on the new album that are also drop-D that are played in E, so it gives us the ability, both in the bass and the guitar, to bounce between the D and E. The root note is E, but we’re able to bounce down to the D which gives it more depth.

Will the CrashDollz be playing anywhere this summer?

Yes, we’re anticipating the CD release around the end of August. We’ll be doing release parties in New Jersey, Michigan and Ohio. We’re doing other shows in September and intend to put together a national tour at some point.

What are the long term plans for you and the CrashDollz?

We believe this band has the ability to turn the industry on its ear. I honestly believe that rock music, in particular, has become watered down with a lot of repetition of formulas that have been considered successful. I don’t hear many bands or things on the radio that are unique. I think we have a fresh sound. Every once in a while Detroit bubbles up with something that’s new, like The White Stripes, Iggy Pop, Alice Cooper or MC5. We’re the latest one. I’m looking at longevity. I think this band has a career in front of us, so let’s take it as far as we can. I want to be on Jimmy Fallon and pushing him over. I want to bring it to mainstream America. I think it’s going to kick them in the teeth when CrashDollz get to Main Street.

The CrashDollz self-titled CD is available at the CrashDollz store. Look for the new album coming soon. - Music Interview Magazine

"Atomic Leg Drop Magazine Article"

CrashDollz are a high voltage shot of punkish glam metal in the vein of The Runaways and The Plasmatics with crispy hard rock riffs and plenty of hair-metal styled sleaze. For those of you looking for the missing link between Motley Crue’s party metal and 7 Year Bitch’s snarling punk rock, look no further than CrashDollz.

Led by the scantily clad duo of femme fatales, vocalist Nikki Darling and guitar slinger Rachel Rekkit, and backed by the driving rhythm section of bassist Kevin Crank and drummer Brian Kaos, CrashDollz create a high energy spectacle that takes no prisoners yet still manages to bring the fun back to heavy music.

Rachel Rekkit took some time out from shredding with The Dollz to answer a few questions for us. Here they are..

How would you describe the music of CrashDollz?

A finely tuned amalgamation of punk and metal. Such a seamless hybrid that it transcends both genres to become its own sound entirely.

How would you describe CrashDollz live show?

Extremely intense and kinetic. There’s a lot of action when we play because the music just trips a switch in all of us. The performance can get out of control and reckless to a degree that it usually transfers to the audience which is always nice to see. Theres always a feeling of “whats gonna happen next?” too. You never know whats gonna happen at a CrashDollz show.

What inspired you to first get into music? What bands and musicians did you grow up worshipping?

Being intensely moved by music and wanting to move other people the same way is the ultimate drive. To give somebody else that feeling of exhilaration or butterflies in your stomach. If a song we write can do that to other people, that’s the goal. Bands? Iggy Pop, Van Halen, Beatles, Nirvana.

You and Nikki wear some pretty revealing and outrageous clothes on stage. Are you ever afraid of a wardrobe malfunction?

There have been wardrobe malfunctions, and we’re usually quite proud of them because they were intentional. Seeing the pictures hit the internet afterwards can be harrowing though– I mean, we do have moms…

How liberated do you feel when playing up on stage?

Completely. There’s nothing like the feeling of being on stage and playing CrashDollz songs. There’s a feeling of freedom and abandonment that is truly transformative, and we direct it to the audience as soon as we’ve harnessed full power. Everyone leaves a CrashDollz show feeling like a rock star.

How long have you been playing and who are your biggest influences?

About 15 years. Eddie Van Halen is the biggest one but also the twisted chord phrasing of Piggy from Voivod was an influence. The sloppy reckless compositional playing of Kurt Cobain is in there. But mostly early ’80s L.A. shredders like Eddie, Warren Demartini, George Lynch.

Why should we care about CrashDollZ?

Because there’s chicks and they actually rock! You know how you hear, “hey, this band rocks and there’s a girl in it”, then you listen and its like yawwwn? Well, CrashDollz are the real deal. We kick the guy’s asses out there in their little boy’s club bands. We knock them off the stage using things like serious songwriting and top-notch musicianship that make the boys in those bands run away from the stage because they’re afraid they’ll get hurt. You should care because no one’s ever done that before like we do! - Atomic Leg Drop Magazine

"Ryze Up Magazine Article (pg 84)"

“If you look up the definition of “Punk Rock”, you will read variations describing a loud, fast-paced, hard-edged, even crass, form of music producing expressions of youthful rebellion. Bands such as Sex Pistols, The Clash and The Ramones were recognized as the pioneers of the punk movement. I think the definition could be simplified to: CrashDollz CrashDollz brings punk sneer combining demented aggression, heavy metal power, virtuoso musicianship and sexy/trashy/gutter punk image into a whole new music revolution.” - Ryze Up Magazine

"Rachel Rekkit Article on Hub Pages"

Stormtroopers In Stiletto's

I'm sure Crashdollz have always been hard to ignore. They stand out! However, I've been doing the band thing for many years. I'm really jaded. Unless it's one of my hero-worship musical idols you almost have to drag me to a club with a chain. It's unfortunate, because there are lots of good bands out there. It's just difficult for me to find bands these days that produce what I want to see and hear.

When Crashdollz came to a bar called Woodchucks, in my hometown of Toledo, I tried to ignore them. I knew that the promoter, a guy named Michael Rys, was doing the right thing by giving good, original bands a break....But, I was never really a punk rocker, being much more of a so-called metal guy. As a young metalhead,my main beef with punk came down to one huge thing.....almost no lead guitar!! So I was really reluctant to go see this female-fronted, punk/metal hybrid. "You really need to go and see this band" my girlfriend prophetically insisted.

The first thing I noticed was the attitude. These women had to carry their gear through the crowd, and across a gravel parking lot to get to the stage.....and I clearly remember thinking to myself..."This band isn't from around here"...They set up their equipment with no crew, and within minutes they were onstage in what appeared to be lingerie and stiletto-heeled boots, their in-the-know Toledo fans crowding up front! Vocalist Nikki Darling is in command of the stage... the audience....the bar....and everything else!! At the same time, this girl named Rachel Rekkit is playing smoking LEAD guitar!! With a ray-gun....???
The Electric Hand Of Fate

I walked away thinking I had just seen a really good band. An original band with original ideas. A female-fronted Punk/Metal band that drove down from Detroit to play a gritty little bar on the outskirts of downtown Toledo. I'm guessing they made a hundred bucks or less... If not my attention, they had my respect.

Fast forward a year or more. I get a phone call from Miss Rekkit herself, asking if I would like to audition to be the bass player for Crashdollz. That same prophetic girlfriend had suggested my name. And this is where the real point of my story begins....
Homework, Punk!

I accepted the audition, and started doing my homework. They gave me 5 songs to learn. I learned 8. They had over 150 videos on YouTube. I watched at least 100... I watched how they moved. How they interacted... I read reviews and interviews. I absorbed the band's vision...

As I learned the songs inside out, I began to see a pattern of brilliance. Every track was well-written and stood on it's own. There was no filler in Crashdollz music. It was both familiar and fresh. Wrapped in an over-the-top image, and message of female empowerment - times ten! And weaving it all together into one coherent thundering punch is the stellar guitar work of Rachel Rekkit!

Rock Music would not exist without electric guitars! As a serious fan of Rock guitar, I listened to guys like Gary Moore, Brian May, Frank Marino, Michael Schenker, etc. These players all had one thing in common: It seemed like every note they played had something to say. Thus it is with Rachel. She has re-ignited something that has been not entirely missing, but certainly lacking in the guitar world.

And she didn't even try......
On Playing Solo's:

"We started out without leads. The first song (American Hero) didn't have a lead. The last band I had been in had no leads at all, and was all about song composition. I actually hate most guitar soloing in songs. I think the song has to ask for it compositionally or else its just the guitar player showing off. The next song I wrote was "Female Anarchy" and when I wrote it, I heard the solo exactly as it is now just as easily as I heard all the vocals as they are now. It all came at once and the song seemed to ask for that solo. I knew as long as there was a compositional space for it that contributed to the piece, a solo would be fine but I know there are songs we do where, now that theres an expectation for a solo, I put one in. I don't always feel anymore (or have after the first 5 songs or so) that a solo is necessary. Though I do sometimes feel that theres an expectation for me to do it (or top it or do some new trick, which is the Eddie Van Halen thing that I know he got caught up in). Sometimes Im not a fan of doing them really. Like the new one "Unstable", the break down in A was originally going to be a vocal section and no solo in the song at all. Right now with that one, I think either it should go back to vocal only or I have to rewrite the solo, cuz I can't do that harmony solo the way it is. That's really a placeholder, but Ill probably end up trying to do another shred solo cuz I find myself trying to chase that now. Wanting to impress the people who might already think I'm good, like "Check this new one out, its craaazy!" lol The thing is, I think all of that is cheesy shit unless its written as part of the composition and the song needs it, The other side of it is, I do remember being the Van Halen nut who would be so mad at Eddie when he would do a song with an easy, melodic solo. Like "You have all this ability to rip peoples heads off and you're going to re-iterate the vocal melody from the chorus?! You DICK!" But as a writer, I totally get it that that's the right call. I think the simplest answer though is that we weren't going to have them then I started peeling a few off and both Nikki and Brian said, "You should do that, people will like it". Its really that simple, after all my blowhard words! hahaha!"

Although classified as a Punk Band and proudly waving the banner, Crashdollz are much more than that. The music crosses into Metal and Hard Rock just as often as Punk, and Rachel's guitar work is a mirror of that. Or maybe the bands music is just a mirror of her guitar work. It doesn't matter either way. It's all one and the same.

Rekkit's Musical Influences:

Beatles, Beatles Beatles. XTC, Brian Wilson, Kurt Cobain, Elliott Smith, bjork, Mike Patton, Melt Banana, Fear, Sex Pistols, Devo, Queen Adreena.

Guitar- classic Van Halen (seriously hate Hagar-era), Randy Rhoads, Warren DeMartini, Jake E Lee, Al Dimeola, Agata (Melt Banana)

So, my point is??

My goal in writing this blog was to introduce people to the genius of Rachel Rekkit - Not only because she's a great talent, but in my opinion, she is making a fresh contribution to the art and craftwork of electric rock guitar!

In future blogs, we'll break down and analyze Rachel's guitar work in greater detail....and maybe even get some details from Rekkit herself! I hope I can provide a very unique perspective to her playing, as maybe only a member of her band could do. - Hub Pages

"Rachel Rekkit Guitar Radio Show Podcast" - Guitar Radio Show

"Impulse Tattoo Contest and Childrens Hospital Benefit"

Next to hit the stage was the highly touted group from Detroit called The Crashdollz. Now this band form the first note oozes that thing allot of performers strive for and never quite hit,the rare blend of raw talent,songwriting,hooks,attitude and stage presence. Nikki darling the groups lead singer is not a center piece for the band, and Rachel Rekkit the groups guitarist does not play second fiddle to Nikki either. The bassist Ron Krash and drummer Brian Kaos are the very back bone to the band.This band is a well oiled machine and witnessing them play live is the sum of all the vital parts.It would be too easy to compare their sound because the two
Impulse Tattoo Contest

most up front players are Nikki and Rachel to compare them to The Runaways or even L7...
Impulse Tattoo Contest

But they reach beyond that in their sound. From the Sex Pistols power chords, to the swagger of the MC5..if you had to press me for a comparison I would have to say Betty Blowtorch. Yeah they are that damn good and that damn gutsy too. Song like"Dumpster Punk", "Sugar Rocket" and "I Will Not be Ignored" could not be written and pulled off by anyone else. The crowd which was a at the start arms folded I dare you to impress me Toledo crowd came alive and fed off the bands
Impulse Tattoo Contest

energy and the band in turn fed off that. Rare that I've seen a crowd demand an encore for a band that's never played here before but they did and the band
Impulse Tattoo Contest

ramped it up again. Don't miss Crashdollz if they come your way and be prepared to spend your time up front as close as you can. Rachel's guitar solos with the lighted ray gun was fun to watch, and Nikki commands a crowd too. Oh and if your dumb enough to yell for her shirt to come off you will be challenged so pick up your knuckles cromag the spice sluts they are not.
- Punk Globe Magazine Written Article by Micheal Rys

"Year in Review"

Favorite Female Performers
Nikki Darling-Crashdollz- Powerful and badass...Nikki mixes punk and hard rock vocal styles well with don't fuck with me or else snarl...I eat that kinda stuff up.Ive only caught them once lve so far and Crashdollz are a relatively new band so with more stage experience I'll be looking forward to seeing them again. - Punk Globe Magazine Written by Micheal Rys

"Live Interview and preformance on UDetroit with Bob Bauer"

Verbal Interview and review, statements, comments or otherwise. - U Detroit Cafe Bob Bauer Radio Show


Our full length debut CD is available at Bandcamp here:

1. Dumpster Punk 03:04

2. 27 Tulip Pass 03:31

3. Novocaine 04:42

4. Bad Taste Barbie 03:19

5. Dollhouse 04:09

6. U.S. Punk Bombs 03:51

7. Female Anarchy 04:31

8. Sugar Rocket 03:32

9. I Will Not Be Ignored 04:01

10. Wrecking Ball 04:28

11. Female Anarchy Radio Edit 04:31

12. Sugar Rocket Radio Edit 03:32

We released our full demo CD january 1st 2012 Since that time. It has been on numerous internet radio stations across the US.

We have regular internet Radio play on
Unreal Radio
Umma The Uminator show (Canada)
U Detroit (Detroit)
The Mouth (south Africa)



CrashDollz are THE Detroit Punk band of 2016 and beyond!



Finally here to re-ignite Rock and Roll, CrashDollz bring Punk sneer with Big Rock Power into a new unchartered area.

Labeled innovators in the Punk music genre for bringing punk to a very refreshing updated place, where talent is not in short supply. Metallic riffs merge seamlessly with punk attitude and female-fronted bombastic stage performances are part of the package. Wild, Explosive and Well-Received live shows in and out of state have built CrashDollz into the break-out band of 2016 and beyond!

Our latest videos can be viewed on youtube here:

CrashDollz debut CD has been released to massive internet support, coverage and great reviews have followed from places like Positive Creed Fanzine, Rockwired Magazine, Ravenheart Music, Bluesbunny, Punk Globe magazine, Ryze Up magazine, Hear This Promotions, Natalies world, Shag and Cheri Show, JAR Radio, Rock It! Detroit, Tap detroit,com, white mountain rockers radio show, The david Ray Global Show, Whatever 68 Radio, Punk Rock In Your PJs, Frikinzero Freekware, The GMO Show and many more.

Having signed a record deal in June 2015 with New Jersey-based label RadicLea records, distributed through CEN, RED and Sony, CrashDollz entered the studio to record their highly-anticipated follow-up CD "Punks In Amerika" (international street date- 3-11-16). 

CrashDollz have toured regionally and are currently shopping for a national tour. We've played with acts such as the Jello Biafra and the Guantanamo School of Medicine, Negative Approach, Misfits, Vains of Jenna, Great White, LA Guns and more.

With successful touring, killer new shows and a groundswelling of fanbase support and industry interest, CrashDollz is THE band to watch out for!!

Band Members