Everyone's favourite musical under achievers!


Hailing from Brechin City, Crashdown engage their audiences with their own brand of punk, blending blistering speed with passionate breakdowns, funk and ska. Crashdown's unique sound has been developed over 8 years of shows, tours and recordings, they have played over 500 shows in the UK and Europe since 2000, making appearances at the Bock Ma's festival in Austria, plus also winning the Angus Battle of the Bands two years in a row. They have shared the stage with the likes of The Xcerts, Young Guns, Failsafe, The Living Daylights, Mirrorview, Random Hand, My Awesome Compilation, 4ft Fingers, Sonic Boom Six, Caffeine, JB Conspiracy, Krasty, among others. Crashdown are looking forward to an exciting year with a new CD on the way in the spring and a summer tour heading your way!!

"Up and coming bands such as Crashdown make my job worthwhile, I'm proud to share a stage with them" – Charlie Harper (UK Subs)

Come to our shows and check us out – for booking, contact us at:

Management: Lise Smith - or 07963 613462


EP - Square Bombs

Set List

So The Seeds, Natural, Cry Wolf, Square Bombs, Ink Of The Army, Turning The Tides, Moving In Moving Out - among others!!

We're quite flexible on how long our sets can be, can do a couple of songs, anything up to 45 min set if need be.

All orignal material!! :-)