Crash Henry

Crash Henry


Lyric driven melodic rock embracing both the softer folk sound and heavier rock sound.


Crash Henry is a 4-piece original rock band from Louisville, Kentucky. Their music is lyric driven melodic rock embracing both the softer folk sound and heavier rock sound. The band is currently performing in venues around the Kentucky/Southern Indiana area.


Take Me

Written By: Linette Huelsman

Ain't no phone ringing here, ain't no laughing but there ain't no tears. Welcome to my life, I can paint my walls a hundred times but that don't change where I lie.

Take me baby take me please, to your land of make believe. Far away from my misery, yeah, take me baby take me please.

I don't know what I'm trying to find, but my head and heart just seem to collide. It feels like all the time, I keep falling out of this tree I've been trying to climb.


In circles I walk around, as another wall crumbles down. But when I'm with you I feel free, free to live my life, be who I want to be.



Written By: Linette Huelsman, Raymie Huelsman

Well I don't have any money, you see I'm dead broke again. Just staring at these four walls, like a long, lost, lonely friend.

But I got an old truck, and it can take us anywhere. So let your hair down and put your feet right on the floor, and lets drive baby drive, lets drive baby drive, until we can't drive no more.

Well I've been on top of the mountain, and in the valley so blue. What you see is all I got, but all I want is you.


I got full tank of gas, and a head full of dreams. All our bags are packed, why don't we see where it leads.



Written By: Linette Huelsman

It's three in the morning and I'm home alone. Just staring at the clock, trying to call your phone. I try but I can't sleep, watching time go by. At three in the morning, time doesn't fly.

I know I'm acting crazy, but that's allright, cause I'm an addict and you make me high.

My mind is racing with thoughts of you. My arms are pinned back, baby I can't move. Never thought I could feel so all alone. I guess I have to admit, self control has done me wrong.


I'm not a psycho trying to hold you down. I just want to be there, everytime you turn around. I want to be with you every night and day. I can't help it, you make me feel this way.



Crash Henry released their debut CD in June 2005. The album was written and produced by members of the band, and recorded and mixed with Steve Cooley (3-time Grammy nominated recording artist/producer) with several songs from their debut CD receiving airplay on 91.9 WFPK Louisville public radio station.

Set List

Crash Henry has 25 original songs in their current play list. When performing they usually play one 45 minute set consisting of 10 songs, or two 45 minute sets with 10 songs each depending on the show.
Crash Henry Song List:
Walk B-4 Crawl
Long, Long RD
Baby Down
I Thought
Messed Up
I’m Alive
Take Me
Bad Dream
How Can U-Tell
Play It Again
Sweet & Warm
Get Right
Little Heart
Waiting On My Baby
Dance With Me
Dirty Clean
You’ll See The Light
What About Me
By Myself
In A Day