New Gilby Clarke-produced album drops in June 2008! "Pre-owned Camaro rock that still runs like a charm by Toronto kids who probably dig crates for Starz and Angel vinyl.Their riffs might make Brian May smile, but their harmonies would have Freddie Mercury swooning" SPIN Magazine.



In the 5 years since Toronto-based guitar slinger SEAN KELLY laid the first CRASH KELLY song down on his Tascam 4 Track recorder, he has taken his rock n roll creation from the down and dirty clubs of Toronto to Arenas, Amphitheatres, and other major venues in North America and Europe. The albums PENNY PILLS and ELECTRIC SATISFACTION (the latter produced by ex Guns N Roses/Heart axe man GILBY CLARKE) were released worldwide through Liquor and Poker Music/Century Media (home of the Hellacopters. Backyard Babies, Hanoi Rocks), and helped CRASH KELLY garner tours with ALICE COOPER, QUIREBOYS, BACKYARD BABIES and others, as well as support slots with MOTLEY CRUE, POISON, CINDERELLA, WASP and many other hard rock heroes.

In late 2007, French rock label BAD REPUTATION released a compilation of the first two CK records and singles entitled LOVE YOU ELECTRIC for Europe only. The compilation has received rave reviews in the European press, including a half-page 8/10 review in Classic Rock magazine.

In 2008, CRASH KELLY is back with a brand new slab of that intoxicating blend of 70's inspired glam rock n roll, early 80's sunset strip strut, and timeless power pop, ONE MORE HEART ATTACK (Opening Day/Universal Music).

The album features rock legends Gilby Clarke (who produced 5 of the 10 tracks in Los Angeles), Rudy Sarzo (of Ozzy/Quiet Riot/Whitesnake fame), and Brian Tichy (Foreigner/Billy Idol), as well as songwriting contributions from Pursuit of Happiness main-man Moe Berg.

In order to bring his latest rock n roll vision to fruition in the live arena, Sean has assembled what he considers to be the best CRASH KELLY line-up to date. Long time CK band mate Allister Thompson on bass, Gene Scarpelli on guitar, and Tim Timleck on drums also contribute stellar performances on ONE MORE HEART ATTACK.
In 2008, CRASH KELLY will be back on the road and bringing ONE MORE HEART ATTACK to Rock N Roll Fans the world over.


June 2008 - ONE MORE HEART ATTACK released in Canada, US and Japan through Universal Music

December 2007 - LOVE YOU ELECTRIC released in Europe via Bad Reputation music (a compilation of cuts from the first two CK records plus bonus tracks)

November 2006 - Penny Pills re-issued in Japan via Spiritual Beast/Universal Music with bonus tracks

October 2006 - Electric Satisfaction licensed to Spiritual Beast/Universal Music in Japan with bonus tracks

July 2006 - Electric Satisfaction released via Liquor and Poker Music/Century Media in US

May 2006 - Electric Satisfaction licensed to Bhurr Records/Fontana North/Universal in Canada
January 25, 2005: Penny Pills re-release in US, Canada and ROW (Liquor and Poker Music)

November 2003: Waiting for an Alibi - TB Records Limited Edition Single (3 song EP) for UK only

October 2003: Penny Pills licensed to TB Records / RSK for the UK (full length)

June 2003: Penny Pills - Bhurr Records / Canadian Independent (full length)

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