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" - July 2006 / Electric Satisfaction"

The latest album from guitar virtuoso, Sean Kelly, is a veritable rocket ride through the culture of '70s arena rock. There’s a little of everybody from that magical time in the 12 songs found on this album including a bonus track that covers Alice Cooper’s solo era, “Cold Ethyl.”

The album begins with “Hang Out Where You Matter” and begins by riffing Thin Lizzy and adding in noticeable Cheap Trick chorus and filling the song with Allman Bros/Wishbone Ash-like guitars. Now, THAT’s a party in the making by the first song.

Hyped by music magazines who throw around a who’s who of popular rock acts of the '70s in their assessment of Crash Kelly (Alice Cooper, T-Rex, Aerosmith, Kiss, Starz, and Raspberries – some of these are sure, some not so obvious), Crash Kelly certainly does the '70s-period arena rock very, very proud. Loud guitars, liberal doses of lead guitar, and with enough bad-boy lyrics to defy parents everywhere, Electric Satisfaction will light a dark room in need of the energy that makes up the whole of this album.

Still need convincing? Stop by their MySpace page and hear what we’re talkin’ about. Additionally, you can also stop by their label’s MySpace page as this label houses bands that cater to this style of badass rock and roll, '70s’ style. -

"High Bias - July 2006 / Electric Satisfaction"

When it comes to rock & roll, if it has big hooks, big guitars and a big smile on its face, it’s been adored, absorbed and spit back out in recombinant form by Sean Kelly. His Canadian combo Crash Kelly rocks out like the clusterfuck child of Cheap Trick, Thin Lizzy and Sweet on its second album Electric Satisfaction.

The foursome is all about catchy melodies and fun, and great tunes like “33 On the Charts,” “She Put the Shock (in My Rock n Roll)” and the flag-planting “Rock and Roll Disasters (On the Radio)” embody that spirit even more than the band’s inspirations. Kelly’s choirboy-after-a-pack-of-cigarettes vocals suit his songs perfectly, and Gilby Clarke’s production captures every snap, crackle and pop with loving clarity.

If you’re having a bad day, or just want to make a good day better, get you some Electric Satisfaction. - Michael Toland

"Billboard Review - July 2006 / Electric Satisfaction"

In an obvious tribute to his hero Marc Bolan's breakthrough album with T. Rex, Electric Warrior, Canadians Crash Kelly named their second opus Electric Satisfaction -- and, most will agree, they fully backed up its promise. And not only in terms of reconstituted glam rock nuggets in the T. Rex vein such as the piano-tinkling fun of "33 on the Charts," the handclap-driven boogie bubblegum of "Two Year Runaround," or the easy-strutting "Cracked and Faded," either.

For you see, Crash Kelly wisely don't confine their '70s fixation exclusively to aping the pixie-ish "Rabbit Fighter," but are also happy to plunder Cheap Trick's effortless power pop hooks on cuts like "Ride the Wire" and "Rock and Roll Disasters (On the Radio)"; rewire Thin Lizzy's blue-collar riffs and high-flying dual guitar harmonies for "Hang Out Where You Matter," and "She Put the Shock (In My Rock'n'Roll)"; and partake in several other hard-edged glam sources such as the Sweet and Alice Cooper, whose Welcome to My Nightmare standard "Cold Ethyl" they cover here.

What's more, "Turn it Around" simultaneously packs in the snaggle-toothed guitar bite of Ted Nugent and the anthemic qualities of Kiss; "Cut on Your Tongue" ranges from balls-to-the-wall AC/DC riffs to semi-country acoustic twangs, while "You're a Drag When You're High" meets somewhere between T. Rex, Jellyfish, and the Beatles themselves. Yes, yes: despite all these bright moments and lovable qualities, Electric Satisfaction still lacks that one unqualified pop smash that might take Crash Kelly beyond the realms of musical connoisseurs and into the iPods of the masses.

But if you value the experience of album-length consistency and imagination in your music (and chances are if you value the '70s artists cited above, you almost surely must) then Crash Kelly's sophomore effort is an euphoric blast from the past, not to be missed. - Eduardo Rivadavia, All Music Guide

" (9/10) - June 2006 / Electric Satisfaction"

Crash Kelly are to rock as to what the vintage Camaro is to cars, loud, boisterous and 100 percent real.

Sean Kelly and company is back with another rock n roll excursion back to when rock was just that, rock and nothing contrived and boring. This new revelation from Crash Kelly is a throwback to when KISS was a new idea and T. Rex and Slade were on fire, yes, a completely different era. There is nothing new on this disc in the way of ideas but what it does offer is a stellar rocket ride through great guitars and velvet like vocals offered up by Mr. Kelly himself.

As I listen to the eleven originals offered up here I honestly feel like I am in a time warp back to 1975, they could have opened up for KISS on the Dressed To Kill tour and not sound out of place at all. This CD is pure electric and the songs are perfect. The sole cover here is a great rendition of Alice Cooper’s Cold Ethyl from his landmark Welcome To My Nightmare record. It is faithful while adding his trademark Crash Kelly signature to it.

Overall this is a fun CD to listen to and a perfect summer cruising CD, which I am sure that most of you will be doing with it. Sean is still bringing the 70’s to the 2000’s and doing it with style and grace for the people who knew what rock was all about and for those who have yet to discover it.

- Jeffrey Easton

" (5/5) - July 2006 / Electric Satisfaction"

Words cannot come close to describing this amazing album. It is choc full of high energy, guitar driven Rock n’ Roll at its finest. Following up their killer debut PENNY PILLS was no easy task but they pulled it off with this remarkable release.

On songs like “Ride The Wire” Sean just wails away on guitar and the solo’s just fly. Allister is quite the player as well and adds tremendously to the guitar sound as both players compliment each other perfectly. Kevin’ drum’s coupled with Jordan’s bass lay down a solid backbeat that creates an excellent groove that the band just works off. The sound of the disc brings you back to a time when LP’s ruled. The band has captured some of that warm sound quality that has been lost for the most part in today’s recordings. The music is real and not computer generated or overproduced, it sounds ‘live’. Having only taken a short period to actually record the album worked out perfectly in their favour. The disc has a bit of rawness to it like there is supposed to be.

One of the best albums you can add to your collection. A definite ‘Must Have’ for all Rock fans.

A few standouts: Ride The Wire, Two Year Runaround, She Put The Shock
- Celtic Bob

"Penny Pills CD Review - Sleazegrinder"

This rekkid's been number one with a bullet in the Sleazegrinder Speedmachine ('93 Ford Tempo GL - only Detroit Steel 'round these parts, brother) all goddamn month long, and even if I wanted to play something else, Stacey'd probably bite my hand. Honestly, I haven't heard instant superhit songwriting like this since Cranford Nix, and, you know, he's DEAD.

Crash Kelly is the brilliant creation of Toronto's own Sean Kelly (ex-Robin Black) and a whole buncha funky friends. Now, looking like Marc Bolan is one thing, but sounding like the metal guru, and writing songs that are JUST AS GOOD as vintage T Rex, is another thing entirely, but that's the situation we've got on our hands here.

"Penny Pills" is a collection of rootsy, glammy rock n' roll songs that are equal parts 70's glitter rock and insanely catchy powerpop, like, well, like the Malakas or Dramarama or Snatches of Pink or maybe Material Issue. Not that Crash Kelly sound all that much like those bands, but you know how all their latest rekkids were yer new all-time favorites? Same thing.

I originally heard opener "She Gets Away" on the last "Bubblegum Slut" comp and the instantly memorable Ziggy-isms of the song have yet to lose their charm. Elsewhere, the Easdale-esque "11 Cigarettes" is a warm, melancholy rocker with some tasteful strings tossed in, "You Don't Know" has the hooks and the snarl of vintage Alice Cooper band, "Irish Blessing 95" is an affecting, heartfelt roots-rocker with an appropriately Thin Lizzy-like guitar-hook, and...well, there's plenty more where that came from.

Like all great songwriters, Kelly makes it all seem so effortless, like he just wrote another buncha hits while you were reading this, ya know?

I'm sure a lot of the "Penny Pill" sound comes from the rest of the band too, but I reckon these songs would sound just as good with nothing but a beat-up acoustic guitar and a pack of smokes, ya know? Anyway, guys like Kelly never get their due- just look at the careers of everybody I've mentioned here- but if anybody deserves rock stardom, it's this cat. I'm pulling for him.

In the meantime, if yer lookin' to fill your ears and heart with some tremendous, soulful, authentic rock n' roll, then this is exactly the place to find it. Turns out Love Rock STILL awaits you, brothers and sisters. Lo and behold.

"Penny Pills CD Review - Leather Boyz"

At first spin the Crash Kelly bug will bury itself DEEP under your skin and tunnel into your subconscious, sounds a lil' harsh I hear you say, believe me you will like that feelin' more than you can imagine. Pure unadulterated RNR tunes born from the ashes of bands such as T-Rex, Alice Cooper, Kiss, Rolling Stones and the totally hook filled Cheap Trick!!!!

A well produced, fresh and a 'current' CD, lovingly put together with that, in today's scene, sometimes rare fine attention to detail, coupled with that everlasting thirst to play straight forward powerful RNR with unrelenting style and undying vigour!

Tracks that particularly shine have to be '11 Cigarettes', 'Wanna be like you' and 'Penny Pills', if you're not fired up and ready to go to a RNR show after the first 5 minutes of this CD then you obviously lost your kool a LONG time ago.

To really appreciate Crash Kelly you have to see them play live, a show that's loud and fun with music that is as tight as a camel's butt in a sand storm! Overall a professional and cheeky CD, the awesome 'corkscrew' hair and a live set that will make your internals bounce with energy!You want something to cure that RNR ache? pop this lil' pill and wait for the reaction, great stuff! - Leather Boyz

"Penny Pills CD Review - All Access"

Breakout the mohair suits and the electric boots! Toronto based rockers, CRASH KELLY are ready to re-introduce GLAM ROCK to the rockers and rollers of the new millenium. Their debut release, 'PENNY PILLS' is a fuel injected adrenaline rush that will rock your socks off!

CRASH KELLY is, Sean Kelly on lead vocals and guitars, Allister Thompson on guitars, Jeff Pearce on bass and Eric Herrman on drums, with additional support from: Steve MacCulloch, John Arnott, Steve Nunnaro, Neil Leyton.

What CRASH KELLY bring to the table, is a 70's rock and roll era vibe that is a perfect combination of T-Rex melded into Sweet, or the Alice Cooper Group played back to back against a Thin Lizzy album track. Loaded with twin guitars, which I love, and a slamming glam rock beat that is very addictive. As is evident on tracks like rockers , "She Gets Away", "Easy and the Fifth", the T-REX inspired title track and the super prime mover, "Love Me Electric". The boys also offer two classics in the form of Russ Ballard's, "Since You've Been Gone" and Cheap Trick's, "ELO Kiddies".

CRASH KELLY's 'Penny Pills' is a recording that epitomizes the go for broke attitude of the "WHAM BAM THANK YOU MA'AM" era of rock and roll. Rest assured, that the CRASH KELLY onslaught will be felt on a global level. This is a rock and roll band that thrives in the live arena. In the immortal words of Grand Funk Railroad; "They're coming to your town, they'll help ya party it down..... "get the picture? Look out for CRASH KELLY, these boys R-O-C-K!

HIGHLY RECOMMEND - The Atomic Chaser - The Atomic Chaser

"SPIN Review (3 Stars) - Aug 2006 / Electric Satisfaction"

Seventies Hard-Rock Revivalists Flaunt Pop Chops...

Echoes of Thin Lizzy and Kiss (and, um, The Darkness) reverberate through the second album of glammy retro rock by a Toronto quartet unafraid to show off not only their uncool record collections but also their years and years of practice. Ex-Guns n' Roses guitarist GILBY CLARKE is the perfect foil for a band guileless (or naive) enough to put the word rock n roll in two song titles. Lo-fi indie rockers move along, there's nothing for you here.

download: "Rock n Roll Disasters (on the Radio)", "You're a Drag When You're High" - Doug Brod - Executive Editor

"Penny Pills - CD of the Month - - Jan 2005"

This month’s pick comes from blustery Toronto. Crash Kelly led by the ever-versatile singer/guitarist Sean Kelly are determined to make serious waves in the wake of The Darkness, Datsuns, and Jet. Steeped in ‘70s hard rock (Thin Lizzy comes to mind) and painted up with a wash of Bowie meets T Rex the Canadian foursome breakout with a Juno-winning debut titled Penny Pills.

Straight away the band launch into the riff-heavy “She Gets Away” (video also included as a bonus with CD). The song boasts a confident swagger over a steady bass-line lending firm support to Kelly’s Marc Bolan-like vocals. A regular on the Toronto bar circuit, Kelly brings a rockstar scream and a passion for all things that glitter. Check out the tag-line in “Love Me Electric” when he pays tribute to Electric Warrior - “shocker, shocker Mr. Glam rocker/picture hanging down from every school girls locker.”

A bit of a Canadian supergroup (of sorts), the band not only claim Kelly (Revolver, Rye) but also bassist Jeff Pearce (Moist, Rye) rhythm guitarist Allister Thompson (Sleepwalker’s Union) and drummer Eric Herrmann (Streetwalkin’ Cheetahs). Together they bring a professional air to their vintage sound best heard in the power-driven “You Don’t Know”, the whiskey-soaked “Irish Blessing ’95” and the feedback infested “Movie”.

“Wanna Be Like You”, “Easy & The Fifth” and the record’s title track “Penny Pills” are built straight for radio with hooks big enough to catch serious fish. The Rainbow cover “Since You Been Gone” and bonus track/Cheap Trick cover “ELO Kiddies” sit in nicely with the set – even adding a personalized signature. Don’t worry about replacing your old record collection just pick up Penny Pill…it’s just what the doctor ordered.

Record comes out January 25th, 2005. Get it!


June 2008 - ONE MORE HEART ATTACK released in Canada, US and Japan through Universal Music

December 2007 - LOVE YOU ELECTRIC released in Europe via Bad Reputation music (a compilation of cuts from the first two CK records plus bonus tracks)

November 2006 - Penny Pills re-issued in Japan via Spiritual Beast/Universal Music with bonus tracks

October 2006 - Electric Satisfaction licensed to Spiritual Beast/Universal Music in Japan with bonus tracks

July 2006 - Electric Satisfaction released via Liquor and Poker Music/Century Media in US

May 2006 - Electric Satisfaction licensed to Bhurr Records/Fontana North/Universal in Canada
January 25, 2005: Penny Pills re-release in US, Canada and ROW (Liquor and Poker Music)

November 2003: Waiting for an Alibi - TB Records Limited Edition Single (3 song EP) for UK only

October 2003: Penny Pills licensed to TB Records / RSK for the UK (full length)

June 2003: Penny Pills - Bhurr Records / Canadian Independent (full length)




In the 5 years since Toronto-based guitar slinger SEAN KELLY laid the first CRASH KELLY song down on his Tascam 4 Track recorder, he has taken his rock n roll creation from the down and dirty clubs of Toronto to Arenas, Amphitheatres, and other major venues in North America and Europe. The albums PENNY PILLS and ELECTRIC SATISFACTION (the latter produced by ex Guns N Roses/Heart axe man GILBY CLARKE) were released worldwide through Liquor and Poker Music/Century Media (home of the Hellacopters. Backyard Babies, Hanoi Rocks), and helped CRASH KELLY garner tours with ALICE COOPER, QUIREBOYS, BACKYARD BABIES and others, as well as support slots with MOTLEY CRUE, POISON, CINDERELLA, WASP and many other hard rock heroes.

In late 2007, French rock label BAD REPUTATION released a compilation of the first two CK records and singles entitled LOVE YOU ELECTRIC for Europe only. The compilation has received rave reviews in the European press, including a half-page 8/10 review in Classic Rock magazine.

In 2008, CRASH KELLY is back with a brand new slab of that intoxicating blend of 70's inspired glam rock n roll, early 80's sunset strip strut, and timeless power pop, ONE MORE HEART ATTACK (Opening Day/Universal Music).

The album features rock legends Gilby Clarke (who produced 5 of the 10 tracks in Los Angeles), Rudy Sarzo (of Ozzy/Quiet Riot/Whitesnake fame), and Brian Tichy (Foreigner/Billy Idol), as well as songwriting contributions from Pursuit of Happiness main-man Moe Berg.

In order to bring his latest rock n roll vision to fruition in the live arena, Sean has assembled what he considers to be the best CRASH KELLY line-up to date. Long time CK band mate Allister Thompson on bass, Gene Scarpelli on guitar, and Tim Timleck on drums also contribute stellar performances on ONE MORE HEART ATTACK.
In 2008, CRASH KELLY will be back on the road and bringing ONE MORE HEART ATTACK to Rock N Roll Fans the world over.