Crash Mansion

Crash Mansion

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We're a hard rocking hair metal act, that just can't wait to get out of the South East! Give us a couple of guitar, something to plug them into and a drum kit, and we'll play!


Man, this band's got history! A couple of us knew each other from a previous band years ago! And it's literally just developed and grown from that: we've kicked people out, got newbies in, kicked them out, got the oldies back, and we're stuck - right where want to be! We are a strange band, but we'll give you all we got! Literally!

A year and a half now with this line-up, through tours, recordings and latter parts of education have turned us into a solid gang.


Dirt; Highway Metal; Sexxx

Set List

Back door to Heaven
Hookers on Speedial
Deja Vu
Highway Metal
Calm before the Storm
Fight Fire w/ Fuel
Dirt from the Veins