Craterface is a smooth cocktail of electro, post-punk, & progressive rock spiced with a hint of lime.


Born from the shattered post-apocalyptic suburbs of Orlando FL, Craterface rose from the ashes of several moderately (regionally) successful punk bands and began cranking out high-charged experimental dance music in the early 2000's. After three galactic tours, he has settled in the fluffy goodness of Centerville, OH where the beats come correct and the wine is fine.


Syntax Error # 1 - released on Pretty Pony Records 2005.
That New Disco the Kids Like - released on Pretty Pony Records 2007. Submission to the RPM Challenge (
Good Times (as Alias Clark) - song "Happy Day" received central Florida commercial and college radio play. Licensed music for motion picture The Night Owl 2001.