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My music is the evolution of hip-hop. I'ts the fusion of east coast,west coast and dirty south. It's full of creativity and originality. If your looking for an artist that sounds like LL cool J, has the passion of Tupac and the creativity of eminem then Crave is your man.


Crave Bio

Hip-Hop today has become an amalgamation of all its previous eras. Transitioning from the old school two-turn tables and a microphone to the gangster rap of the early and mid 90's, to the days when the shiny suit reined, to the rebirth of hip hop's consciousness. Hip-hop now encompasses a myriad of styles and emanates from a myriad of musical backgrounds. One of hip-hop's newest voices, Crave, fuses together all of these different influences. His simplistic flow and thematic complexity, combined with soulful production, serve to create an indefinable musical journey. Crave refuses to be boxed into the stereotypical genres of rap music. The name Crave is a self-given title. The name Crave depicts the passion and no nonsense lyrics that seep through the bars like "Diamond flawless", "Pros&Cons", Hard Core”, and "Pay Attention".

Beginning his journey into the epicenter of rap by battling on the streets of Brooklyn, Crave attempts in each song to paint a musical visual of his world, his passions, and his creativity. "The way I see things set me apart, I write as if someone were watching a movie of my lyrics. I want to bring creativity back to rap, not just write elementary rhymes to a catchy beat, says Crave. With more than a decade of study and dissection of hip-hop music, and the success of the 2crave4 album under his belt, Crave is stepping back to the plate with his much anticipated sophomore album the Crave-O-lution. Crave says The Crave-o-lution will be an instant classic.


My New album is called Crave-O-lution. The previous album is Called 2crave4 and it can be found on

Set List

Typical set length 20-30 minutes, but it can be adjusted to meet the needs of show/venue

All songs are original material

Best in the Biz
Touch it taste it
Fly away
My ghetto my soul mate