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MEANSTREET ENTERTAINMENT Presents.. "DEMBOYZ" The much anticipated debut album from "CRAVE" featuring (Lil Flip) includes the hot new singles "7&UP" and "Real Chik" ..1 Requested song top 5 phones, ..1 on the countdown 106.7 WAMO FM


CRAVE Capturing And Ruling All Vivid Emotions! Merging smooth, melodic vocals, a classical style of harmony and purposeful execution CRAVE seeks to awaken their listeners' senses-senses, once dormant in all humanity now breathe life. Good music; music that stirs, elevates and provokes requires talent that cannot be created or manufactured, but when is present it is instantly identifiable. Stirring our most raw emotions, CRAVE's artistic debut takes listeners on an emotional journey-encompassing our hearts, minds and deepest desires.

CRAVE is prepared to make use of their brazen vocal ability, stage presence and energy to make their individual mark in the world of music. Dedicated to the art form, the three-member group has been engaged in the artist developmental stage for close to four years under the guidance of Meanstreet Entertainment Inc. in Pittsburgh, PA. Developing their craft in the studio and on the stage, has placed CRAVE at an advantage. Their predecessors may have come and left their mark in the industry, but CRAVE is seeking a higher and eternal presence.

The men of CRAVE speak to the hearts and souls of their fans with UNDERSTANDING, LUST, HUNGER, HOPE and TRUST. Mandell Loman, Maurice Walker and Emmanuel Deamda each want to take listeners on a personal journey.... meet the men of CRAVE...


WAMO 106.7 FM

IN POWER ROTATION (research tested #1) WAMO 106.7 FM


"There's a reason CRAVE has taken Pittsburgh radio by storm with their soulful, accessible spin on classic R&B,
Their sound as timeless as it is contemporary. If the giant hooks of 'Real Chik" and "7&Up" aren't enough to take
this trio national, the industry is missing out on a serious hit-machine."
- Pittsburgh -Post Gazette -Ed Masley,

"Crave.... they are on fire! We are so proud to be a part of their up and coming! is very hard to gain recognition in this town. To watch a group develop here in Pittsburgh... create their own opportunity and be successful...that's a story we can all be proud of and Creative Visions are
proud to be a part of their climb to the top!!!
-Amy Taylor, Media Consultant -Creative Visions Multi Media Services -UPN Pittsburgh

"Crave is the real deal! they are hot and exciting. They have great stage performance and their harmony is on point... This group will be seeing the top of the charts in no time."
-Vince Sims, Anchor/Reporter -Channel 11 News.

"The first time I heard "7 and Up" and "Real chik” on a cd. I almost drove off the road. It's like these three guys were
born to sing together. CRAVE is the perfect blend of smooth harmony and street attitude. There's
no doubt in my mind that CRAVE will take the R&B and Hip Hop world by storm."
-Jon Burton, -Channel 4 News.

"They scaled both our countdowns, making it to #1, which is a 1st for local talent, With two single in rotation,
"Real Chik" and "ask for it by name” both reaching over 1000 + spins, #1 requested, top 5 phones, It's Unbelievable, I've never seen anything like this for a local group. Their taking the R&B aesthetic and putting their own twist to it.
I feel that CRAVE has it. And they just might go all the way."
-Kode Wred, Music Director -106.7 WAMO FM.

"The talent, the potential, the look, the drive and the love of the city… Crave has all the ingredients to bring The
Pittsburgh music scene to a boiling point. The label that picks them up will not be disappointed."
-Kellee Maize, -Pittsburgh -City Paper

“Demboyz are ready, they got the look and the stage presence and the girls love them. I wish we still worked with R&B
-Dee Pittboss, – Koch Records

Crave's recognition has earned them the 2006 favorite R&B performers Heritage Award
- WAMO 106.7 FM,

Best Hip-Hop and R&B group 2006 by the
- pittsburgh City Paper.

Best duo or group, Best hiphop R&B website and the Mover and shakers award 2007 1st Annual
-Pittsburgh Hip-Hop Awards

Top 5 R&B groups in the region