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Crawford, Fighting Fires, May 2010.
(Stephen Trevis, Justin Birch, James Crawford)
Recorded at Lion Studios Singapore.

1. Fighting Fires
2. Letter to the Minister
3. Rat Café
4. Little White Lies

Crawford, Stripped Bare, March 2011
(Stephen Trevis, Justin Birch, James Crawford, Scott Millard)
Recorded at Snakeweed Singapore with Leonard Soosay

1. Stripped
2. Rain
3. Eddie Adams
4. Man In The Mirror
5. Dirty Little Secret

Crawford, 44, April 2012
(Stephen Trevis, Justin Birch, James Crawford, Scott Millard)
Recorded at Snakeweed Singapore with Leonard Soosay

1. Big Army
2. Prelude
3. Stand Up
4. War
5. Big White Monkey
6. The Jones'
7. Its Alright



Crawford (Band)

Crawford is a four-piece band based in Singapore. The band members are all expatriates, two from Australia and two from United Kingdom. The band was named after the drummer, despite his protestations.

Early Associations

Scott Millard and Stephen Trevis met in Hong Kong in January 2000 whereupon Millard was invited to play bass in their local expatriate cover band. This band lasted until late 2002 when Millard was relocated to Seoul. Trevis relocated back to the United Kingdom shortly thereafter. In Seoul, Millard met another set of musicians and continued to play in cover bands. Millard moved to Singapore in 2005, as so happened did a guitarist, Geoff Whitehead, whom Millard played with in Seoul. Coincidently around the same time Trevis also was reposted to Singapore from London. The three came together and formed the impetus of what was to become another expatriate cover band in Singapore called LHMC. In their search for a singer and drummer they found James Crawford (drums) and Justin Birch (vocals), both whom were recent arrivals in Singapore. Birch from London and Crawford from Brisbane Australia. LHMC played occasionally in Singapore between 2007 and 2010.

First EP (Fighting Fires)

Trevis and Birch started writing songs together with view to recording an EP. By early 2010 they had written 4 songs. James Crawford was drafted in to play drums. Millard and Whitehead were asked but declined the invitation to participate due to work commitments. Trevis, Birch and Crawford recorded the E.P in May 2010 at Lion Studios in Singapore. The EP was recorded completely on Analogue equipment and was finished in three days. The result was the EP “Fighting Fires”.

Second EP (Stripped Bare)

For the second EP, Millard was recruited to play bass. By this time LHMC had been on a years hiatus. Millard introduced the band to Leonard Soosay at Snakeweed Studios in Singapore. In January 2011 the band entered Snakeweed and spent four days recording “Stripped Bare”, all the songs again being Trevis/Birch compositions. The band along with Leonard Soosay produced the recording. In keeping with what was considered current practice the band decided that it would be more efficient to distribute the EP digitally via Bandcamp as opposed to pressing a CD. In April 2011, Stripped Bare was made available for download and a succession of video clips made available on Youtube. Every song from the EP had a video clip made by Millard.

First Album (44)

Returning to the studio again in February 2012, with Leonard Soosay on the desk and pro tools, Crawford fashioned seven songs for their first album Forty Four. Trevis/Birch wrote all the songs with the exception of “War” which was Trevis/Birch/Millard/J.Crawford. The recording process took several weeks, and when completed, was mastered by William Bowden in Sydney Australia. This time Crawford decided against a single digital release and decided on releasing a pressing of the album. It was released independently on their record label “Front End Loaded” (FEL). The first video clip, “War” from the record was released on Youtube on March 15th 2012. The physical version of the CD was made available at HMV and Gramophone (retail stores) in Singapore on the 25th of April 2011. Bandcamp digital downloads were made available the same day.

Live Performance

Crawford made their debut live performance on April 27th 2012 at home Club in Singapore, to support the release of their album 44.

Video Clips

Crawford has produced many video clips to support their releases. All the video clips form the Stripped Bare EP and 44 were shot, directed and edited by Scott Millard.

Other careers

Justin Birch also is the author of several Children’s books.


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