Aaron Crawford

Aaron Crawford

 Seattle, Washington, USA

Aaron Crawford is an innovative solo Country/Americana artist. With passion and faith as his guides, Aaron brings a new sound to the music scene: strong lyrics set to a country tune, infused with a solid rock and roll vibe. His high-energy live shows keep audiences engaged and wanting more.


Raised in the hotbed music scene of Seattle, Aaron Crawford has a sound that blends his original influences, from church music, to Johnny Cash, all the way to U2. With is sophomore release of Evergreen, He has embraced the sounds of the Northwest, and you can hear it. After paying his dues for years on the honky tonk circuit, He brings a confidence to shows, that simultaneously puts the audience at ease, and on the edge of their seat. Singing songs "dripping with roots in a field of pop country artists" he has the courage to be genuine, and it shows. What you see onstage, is what you get. He loves the music he is singing, and whether solo, or backed by his band of elite Seattle musicians, you can't help but be pulled into a good time, and leave with one of his songs stuck in your head.


Album-Crawford & James "Part One"
Single-Freedom Like This
Single-Endless Summer

Album - Modern Day American Dream

Album - Evergreen