Seattle, Washington, USA

We're a power trio that alternates between heavy and melodic with an emphasis on exciting arrangements rather than 'The Singer.' With Helmet/Soundgarden riffs and an abbreviated Metallica song structure, we get in, conquer, and get out fast.


CRAWLER is a heavy rock dual-vocal 3-piece of drums, guitar, and bass. CRAWLER combines angular riffs and the barking vocals of hardcore with progressive time signatures and filters them through grunge's melodic performance aesthetic into a potent--yet always listenable--brand of explosive, stripped-down, focused rock songs bursting with energy. Live, the bristling tension-and-release dynamic blend with enthusiastic delivery and instrumental prowess to give a rock audience exactly what it wants: a visceral, edgy music experience with intricate songs that are immediately intriguing but also demand and reward repeat exposure. CRAWLER impresses out of the gate and makes you want to hear it again.

Set List

30 minutes (clean):
Ocean/Hammered/Fucina/Smoke/Mother/Gravel/Something To Die/Harmonix
55 minutes (clean):
Doppler/Tripletone/Reach You Down/Drive/Clean Past