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"'Regarding Your Request For Closure' Review - Lawrence Weekly"

"Austin's Crawling With Kings engage on an intellectual and spirit-shaking level, penning enigmatic tunes spanning the alt-country and indie rock spectrums. The six-strong band recently published its second release "Regarding Your Request for Closure", sprinkling in vibraphones and trumpets to a mix already shimmering with 'verbed-out guitars and multiple vocalists." - Lawrence Weekly - Lawrence Weekly

"'Regarding Your Request For Closure' Review - Pop Culture Press"

"This record is a lovely collection of understated songs shorn of pretense and full of melancholy soul. CWK also deftly uses instruments like vibraphones and lap steel to color the music with sounds beyond guitars and synth squalls. Regarding Your Request for Closure has more emotional complexity and restraint than the majority of other underground indie records that cross my desk." - Andy Smith, Pop Culture Press - Pop Culture Press

"'Regarding Your Request For Closure' Review - Performing Songwriter"

"To call Crawling With Kings minimalistic is an understatement. got a hole in my heart, and it..s a big one,.. sings vocalist Brian Dyer on opening track ..Betsy... But don..t wait around for the rest of the story. The lyrics simply repeat as Dyer..s rhythmic acoustic guitar is joined by percussion, vibraphones and electric guitars. The song works because of the dreamy arrangement which builds to a climax somewhere around the second minute. Listeners will be left amazed that the band can say so much with so little. Other songs have more lyrical variation (and fun titles like ..Jesus in Your Ovaries.. and ..All My Friends are Losers..), but the real strength of the band is in the arrangements. Incorporating mysterious instruments like aerophones and omnichord, Crawling With Kings will take your ears on a wild ride." - Mare Wakefield, Performing Songwriter - Performing Songwriter

"'Regarding Your Request For Closure' Review - Cool Noise UK"

"This is real alt-country. I can hear very short passages that remind me of The Scud Mountain Boys and Uncle Tupelo in March 16-20, 1992 period and a lot more that is just Crawling With Kings. This is like the album I always hoped Golden Smog would make, but never did. It is also an album I know I will come back to again and again. I think Ill grow old with this one so wait for the final review in about 2026." - Cool Noise UK - Cool Noise UK

"'Regarding Your Request For Closure' Review - Mish Mash Music"

"Depression rock currently seems to be an art in and of itself, and Crawling With Kings have created quite the masterpiece of woe. Quiet vocals and enigmatic lyrics wrap around understated guitar lines, providing an atmosphere of rambling loneliness and solitude which never lets up.
The songs grab you immediately and hold your undivided attention in a way that speaks highly of the songwriting and execution." - Mish Mash Music - Mish Mash Music

"Austin Chronicle offers recent local releases for the holidays"

"Crawling With Kings. Red Eyed Fly regulars revisit early Wilco for dispatches from the down-and-out. Chiming melodies and stormy rockers offer solace, but bleaker than a lost unemployment check." - Chris Gray

- The Austin Chronicle

""1954" Featured on NPR's 'All Songs Considered'"

"1954 was written in the days prior to the Iraq war (part 2). I was lying around with my girlfriend in our Austin apartment when the chorus of the song was conceived. The title illustrates the current return to the social conservatism of that decade. Despite its subtle political message, it really is a love song. However, I don't claim to know much about love or politics for that matter."
-Brian Dyer
- National Public Radio


To The Park (EP-2007)
Regarding Your Request For Closure (LP-2007)
Crawling With Kings (LP-2004)

Radio play in college markets (midwest, south, southeast)



Crawling With Kings released their latest EP, To The Park, in the fall of 2007 following closely on the heels of the critically acclaimed LP 'Regarding Your Request For Closure'. With writer/singer Brian Dyer's recent move to Chicago, the Austin-based band has entered a period of prolific output with a newly record EP set to hit radio this fall.

'Regarding Your Request For Closure' united the band with co-producer/engineer Erik Wofford (My Morning Jacket, The Black Angels, Voxtrot, Okkervil River). Their second release on My Plastic Records, the band continued to elaborate on their roots rock beginnings. Plaintive melodies, exploding guitars, and incandescent vocals add depth and darkness to the album's ten disparate tracks – all recalling hints of Wilco, Bowie, and Death Cab For Cutie.

The roots of Crawling With Kings go back to the early 90s when songwriter Brian Dyer, guitarist Doug Walseth, and bassist Zachary Firnhaber met in in high school. The band's sound has evolved since that time, with musical exploration, and collaboration.