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"Crawpuppies - World's Much Bigger"

Crawpuppies-World's Much Bigger. The second album from this Indiana band (after 2004's Peaceful Amnesty) finds them on the dividing line between power pop and classic rock, doing justice to both genres. There's plenty to like here: the rocking title track, the jangly "She Comes Lovely", the classic power pop of "Owe it All to You", and the honkytonk classic rock of "Sunflower Girl". They even throw a couple of fun tracks out at the end of the album: "So Mundane" is an ambitious 7 1/2 minutes number that's broken into three segments, and "Masquerade" starts out as a Jellyfish-style number that segues into a "Revolution 9"-like freakout. With 14 tracks, there's plenty to like here.
- Absolute Power Pop 10-6-09

"Crawpuppies Bring New Music Into The World"

TOM LOUNGES - Times Correspondent | Posted: Saturday, July 18, 2009 12:00 am |

One of the most consistently popular regional club bands for the last several years, has released a second full-length album of original tunes to once again prove they are so much more than just a good "cover band."

That band is Northwest Indiana's Crawpuppies and their new 14-song CD, "World's Much Bigger," is the well-worth waiting for follow-up to their "Peaceful Amnesty" debut of 2004.

As with that first album, the new collection sprang from the creative pen of frontman/vocalist and rhythm guitarist Chad Clifford, a gifted songwriter with powerful pop sensibilities inspired in no small way by his admitted love and admiration of the Beatles.

Giving an ample musical foundation to Clifford on the album, as they do on stage, are Aaron Hedges on bass, Chris Karp on drums, and lead guitarist, Mike Curtis.

"World's Much Bigger" is well-produced by the band with Marcus Nelson at The Alley Recording Company in Valparaiso. Highlights include: "So Mundane," "Masquerade," "Owe It All To You," and the title track.

And as one would expect from a group together for as many years, the playing is tight and precise.

"We always slip some of our own songs into the shows, but if you play too many things people don't know you lose them," said Clifford, who astutely observes and reads the audiences who flock to the group's area club appearances and flood the dance floors.

To that end, they deliver a spectrum of cover songs sure to entertain even the broadest of audiences -- a few 1950s rock classics, plenty of Beatles and Stones, and even latter day radio faves by Green Day, Lenny Kravitz and other modern rockers.

Deep cuts -- Bob Marley's "Three Little Birds", Soft Cell's "Tainted Love", The Kinks' "Lola" and "Stuck In The Middle with You" by Stealer's Wheel, among them -- grab attention from jaded clubbers weary of being fed a steady diet of the same ol', same ol' retreads.

While their cover tunes are well done, it is the Crawpuppies' original music that needs to be heard, so request one tonight at St. Bridget's Festival.
- Northwest Indiana Times

"The Crawpuppies "World's Much Bigger"

Creeping out of Hobort, IN, The Crawpuppies have completed an invasion of Chicago and now would like to get their infectious melodies into your town.

The Crawpuppies have an authentic sound that leads you to believe they put on a tremendously entertaining live show. Fortunately, that spirit is nicely captured on their latest CD, "World's Much Bigger". The touch of rasp and bite in the vocals works well whether its singing to a bar band rocker like the title track, or a bluesy ballad like "We", or a gentle and delicate number like "My Wife". Chad Clifford (vocals, guitar) is backed by a fine line up of talented musicians: Aaron "Hacksaw" Hedges (bass, vocals), Chris Karp (drums, vocals), and Mike Curtis (lead guitar, vocals). Yes, you read right - everyone in the band sings, and they've got some splendid harmonies to show for it.

The Crawpuppies tell modern day folk stories through their songs, which are best described as straight-up pop rock and powerpop. There are several deviations thrown in that keeps all the songs from sounding too much alike (for example, the bossa nova feel of "Here We Go Again" and the folksy "Some Divine"). Overall, there are lots of sunny melodies and upbeat treats on this 14-track opus to satisfy readers of this blog. Standouts for me include "Owe It All To You", "Mental Demons", "The Way", and "I Wanna Know". Recommended for fans of Venice, Hootie and the Blowfish, and Del Amitri.

iPOD-worthy: 2, 4, 5, 7, 10, 12
- Bill's Music Forum

"The Crawpuppies "World's Much Bigger""

The Crawpuppies are not from some cajun side dish, but a band that hails from Indiana. When the album leads off with a Big Star riff in the title track you know you're in for some fun. The band lead by Chad Clifford (vocals/guitar) has a fine approach with basic power pop, I am reminded a bit of Del Amitri with it's bar styled strum and shifting chords on "She Comes Lovely." The ballad "We" is a wonderful mid tempo song about growing a relationship and the melody with full harmonies on the Squeeze-like "Owe It All To You" and "Mental Demons" are just perfect. The adult folk ballad "My Wife" is an effective and intimate portrait of a marriage that will lift your soul. The tone shifts a bit by mid-album to a more blues based rock sound with "I Wanna Know" and "3 Little Things." I felt Chad's vocals strain here, as he sounds more in his element with the soft bossa nova of "Here We Go Again." The album runs out of creative juice towards the end with the echoey funk of "Masquerade," but it never gets boring and the best of those melodies are sure to stick in your head. - Powerpopaholic


CD Peaceful Amnesty 2004

DVD Live at the Double Door Chicago 2006

CD World's Much Bigger 2009



The Crawpuppies are a band that have been on the scene now since 1995. Their 2 albums, "Peaceful Amnesty" and "World's Much Bigger" are being well received in the digital and physical markets. The band's audiences are loyal and diverse to, not only their original music they write, but their huge catalog of cover songs. They can please any crowd.