Orlando, Florida, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2010 | INDIE | AFTRA

Orlando, Florida, United States | INDIE | AFTRA
Established on Jan, 2010
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moody and contemporary - Music Connection Magazine


"Green day meets Duran Duran!" - Unknown


"Tap your feet and sing along" - Unknown

"Love Me or Leave Me"

"a melancholy sex dream!" - Make A


If you were forced to label Craymo’s debut album “Cosmos,” you would have a serious problem on your hands. The New York native brilliantly combines guitar driven modern rock with dance to bring forth a unique pop/punk sound that cannot be explained, but only experienced.I And with a vast array of influences that include The Cars, Duran Duran, George Michael, David Bowie, U2 and The Beatles, it’s easy to understand why. Craymo, who recently signed a non-exclusive distribution deal with the L.A. based Indie label Statue Records, is working hard to create his own buzz through radio, internet and film." - The Industry

"Craymo CD Cosmos"

"Craymo's music is just fun. You listen to it when you just want to have a joyous kiddish and fun time. If you have children or nieces and nephews around the way, you should grab Craymo's CD and blast this throughout the house and just enjoy the happy time in life we all sometime push to the side or overlook. Craymo has been able to make music that side steps our need for the over saturated sexual and ego driven music the industry feels people only want to hear." Shinobi Muhammad, editor, Urban Mainstream Magazine Issue #30 - Urban Mainstream Magazine

"December Rain/Craymo Offers the Aural Antidote to Seasonal Depression"

As we approach one of the most daunting Decembers in living memory, music which reflects our melancholy and offers understanding is more valuable than ever, making up and coming Indie artist Craymo’s Indie ballad ‘December Rain (Carol of Love)’ utterly priceless.

December Rain is just one of the tracks to feature on their dynamic 5-track EP ‘Love Power’ which explores the multifaceted nature of Love. In this release, Craymo illustrates the terrifying vulnerability which interlaces with the prospect of love which can easily override our need for affectionate warmth.

The piano-led arrangement which any Elton John fans will adore may be tender, but that tenderness doesn’t hinder the sonorous blows which the sentiment poetically delivers. - AnR

"Love You More"

Sweeping the nation is Craymo with his upbeat love ballad "Love You More" from his album "Love Power." A smashing drum cymbal introduces the swinging guitar and spirited vocals. "Love You More" is a retro 1960s surf tune with a fast-moving beat, funky distorted guitar, and a steady bassline that drives the groove. Craymo and songwriter/ producer Chris Capozza take you back through time with their 1960's Beach Boys groove and Beetle style vocal arrangement. The song is a toe-tapping fun-loving good time.

Craymo performance is a high energy, and the message is adoring and affectionate. The inspiration for “Love You More” came from a growing "love battle" with his mom when they would debate who loved each other more. Craymo took this theme and wrote an anniversary song for his life partner. Craymo has created a retro pop gem in “Love You More” with a chorus that is as catchy as it gets, and lyrics that are as sweet as can be.

Craymo's artistry in "Love You More" captures the power of love with a nostalgic flare. In “Love You More”, Craymo's smooth pop-perfect vocals and the energetic arrangement is hopping and popping. Craymo's style gets you in the mood to have a rockin’ good time while you celebrate love. - Indie

"December Rain (Carol of Love)"

Review Written by Victoria Scott & Staff

Craymo writes a beautiful melody, “December Rain (Carol of Love),” from his album Love Power. The gorgeous piano comes in with a 60s soft pop melody and a dreamy rock groove. Craymo sings the chorus wistfully with back vocals as the harmonies resonate over a smooth pop groove.

When the bridge arrives, the rhythm picks up the beat as the guitar riffs the main melody, and the organ wails over the drumbeat. Stellar songwriting and arranging are heard throughout.

Love can be bittersweet. Craymo wrote this melancholy song about unrequited love. He sings solemnly, "If I believe in you this time. Can I be sure I won't be hurt again? Would I be a fool, or would I be blind? In my heart, there's a place for you. But you don't feel; you don't feel like I do." You can hear his heartache as he sings this verse. The song was dedicated to his mother, Carol, who supported and loved him through tough times.

Craymo's undeniable artistry shines through with edgy rock grooves and a pop beat. His raspy vocals sweep you away into an emotional place where a mending heart meets music. Craymo is a passionate lyricist that can move you with his honesty. He offers exceptional music that moves the soul. - Please Pass The

"Give Me Your Love/Craymo releases Throwback Style Dance Song"

From upstate New York, Craymo is an artist who now resides in Orlando, Florida where he writes and sings alternative pop-rock music.

His mission is to use his platform as an artist to make the world a better place. Having already reached a vast array of fans by winning countless international music awards, and even hitting #1 on the Euro Indie Music Top 200 Chart, he aims to increase his fan base as he continues to release music.

His new song “Give Me Your Love” is a track from his most recent EP “Love Power.” Craymo’s musical inspirations include all-time stars from decades past such as David Bowie, Duran Duran, George Michael, Robbie Williams, The Beatles, Morrissey, Madonna, and Elton John. He translates the 70s and 80s style, electronic music into his own songs.

“Give Me Your Love” has a pounding beat throughout the track and builds into a higher energy chorus. Craymo’s auto-tuned vocals match “Give Me Your Love’s” electronically styled soundscape.

Craymo’s seductive lyrics are extremely repetitive and include colorful and descriptive words such as “synchronicity.” As a whole, “Give Me Your Love” has the right bpm and uplifting melody to be the soundtrack to a step or spin class. It’s the type of song that could accompany a workout video consisting of people with neon clothes, leg warmers, and headbands. Craymo takes fans back to the past with “Give Me Your Love’s” quick beat, catchy melody, and electro-pop music style. - Buzz Music LA


Love Power EP 2020
December Rain (Carol of Love) (single)
Take It Slow (Gotta Say Hey) (single)
Be Myself (single)
Moment (single) 
One Love World (single0
Cosmos (LP)



Craymo was born Craig Stephen Raymo in Massena, New York and grew up in nearby Ogdensburg, a quiet little city on the St. Lawrence River bordering Canada. Music seemed to possess his soul from an early age as he had always tried to imitate the singers and bands eminating from his little 45 rpm record player. In 3rd grade he picked up the alto saxophone taking lessons from Kenneth Van Winkle, father of future Grammy winner Dixon Van Winkle. Craymo continued taking lessons and played in elementary and Jr. and Sr.High Bands and the school Jazz Rock group. Craig wrote his first song when he was 16. He sang in the school choir from elementary through high school. The young performer craved the stage and graced it every chance he got joining the local vaudeville style minstrel group Showtime. Craymo performed in community theatre and high school drama and musical theatre productions. 
As a senior in high school he took interest in DJing and got a job spinning at Big Ed's Dallas Lounge and also at a local radio station where co-workers first started calling him Craymo. Craymo went to Fredonia State University majoring in Broadcasting with a minor in drama. 

Feeling the call of the big city, Craig left college and moved to Los Angeles to pursue his dreams. He soon landed acting gigs in the TV soap operas General Hospital and Days Of Our lives, most recently in the HBO original film Recount. Craymo continued to DJ in Nightclubs and was one of the first "video jocks" to beat mix videos! All the while focused on his music Craymo wrote hundreds of songs and started recording demos in Los Angeles recording studios. He auditioned to be the lead singer for several bands but ultimately realized his destiny was to be a solo artist. The determined young man took vocal lessons with R&B great Bobby Womack and recorded a demo of one of his songs. Craymo then met record producer David Longoria who took him under his wing and they recorded his first professionally recorded song Love Touch and filmed his first music video. Then they went on to create several more songs including Craymo's first EP entitled Be My Girl who's title track was licensed in the indie film Paper Thin Immortals. The next video was Take It Slow with a sixties beatnick vibe and the song was licensed in the indie film Accidents Don't Happen. Craymo appeared as a male vocalist on Star Search 89 with Ed McMahan. He formed several backup bands performing at the Whiskey A Go Go, The Roxy, Genghis Cohen and opened up shows for Smashmouth, The Plimsouls and Fishbone. He then met record producer Chris Irwin and recorded several songs in his Malibu studio. Craymo then ran into his old friend, songwriter and producer Brandon Jarrett. They went into the studio and magic happened. Combining their song catalogs into one company, Moho Productions. They recorded One Love One World which became a worldwide phenomenon being featured on the United Nations project UNESCO web site School teachers all over the world downloaded the song, taught it to their students who then performed it at their schools in the USA, Canada, China and Australia! 

Craymo  won Best Pop/Rock song August 2015 Akademia Music Awards, winner Best Rock/Blues Song August 2015 Akademia Music Awards, Winner Best Rock Recording 2015 Radio Music Awards. Winner New Discovery Artist 2014 Independent Music Network Awards.  Craymo has been a semi-finalist and finalist in several songwriting competitions including the 2014 Hollywood Music In Media Awards, 2014 Indie Music Channel Awards, 2014 Right Out TV Awards, 2014 Independent Music Network Awards, 2012 Australian Music Oz Awards, Unisong, the Hollywood Spiritual Film Festival, UK Songwriting Competition, Pacific Songwriting Competition and the Artist Undiscovered Competition. His songs have been licensed in the indie films Culture Shock, Super Southern Sweet Sixteen, Accidents Don't Happen, Paper Thin Immortals, Gabe The Cupid Dog, Lucky Dog, Silly Movie 2 and Successful Failures 2. Also in television including The Mysteries of Laura (NBC/Starring Debra Messing) The X Games on ESPN, The Orlando Citrus Parade, Sinbad's Reality U (pilot), Toddlers and Tiaras (TLC) and Chris and John To The Rescue (Canada). His first full length CD "Cosmos (Singles and Remixes)" and his recent EP "Love Power" are available on Spotify, Amazon, Google Play and iTunes. Craymo is currently receiving airplay on commercial and internet radio all over the world!
Craymo's influences include Duran Duran, Robbie Williams, George Michael, Depeche Mode, The Beatles, Morrissey, Michael Jackson, Cyndi Lauper, David Bowie, Elton John, Madonna, Elvis Presley and The Cars.

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