Crazy Crazy Awesome Awesome

Crazy Crazy Awesome Awesome

 Elkhart, Indiana, USA

High energy, bright and colorful, an experience you'll never forget.

CCAA has been compared to groups like Riff Raff, Borgore, and Hollywood Undead. Cool.


We are an independent band who does music the way we think it should go. Heavy EDM music is our thing.

We've taken our crazy hair and spread our sub-frequency live show all around the country, we love it.



Written By: Chris Waycaster,Victoria Waycaster

2 things that i got to say;
First of all wheres my pay
Secondly, call me your freakness
Being a freak is just my business
I know i know i know
I do this all the time
I know i know i know i know
I get a little wild...BUT

That’s the way that I like to drive
Put it in first and start the ride, now
Come to me if you want direction
to insanity and beyond in seconds

I’m a little lost,
I don’t really get it
Yeah, I know
You might as well forget it
Cuz you can’t explain this state I’m in
It’s called The Zone and I live in it

I’m in my zone right now
I’m in my zone

Everybody Freak,
Everybody Freak.

Balling out of control
straight up balling out of control
always messing everything up
every single place I go
and I just can't take no more
yeah I just can't take no more
Imma let it out and you're about
to hear me road

Now something tells me that I don't belong in this town
I'm just cruising down the street with all my windows down
rocking something with a good beat
while i'm freaking out of my seat
'cuz I can't contain, I'm half insane, the other half's ADD

If you turn down you know you will regret it
crank it up loud, just keep that record spinning
don't you back out, you know you wanna get it
move to the sound, this is an epidemic


In 2011:
Our sophmore album "Truth" had distributed over 1,000 copies within the first month of its digital release.

Our "My Town" music video was featured as a viral video on and also appeared on

Our song "The Final CRUNKdown" appeared on the Teen Scene's 2011 compilation CD, which featured "hot" songs of 2011

We performed a full set on The Five and Dime Show.

We performed for WLFQ 98.7 fm who broadcast our entire set over live radio.

Here is a link to us on the Extreme Tour last year;

Here is a link to our "My Town" music video;