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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Crazy Diamond Video - Mistakes and Misteps"

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"Crazy Diamond Video - I Know"

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"Diamonds in the Attick"

It’s funny that most bands usually start in someone’s basement, garage or even in the bedroom. It all came from the attic as both Connor and Regan started writing their music from up top to form the band Crazy Diamond. With some major musical experience behind them, Crazy Diamond is ready to bring some really exciting sounds to your ear at NXNE and at any venue they play near you. As they talk about all the facets of life in your ear through their music, you can bet that Crazy Diamond is crazy fun. FERNTV caught with lead singer Regan to see if diamonds are forever and if they are still a girl’s best friend?

FERNTV: Can you tell us how this band got together and when and where was the first jam?

Regan: Connor and I have been friends for over a decade at this point. We met through the local punkrock / hardcore community in Southern Ontario. I think he thought I was pretty.

We spent the summer of 2005 traveling on the Vans Warped Tour. At the time I had been working on my solo project and Connor was playing in Boys Night Out. We had planned to write together after the tour but I ended up in Los Angeles for a couple of years. As soon as I got home in 2008 we started writing. We were sequestered in the attic of a house for most of the winter. That spring we delivered our rough outlines to Mr. Matt Davis - producer extraordinaire - and put the EP together. We eagerly asked Matt to join us in the project due to his fabulous trumpet skills.

FERNTV: There is a lot of musical experience behind this band, how difficult do you think it would be to be successful in this industry if there wasn't that experience and start up a new band?

Regan: Connor seems to think it is just as difficult to start a new project but I disagree. Connor’s brain is pretty magic and his song writing abilities and experience produce rad songs. Matt also has a ton of experience. The boys seem to be able to take my creative tangents and make them into whole and cohesive pieces. I am honored and inspired to work with them.

FERNTV: Have you completed dropped Miss Regan and if you have why did you?

Regan: I am still interested in writing on my own but prefer to write, record and perform with Crazy Diamond. Playing alone is a bit lonely and uninteresting. - Fern TV


Self Titled EP - Fall 2009
Knife Fight - Full Length - Spring 2011



Crazy: Affected with madness, insane. Departing from proportion or moderation.
Diamond: From the ancient Greek word “adamas”, meaning invincible, one of the best-known and most sought-after gemstones.

That pretty much sums it up.

Crazy Diamond is the collaborative musical prowess of Southern Ontario Canada natives Regan and Connor.

Connor is the former lead vocalist for Juno nominated band “Boys Night Out” (Ferret Music USA) who, over a six-year period wrote and released five albums, toured worldwide and enjoyed frequent exposure on Much Music and MTV. Having been involved in a plethora of other musical projects, spanning over a decade of involvement in the diverse and booming Canadian music scene, Connor now lives in Hamilton, Ontario Canada where he is working not only on Crazy Diamond but producing and/or co-writing various projects ranging from hip hop to rock and roll.

Regan lives and breathes all things artistic. Over the years she’s played everything from pop to punk rock and, most recently, left audiences from Toronto to Los Angeles spellbound with her heart-wrenching-solo-acoustic-effort under the moniker “Miss Regan”. After graduating from the Ontario College of Art and Design she began to lay the foundations for her own high-end underwear line “Dance Party Unmentionables”.

Hailing from the deep-rooted punk rock background, Crazy Diamond takes the punk and hardcore ethos to combine simple beats, organic vocals and guitar to pump out brutally honest pop songs that speak of heartbreak, humiliation, confusion and confrontation.

"Just keep it honest," is the creed that drives Crazy Diamond, the beautifully insane duo that is here to rock the party while tugging at your suddenly exposed heartstrings.

Their debut self-titled EP, released in the autumn of 2009, was produced and engineered by Matt Davis. Matt joined the group as a full time member shortly after the EP’s release.