Passionate! Funky rub-a-dub reggae from the Dirty Southwest! This is not music for the revolution. This is music to shake your ass to. So, if the spirit moves you, let us groove you and enjoy the CrazyFool vibrations!


CrazyFool is a musical collaboration-soul child of five village idiots from four different villages in Northern New Mexico. Armed with guitars, drums, trumpets, and trombones, the Crazyfools set out on their mission to make the party people say things like, "oh yeah!" and "bring that beat back", and "you know how I like it!" as well as my personal favorite "If I wasn't in this wheel chair I would kick your ass!" Nonetheless, the party people shook what God gave them, thus breaking down the walls created by homogenized radio waves and closed-minded critics. Crazyfool began as many bands begin- a jam session in the kitchen of a house in the University of New Mexico's student ghetto. The intentions of the jam were simple; drink some beer, sing some songs, and just have fun. The jam sessions eventually turned into parties, and the parties became too large for the approval of the Albuquerque Police Department, whose Chief of Police was quoted as calling one certain Crazyfool house-party, "the party of the year without a doubt." Thanks for the support Chief. Tired of being cut off half-way through sets and consistently being threatened with fines and jail-time. The band decided to move the party to legitimate venues and clubs around the city, which eventually expanded to the Southwestern United States and larger stages with larger crowds and better lighting. In the four years that the band has been playing, they have comprised a dynamite and polished high energy show, boasting a vast (and mad sexy) fan-base. Crazyfool is currently working on their second full-length studio album entitled "Peace and Whiskey" due out mid-spring, as well as planning a June tour of stages and crowds all across the U.S.


2002 "Live and Low-FI" Demo
2003 "Pura Vida" LP
2005 "Money in My Pocket" EP
2005 "Live at The Launchpad: Everybody Needs a Job Man" DVD
Upcoming: "Peace and Whiskey" LP
104.7 The Edge

Set List

Crazyfool's sets are comprised of 24 original songs, and the occasional cover song. It is also not uncommon for the band to perform a strictly improvisational jam, often times inviting guest MC's as well as members of the audience to the stage to flex their vocal styles. The band has a great appreciation for the art forms expressed through Hip Hop and often extend invitations to free-style artists, singers and dancers to join them on stage. The spirit of improvisation is definitely alive in Crazyfool's music.