Crazy Gorilla Drummer

Crazy Gorilla Drummer

 Denver, Colorado, USA

Crazy Gorilla Drummer performs original electronic music on a fully illuminated and choreographed LED drum set. Performances are extremely unique, exciting, and interactive. Comparisons are drawn to the Blue Man Group and STOMP.


Crazy Gorilla Drummer started performing in Milwaukee, WI in 2008. The concept was simple: find a way to combine electronic drumming with electronic (DJ) music in a visually stimulating fashion.

Since 2008, CGD has received more than 30,000 YouTube views, been entered in the Gunniess Book of World Records, and performed at some of Denver's finest venues, including Larimer Lounge, Meadowlark, and more!

The music is incredibly rhythmic (he's a drummer, after all), and always interactive. Crazy Gorilla Drummer's performances include themes that span an entire show. In January, 2012, Crazy Gorilla Drummer played an entire show at Larimer Lounge that centered around the theme "destruction" which culminated with the crowd destroying a drum set with a baseball bat.

CGD built the LED-lit drum set he uses, now, called "Aurora Borealis". The drums appear the be white, but once the music starts, BAM!, each drum begins to change colors with the beat of the song. (see photos)

Although the costume was not originally purchased for the act, it represents a juxtaposition to the evolution of humans and the evolution of our music.

Crazy Gorilla Drummer's favorite concert is still a house party he played in 2010.

Set List

Sets usually include plenty of interesting acoustic and electronic drum sounds backed by original electronic music. Sampled in the songs are some of the greatest audio clips to be found, including:

Here Comes the Sun (Beatles)
Closer (Nine Inch Nails)
Abe Simpson's Voice (Simpsons)
Tom Hank's Voice (Forrest Gump)

Each set is packed with spontaneity. Crazy Gorilla Drummer does not break between songs to create a more fluid, DJ, like pace to each show.

Crowd interaction will be requested, by CGD, throughout each set.