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Crazy Mama

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Written By: Crazy Mama

Intro: Baby, right here, right now, you hear me...etc

My plumber, his name is Peter, he fixed my solar heater
He says 'Baby, most pay by the meter,
but I'll plumb for fun hon, cause you're much sweeter'

Chorus: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Fun days!!!

Mr Postman, gives me more than
I could ever fit in my letterbox
He says Baby, I will deliver,
you will be running like a river!

Elvis my electrician, his ambition is submission
He says baby you have my permission for admission
Now spark my ignition

Chorus...Mon-Sunday..Fun days!!

My antenna man from Khazikstan
loves Duran Duran, drives a mini van
he says baby, I'm a married man, with an open plan
with Anne, Johan, Jan, Stan and Fran, understand?

Suzie, the secretary, she's quite contrary and a little scary.
She says baby, eat my cherry, my juniper berry,
my hairy Mc Clary!


Flavio, my funky pool man, plays it cool man, too cool for school and
He says baby, its time to cool down, then we'll lie down on those deck chairs

Sunday is my day of rest, the day my hubby, he likes the best,
and I say Hubby, I must confess, I have a secret I'd like to undress.
When I rode yr polony like a pony my yoni was indeed a phony.
I'd tuck up my lingam with your yang in my yin and
your bony was in Tony not Joni!


Hubby, I never meant to hurt you
except for those times you asked me to
I'm so sorry hubby, please don't be mad
but life in the burbs can get rather drab