Crazy Man Crazy

Crazy Man Crazy


Good old fashioned rock and roll with a sense of humor.


Crazy Man Crazy frontman Michael Subvert has been on the scene since the early ‘90s, writing songs and singing lead for countless New Jersey and Pennsylvania rock and roll bands. In that time, he has shared the stage with the Nekromantix, HorrorPops, the Rockats, No Means No, UK Subs, the Queers, Stiff Little Fingers, D.R.I., the Vibrators, the Wretched Ones, and many others, at venues including CBGB, the Knitting Factory, the Trocadero (mainstage), the Silver Dollar Room (Toronto), the Middle East (Cambridge, MA), and the Tweeter Center on the Waterfront for the 2004 Philadelphia stop of the Warped Tour. He is also the author of the 2003 Philadelphia Fringe Festival hit surf
musical, “Altar Boy”, which received positive press from both the City Paper and the Philadelphia Inquirer.

In early 2009 he brought together a group of friends to play and write original music in the style of many of his idols: Eddie Cochran, Buddy Holly, Big Joe Turner, Johnny Cash, and yes, even Bobby Darin. The result was Crazy Man Crazy, a band influenced by early rockabilly, driven by swing, and fueled by an all-encompassing love for the blues.

Julian Root plays guitar. A veteran of the Philly open mike scene, Julian can be found kicking out his dirty acoustic numbers in dive bars all over town. He counts Tom Waits, Lead Belly, Blind Blake, and Black Sabbath among his influences.

Brandon Porter is on bass. Young and impetuous, Brandon looks to the Stray Cats, Social Distortion, the Animals, and the Specials for guidance.

Mark Alexander is on drums and percussion. A former member of the University of Virginia and University of Montana Jazz Ensembles, Mark brings a well seasoned and wide ranging talent to the group, along with a love for the work of Miles Davis, Django Reinhardt, and Elvin Jones.


You Smell (Like Love)

Written By: Michael Subvert

I got a few things to tell ya before you walk out the door
I’m gonna miss so much about ya, I’m gonna miss you to my core
I’m gonna miss your tender kiss, I’m gonna miss your touch as well
But more than all of this I’m gonna miss the way you smell

You smell like bad breath in the mornin’
You smell like dirty socks
You smell like brownies when they’re coolin’
You smell like bagels n’ lox
You smell like love—you smell like love
You smell like love—you smell like—

When I wake up in the mornin’ I’m always greeted by your scent
But when I wake tomorrow mornin’ I’m gonna wonder where it went
Your odor’s thick and rich, it permeates the atmosphere
And when it’s curlin’ up my nose, ya know it always brings a tear

You smell like wet dog on a Sunday
You smell like sugar pops
You smell like bus fumes on a Monday
You smell like barley n’ hops
You smell like love—you smell like love
You smell like love—you smell like—you smell

You smell like pancakes on the griddle
You smell like Paris when it sizzles
You smell like cheese and chicken kibble
You smell like love

You smell like Stilton when it’s runny
You smell as sweet as milk and honey
You smell just like you come from money
You smell like love—you smell


Turtle on the Tracks EP (Sept 2009)
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