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o LP (In Production): Welcome to Crazy World (2008)
o Compilation: “Stand With Me” United Vision Mixtape Vol. 2: By His Authority (2008)
o Compilation: “Do Your Dance” Gospel Skate Jams Vol.3 (Stellar Awards Nominee)(2008)
o EP: Destination: CrazyWorld (2007)
o Dub Plate: Michelle & Christina - "Toxic Remix " (2006)
o CompIilation: “Breakthrough”, “Throw Ya Hands Up (remix)”
Jireh Fashions Mixtape Vol. 1 (2005)
o Compilation: Maestro Movement LP: “Mind made up” (2005)
o Dub Plate: “I Don’t know”, “Throw ya Hands Up” & “Issues” DJ Maestro 1 presents Da Street Mix 2 (2004)
o Dub Plate: “Holy Fire”, DJ Maestro 1 Presents the Street Mix Vol. 1: Da Movement (2003)



Andre was a heavy hip-hop lover, but branched out to other forms of music such as classical, and jazz. HPC Productions was the name of his group. “The HPC stands for Head Phone Clique. I always wanted my music to get in the listeners ears. I’ve done some demos to get artists signed to major labels, but it feels better doing it for the Lord”. – Andre Griffith

As a Member of the Group Sanctified Family, Andre has traveled up and down the east Coast Spreading the Gospel through Rap. Since the start of Sanctified Family the group has featured in many events. Capturing honors to be finalist in the McDonald’s Gospel fest 6 years in a row (2001-2006), SF was blessed to win the 2002 competition. Since then, SF has shared the stage with the likes of Donnie McClurkin, Kim Burrell, Vickie Winans, Melba More, Cross Movement, Marvin Sapp, The Legendary Aretha Franklin, and many more. In 2002 SF met the world renowned DJ maestro 1 who offered to put an SF song on a mix tape. Since then the three became friends and with a couple more artists, started a group made of groups called the Maestro Movement. Ministering around the country, SF along with the rest of Maestro movement continues to spread the gospel to all who will listen.

From Producing Tracks to Graphic Design the newly named company, now Crazy One Productions, has been a name widely known across the country. For the first time Andre will be stepping out on his own to fulfill what God has from him. With the ministry growing and the purpose becoming more clear the One they call Crazy Invites you to step into his world. From joy, to pain, hardship and overcoming, this ever growing young man of God’s mission is to bring understanding to those looking from the outside and to those on the inside looking out.

I lived a pretty normal life for someone in the inner-city, although I was considered weird or a geek by many. Most of my friends started to smoke, drink and sell drugs by the time we started high school. I never went that route simply from the fear of going to jail or getting killed, that’s not to say that I disowned my friends because I didn’t, but I saw them rotate in and out of Jail and even some of them die, or paralyzed. Music was my life but I didn’t come into it fully until I got saved. I was a piano player most of my life, a DJ at 15 and started to produce at the age of 18. I started to seriously go to church at 19, where I received Christ, not by altar call, but by revelation from God. I believe that HE has called me to use the difference in me, not to follow what everyone else is doing. God often uses methods that are unconventional, or “crazy” to those who do not understand the move of God. We are also called “peculiar” people which means we may look and act “crazy” to the world. I am a unique individual created by God to stand up, and stand out in this crazy world and face it head on. My message to the lost: You don't have to be what you see on TV or videos to make it in this world. God has the ability to turn YOUR gift into HIS instrument. I’ve learned that I don’t have to mimic everything I see or hear around me in order to live, so in a world where the REVERSE is the norm, I choose to be that “Crazy One” who stands out and just might get enough attention to make people wonder “How is it that you are how you are, and can still make it?” My message to the believers: Make sure you follow your leadership, and make sure you trust and see God FOR YOURSELF, no matter how great the anointing on your leader, man can and will fail you.
My name is Crazy One. Are you “crazy” enough to take a Stand? Welcome to CrazyWorld.

Crazy One will put out his first LP “Welcome to CrazyWorld” in 2008. Look for Crazy One to come to your city in the future as God continues to do his Work.