Crazy Scorsese

Crazy Scorsese

 Chicago, Illinois, USA

Whiskey Party?


Not since Funkadelic has such an interstellar band been formed from the fusion of the cosmos. From the banks of the Mississippi the bass player Fitz was born from the deepest darkest Delta mud. During the Earth’s closest pass to Mars in the 70’s the guitarist/singer/keyboard player JJ was delivered to Earth by asteroid contaminated with viral JJ. Another keyboard/singer/guitarist Paul came to be with us when the Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland malfunctioned and created a wormhole with another dimension run mostly by female keyboard/singer/guitarists. The lead guitarist Jeff was cloned from the only remaining sample of Abe Lincoln’s assassin John Wilkes Booth but the sample was accidentally contaminated with ginger honey. Lastly the drummer Jacob came to us from Tibet leaving his life of quiet solitude and drawing in his Zen sand garden to play drums (after first stopping in Bali for 7 years to learn drums with nothing but chopsticks and bed pans). After meeting randomly in a local Chicago burlesque house they all knew this was something special. There mutual love of interstellar funk, vintage English progressive rock, classic American roots music, Jamaican dub plates, dubstep, electro house, funk jazz, jazz funk, disco funk, delta blues, afro-cuban, punk jazz, hip hop, indie rock, and post rock …. they knew this couldn’t go to waste. Maybe something crazy needed to happen. Maybe something Scorsese needed to happen. Maybe Crazy Scorsese.


Whiskey Party?

Written By: P. Solans

I drink whiskey and the room keeps spinning round and round
There ain’t no way I can count how many I’ve thrown down
And I feel like its time to go home, but i won’t stop now

I think I love you but you keep me spinning round and round
I don’t know if it’s worth chasing you all over this town
And I feel like its time to go home, but I won’t stop now

You may think this is crazy
But we do this shit every day

Don’t come to whiskey party
unless you are prepared to play

And if it feels like its time to go home
Oh if you feel like its time to go home
If I feel like its time to go home.... oh no oh no you can’t you can’t stop now!

Hard Way Down

Written By: P. Solans

When Johnny he met Hailey he had not a dime to play
He was as hard up as a gambler could be
Now he’s pocket aces, everything is going his way
His hard luck times are too far gone to be seen

But Johnny he’s too reckless, craves excitement everyday
He never thought bought where his limits should be
And Hailey likes the money, well if enough it came her way
Everyone’s playing games so why shouldn’t she

And they took the easy way up
And took the hard way down
They took the easy way up
And took the hard way down

Now the pressures mounting on the day of the big game
When they finally lay it all on the line
And they find out if all the trials and tribulations
Were worth all the fucking fighting and the crying

And when they walked into the room they know that
This time might just be their last
And then they’ll spend their future, future running,
future running, future running from their past

And they took the easy way up
And took the hard way down
They took the easy way up
And took the hard way down

Whale Song

Written By: P. Solans

Crazy times and desperate measures
Grab your boots, cuz this gets rough

There's choppy seas, real nasty weather
Enjoy the ride, best of luck to you

Best of luck to you

Of all the nights for us to meet
You had to pick the perfect one

Cuz as the sails move to the east they're gonna
Rise to meet the morning sun

Our night is done

We're almost done

Oh there aren't too many thoughts going through my head A
And I know that this might not be exactly just what I need

But if I look close enough at myself I'm gonna find
That it ain't for the pride and it ain't for the wealth
What I need... is a look in your eyes and a smile that says

Stay with me...


Experience is the Mysterious - EP