Edmonton, Alberta, CAN

Happiness is a warm bun


Imagine a room full of sexy ballerinas dancing in slow motion. Now picture the same room with subtle jazzy tunes in the background, also an albino bear juggling pineapples. Slowly the rooms spins and you realize the room is insignificant in the grand scheme of rooms and that beauty and darkness is all around. The pineapples catch your eye and as your telescopic eyes zoom in you can see a small band performing on the ridge of a particularly succulent pineapple. That band is creaks.

Every forty years a new band blazes onto the Edmonton scene delivering one amazing song and then selling musical rights to a small cereal brand. You better believe there will be a creaks n’ squeaks oatmeal breakfast.

Focusing on puke-grunge and sadness, Creaks sounds like four masculine angels doped out in Roman Polanski's bedroom. Champagne hangovers on a chilly summers day. Each member of creaks is specialized like darwin’s finches – our beaks play a unique role in feeding our collective young.

Happiness is a warm bun.


Blanket Ghosts (EP)
Daydream (Single)