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"press quotes"

"Andrew Hoepfner's gentle, earnest voice spearheads Creaky Boards's lighthearted antifolk-pop sound. The outfit uses tinny carnival piano and off kilter horns to liven up its childlike lyrics." -Timeout NY

"Boards lead singer /pianist/songwriter Andrew Hoepfner just might be the most interesting frontman we’ve come across in a long while... his songs hit on a strange-but-perfect kink-swing tradition often missed by modern-day self-proclaimed quirksters." -the Village Broadsheet

"Keyboard Wunderkind" - Urban Folk

"think Jerry Lee Lewis learns Tom Waits lyrics and goes to the circus." -

"one of the most unique and joyous acts playing in Williamsburg." - Jezebel Music

"Brian Wilson in a chateau in France, an international cabaret singer with charm, Paul McCartney with champagne spraying from the ceiling or an old man sitting with rum at a southern saloon. The possibilities are endless." - Block Magazine

"Lush harmonies, foot stomping rhythms, and the sounds of joyous keyboards. Full of imaginative and fun lyrics, sung wonderfully by front man Andrew Hoepfner." - Pop Tarts Suck Toasted blog

"Their music is an expert combination of 50's and early 60’s pop (“Runaround Sue”, “Last Kiss”, “Pretty Little Angel Eyes”), Tom Waits’ more baroque 80’s experiments, and the sounds of New Orleans. Saturated with lavish horns, carnival piano, and soaring melodies, Hoepfner’s songs take these influences and meld them into something extraordinarliy fun and distinctly unique." - Pop Headwound blog - various


August 2008 - Brooklyn is Love
April 2008 - Grey Seeds
August 2005 - Where's the Sunshine?
August 2004 - Self Titled Demos LP



Upon songwriter/pianist Andrew Hoepfner’s Greyhound arrival at Port Authority, CREAKY BOARDS began as a whimsical folk-punk duo alongside lanky daydreaming trumpeter Jason Benjamin, in the cold winter of 2004. In an avalanche of theatrical subway performances and electric club shows, the bright eyed Midwestern boys were quickly embraced by the East Village antifolk scene due to their knack for melody, their endearingly honest delivery, and their eccentrically jerky body movements. By summer, CREAKY BOARDS was opening up for the Trachtenberg Family Slideshow Players at the Knitting Factory, and Jeffrey Lewis at the 2004 Summer Antifolk Fest.

Friends from Hoepfner's underage Michigan punk rock days soon migrated to join him, expanding CREAKY BOARDS. The band gained a reputation for their newfound Beach boys-esque harmonies and lush arrangements.

In the summer of 2005, CREAKY BOARDS released their first full-length studio album, "Where's the Sunshine?" an explosion of vaudevillian garage pop for the eternally brokenhearted. Ample bursts of trumpet and accordion give the disc a charmingly unusual instrumentation, vaulting CREAKY BOARDS' status into a little legend at its home base, the Sidewalk Café. It remains a best seller on

Recently, CREAKY BOARDS jolted with a surge of creativity, and is practically exploding ever since. CREAKY BOARDS is storming the five boroughs with their most soulful, danceable, live show yet. At home, Hoepfner is churning out a host of magical new recordings from his apartment bedroom, affirming his continual grasp on grainy, timelss pop. To be released next month, their sophmore album "Brooklyn Is Love" is a massive leap forward for the band. Thanks to some unexpected hype when Coldplay was accused of stealing Creaky Board's song for their "Viva La Vida" iTunes commercial single, crazy touring offers and new audiences are suddenly popping up out of nowhere for the indie band. The consistent thread through all of it is CREAKY BOARDS’ triumphant sense of wonder, Hoepfner’s irrepressible drive to create, and their audience's steadfast loyalty.