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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Unsigned Hype"

COTC is a fresh, new crop growing out of the fields in Indianapolis. The home of the Pacers, Edge's old team (1 luv, dog), and Naptime Entertainment. COTC, Deziboy, Big Weave and Vino, got together in 1999 and began writing and doing talent shows. Soon after, "people thought the music that they made was good" so they began recording. There is only so many times you can record over instrumentals so the group set out to find one of Indy's stand out beat makers. They found him in the "Outlaw Jonesy Wales" who has worked with N.A.P., (one of Nap's first) and more recently the Reigning Kings. Together with Outlaw J.W., Cream of the Crop blazed joint after joint. And by joint I mean song because it's no secret that these guys prefer swishers. "Trying to come into this game on your own is nearly impossible and anyone who says diffrently is a m-fing liar," said Deziboy, "our lyrics with his beat just make sense and appeals to everyone." This group is guaranteed to prove that there's more than corn in Indiana, 4 sho. Check for them later this year hitting the scene with their debut album.

- The Hype Magazine


Recently released Only the Beginning EP and just sent out radio edits to Hot 96.3 in Indianapolis including "We Do It Like," a track from the Rockwilder (shout out to; as well as the grown and sexy "Come On". The group plans to drop a full length album later this year. So look out for updates.


Feeling a bit camera shy


COTC, also known as Cream of the Crop, has been together since 1999. Back then they called themselves Naptown Click and began as a group of freestylers and part time rhymers, some related in blood, others by a decade of friendship. Soon COTC found out that there is nothing part-time about the music industry. After entering a few talent shows in the Indianapolis and Bloomington areas, the group saved up some money began recording. The group has opened for Afroman and ripped the stage at various open mics. Cream of the Crop grew up listening to Ice Cube, 2Pac, Wu Tang Clan and Outkast. These artists influenced them to make music that will remain timeless, proving that music is more than just a fad. Today, most artists makes songs about items to where you can't tell if you listening to a CD or a commercial. COTC wants to give the music world a picture of midwest rap, untamed and witty. They are anxious to get on stage and give the crowd a piece of them. At the end of the day, you will believe there is more than corn in Indiana.