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Sierra Vista, Arizona, United States

Sierra Vista, Arizona, United States
Hip Hop Christian




"Vents Magazine Interview"

Who’s Created Purpose?

Our names are Davin aka Created and Efrem aka Purpose. We create music that is meant for encouragement and to help build up the listeners faith. Music is a huge part of peoples lives and what we listen to can build up how you think and how you live your life. Created Purpose is not about music but what the music can do in your lives. If we look at the effects on what hip hop has on our youths lives? We can see it is not a good one as far as the majority of it goes. We make music that is positive and brings truth into the listener’s soul. Music that you can sing or rap along with and gives believers something they can confess over their lives. The Holy Spirit leads us every step of our lives. Created Purpose wants that to flow through our music with power and authority. So we live a life that lines up with Jesus so we can be an example to the youth, and anyone for that matter, that there is a created purpose for your life and you can live that life. The good life is yours in Jesus Christ.

How did you guys get came together and created this band?

We go to church together. A couple years ago we started Logistics Music Production Group. We started out producing music together. About 2 years ago we started praying about starting Created Purpose. From there we have been working on music ever since.

What’s the story behind the band’s name?

Originally we were Scriptruez Created Purpose, because we had a friend Scriptruez in the group. About a year ago Scriptruez was out of the group and we were just Created Purpose. We were all seeking our names, and one night we were in the studio and we started talking about what God has placed in our hearts for our individual names. From there we just put our names together and that’s how we got our name.

What are your music influences?

Both of us were influenced with many different hip-hop artists growing up. Efrem more from the east coast and Davin more from the west coast but both influenced by a wide range of artists. Now we strive to make something that is new and fresh unlike any artist in the industry. We like to keep up on where the Christian Hip Hop industry is moving now. We stay focused on keeping out external influence and are influenced by the Holy Spirit to keep our music where it needs to be.

What’s your method at the time of writing a song?

Most of the time we will be meditating on the Word of God and we will get an idea for a hook. From there we are lead by the Holy Spirit on our lyrics. Almost every song we write individually as far of the verses go. When we come together we always find that our verses match with the hook and the message we want to put forth in the track.

As far as the beats go sometimes we compose a track before the lyrics and a couple of the tracks we made the beat around the lyrics.

Your self-titled album. How was the recording and writing process? How you came out with the album’s title?

We have really had a sharp learning curve to work through in this project. From here we are only getting better on how to record and how to produce the music. Writing was probably the easiest out of it all. We recorded, mixed and mastered the album in our production studio. We had a great time learning from each other and moving forward in this process. This is just the beginning for us.

This is the first album from Created Purpose. This is one of the reasons for the self-titled album. The major reason is for the title Created Purpose is the meaning of the words. This album is about showing whom God is and who Christ is in us. The Created Purpose for all things. This album will not show you the Created Purpose for all things, but is an album filled with faith and the Word of God. The album is about bringing to your mind the created purpose in your own life. Ephesians 2:10 tells us this: For we are God’s [own] handiwork (His workmanship), recreated in Christ Jesus, [born anew] that we may do those good works which God predestined (planned beforehand) for us [taking paths which He prepared ahead of time], that we should walk in them [living the good life which He prearranged and made ready for us to live].

So you guys are planning to hit the road?

We want to be lead by the Holy Spirit on every decision we make. We are looking into touring and the purpose behind it. If we can get the right dates, shows and venues lined up we will hit the road. Right now we are looking at venues and ministries that we can tie into.

What’s the message you want to spread with your music? We have created this album to encourage and uplift the listener. We want to show anyone the goodness of God, the power of the Holy Spirit, and the salvation that comes through Jesus Christ. The music is created to rap or sing along with and be able to speak the Word of God over your own life. Romans 10:17, says that faith comes by continually hearing the Word of Christ. That’s what we pu - Vents Magazine


Still working on that hot first release.



These two guys are a dynamic duo breaking into the hip-hop scene. Encouraging lyrics that bring the Word of God straight into your ears like never before. Beats that combine a mix of every form of hip-hop and a groove that will meet you where ever you are at. With the first album just getting ready to release Created Purpose has so much more in store as they continue to grow in the Lord. Created Purpose is made up of Davin Whitehurst (Created) and Efrem Mims (Purpose). In 2010 the duo started producing music together and since have started Created Purpose. Efrem is a member of the praise and worship team and Davin is a member of the AV/IT team at their local church (Seed of Abraham Christian Center International). The both of them are dedicated, sold out, tithing, and vision embracing Disciples of Christ. God has put them on a journey to not only produce music but also reach the body of Christ with their music. Created Purpose makes music for the church, that is uplifting and lyrics that build you up in Christ. For the bible tells us that faith comes by continually hearing the word of Christ/God. When we listen to the world’s music we are continually hearing what they have to say. That means that our faith is being built upon their views. Created Purpose makes music that builds your faith in God. Music that you can listen to day or night. Music that lines up with God’s plan for your life. Music you can put in your car and ride to. Let the music lift you to your higher calling.