Create Evolve

Create Evolve


A band of good friends having fun jamming and creating music that we love. Progressive and Jamming.


Create Evolve is a Jamming, Progressive, Rock band from Waterford/ Pontiac Michigan. We have been together for almost one year. Our band consists of three guitarists (two of whom currently teach private lessons at local music stores, and take full time music courses at O.C.C.) bass guitar, and drums. We enjoy most styles of music and try not to limit ourselves to just one genre. However, we are partial to improvising for extended periods of time, leading our fan base to label us in the broad category of a "Jam Band." Create Evolve has been playing steady shows around the Metro Detroit area since it was formed, including the Waterford Cultural Council’s Art in The Park battle of the bands (which Create Evolve won first place), The 2nd Annual Bar Street Journal Awards, and many other bars and venues in Metro Detroit.



Set List

We can play up to three hour sets. Mostly consisting of originals and some covers such as Time by pink Floyd, Allman Brothers, Beatles, Phish, Radio Head, Talking heads, Weezer, and others.

Our original favorites are Contrast and Climax, South 20, Windmills like Giants, Sage, Aquaphilia, the Obvious and Do You Ever Wish