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Creating Waves


Band World Classical


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music



"----the time they finished, they got a spontanous ovation. such was the stirring performance that many in the audience were moved to tears----

Newstime---Jan 2003
- Newstime, India

"Fantastic Duo"

The duo make music that has the audience wowing and the critics raving…
Hindustan Times, New Delhi 2002 - Hindustan Times, New Delhi


A really unique concert…
Galway times, Ireland 2001 - Galway Times, Ireland

"Two to a Tune"

Sitar player Shubhendra Rao, 36, a worthy disciple of Pandit Ravi Shankar, and Dutch cellist Saskia de Haas, 30, an equally deserving student of Pandit Hari Prasad Chaurasia, met and without much hesitation got married about six months ago. Now they have made it a habit to play together in a curious coalscence of cello and sitar. Last week at the Indian Institute of Science campus in Bangalore, the two gave a calming duet specially composed against the backdrop of the American crisis. The American Prez needs to hear this one.
- India-Today

"Listen to this one!!"

The Jugalbandi blended the rich masculine sound of the cello and the soft lyrical tune of the sitar’
- Times of India, Kolkatta


Creative and Innovative…
- Times of India, bangalore

"Duet with a difference"

Sitar-Cello Duet mesmerizes……
- Rashtriya Sahara, Lucknow


Their latest CD Creating Waves is just out!!!

Rhyme Records very proudly inaugurates the release of the world’s first Sitar & Cello solo & duet recording, complete with video & 24 bit stunning audio on the Enhanced CD format.

With solo compositions being performed on each of the respective instruments, Shubhendra and Saskia join together in a sublime duet in which they extend the boundaries of Indian Classical music taking the listener through a spectrum of emotions. The masterful dexterity of these fine performers and the joy in their music is captured faithfully through audio & video on this unsurpassed musical landscape.

Recorded, mixed and mastered using 24 bit/96kHz digital technology with 3-D surround sound processing, this exclusive release is a must in any serious music collection.

Apart from this release, Shubhendra Rao has many other recordings released by major music labels all over the world.



Rather than describing ourselves as a band, we are individual soloists who collaborate and compose together. Our compositions are based on European and Indian Folk traditions, Western and Indian Classical traditions, exciting rhythmic grooves performed on acoustic instruments. An important aspect of our music is the improvisational skills and virtuosity of each of the artists.

An introduction to the artistes:
Shubhendra Rao - is one of India’s leading instrumentalists. His brilliant command over the sitar, his innovative creativity combined with a sensitive approach to sound and musical development, places him among the few to have built their own musical identity. A disciple of Maestro Ravi Shankar, he has been acknowledged by critics and connoisseurs alike as a worthy successor to his Guru’s tradition. Shubhendra was recognized as a child prodigy and learnt from his guru in the traditional way—the Guru-Shishya Parampara and has accompanied his Guru in concerts all over the world since a very early age. Shubhendra has performed at major music festivals and concert halls all over the world. To mention a few: Shankarlal festival in Delhi, Doverlane music conference in Calcutta, Vasantahabba in Bangalore. Internationally he performed at the Kremlin in Moscow, Theatre de la Ville in Paris and the Walker Arts Center in Minneapolis amongst other major venues. He is deeply involved in composing, teaching and experimenting with new musical idioms and has many CD’s to his credit.

Saskia Rao –de Haas is a pioneer in the world of music. She has introduced a new instrument, her modified cello to Indian classical music. A disciple of Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia, she has captivated audiences and critics all over the world with her unique playing style, artistic depth and technical virtuosity. The instrument she plays is specially designed by her to suit the requirements of Indian classical music. This cello has one extra playing string and ten resonating strings. Saskia has performed at major music festivals in India, like the Doverlane conference in Kolkotta, the Maihar fetival and the Yuv utsav and Vasanthahabba in Bangalore, The Concertgebouw in Amsterdam and throughout North America. She has collaborated and composed with some of the finest artistes across cultures. She holds a masters-degree in music and musicology from the university of Amsterdam and publishes and lectures on Indian music as well.