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Band Rock Reggae


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Album Titled " IT Makes No Sense"

Talk To Me
Carry The Chains
Chocolate spray
Sound Of a Chalkboard
That's Alright
Hate It
Seem To Steal



Creative Conspiracy is an alternative rock band from Oceanside that began in January of 09. The band consists of four Oceanside locals: Evan Reece (drums), Dillon Debaun (bass/vocals), Victor Dhillon (lead guitar), Jordan Janowiak (guitar/vocals). The band began playing many parties when they first formed, and eventually started playing at local venues like the Beachclub, the Jumping Turtle, the Beachside grill, The Chain Reaction and has also just recorded and put out their debut album “It Makes No Sense” (recorded and produced by Tad Sisler of Mainstream source).The band has a way of combining island style reggae, 90’s Seattle grunge rock, and modern day indie rock. Their producer calls it “ultimate Garage rock.” Creative Conspiracy has many influences like Nirvana, Alice in Chains, The Smashing Pumpkins, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Sublime, Stone Temple Pilots, Tribal Seeds, and more. We enjoy supporting the local bands, and watching the diverse music scene, but they seem to be the only band in Oceanside that has such a love for music that derived from Seattle during the late 80s and early 90s, and figured out how to combine that with many other genres. Creative Conspiracy are very dedicated to their band and music as well and are looking to become successful, so by doing that they will continue to push out and move away from Oceanside and spread their band around the world.

Jordan Janowiak

Jordan Janowiak was born November 13th 1994 in Honolulu Hawaii and is the singer in the American Alternative rock band “Creative Conspiracy.” He was forced to learn the guitar at the age of 8, by his mother to follow in the footsteps of his grandfather (Jordan Christopher). After the first lesson he was already able to a few cover songs and was in love with the instrument. After a few years of lessons, Jordan stopped playing for a few years until 2008 when he was asked to play bass in a three piece band consisting of himself, Evan Reece, and Kylan Geenville. The band never really seemed to make too progression until early 2009 when guitarist Victor Dhillon joined the band and created the four piece band “Creative Conspiracy.” After Kylan Greenville (lead singer at the time) left the band, the band elected Jordan to become the new lead singer. Jordan who always had aspirations to become a singer began writing his first set of lyrics (which always seem to tell a story he had experienced in his life) and began taking vocal lessons from about late 2009 to 2011, and helped push the band to its unique sound it has today. In early 2010 the band found a new bassist Name Dillon Debaun, making Jordan the Rhythm guitarist and lead vocalist. The band was now set and ready to start going in a new and improved path. At 15 the band began playing their first local shows, Jordan took the part of marketing and managing the band, and at 16 Jordan had already booked and played almost all of the big local venues of San Diego at the time. Now at 18 Jordan looks back at all of his childhood inspirations, and continues to meet new people and write new music to help reach him and Creative Conspiracy to the path of success.

Victor Dhillon,

Victor Dhillon, born in Encinitas, California on April 8th, 1995, is the lead guitar player of the alternative rock band Creative Conspiracy. Earlier known as the kid with "long hair", Victor established a certain persona and image to himself at a very young age. Growing up in South Oceanside, California, Victor was constantly exposed to different varieties of music by his parents and family, such as latin and middle eastern influences acquired from his father and uncle, who is a professional percussionist and performer. Also playing a large impact on Victor as a very young child were artists such as the Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix, the Beatles, and Stevie Ray Vaughn. By about the age of eight, Victor already had a large appreciation, understanding, and obsession for rock bands of past eras- his main liking being lead guitar player, Angus Young, from hard rock founding group AC/DC. By this time, Victor's mind constantly wandered to himself "duck walking" across a stage in front of millions of fans, and was often seen reenacting these visions in his own backyard. When he was 10, Victor asked for a guitar. At the time, he only had a half-sized 20 dollar guitar his mother bought him from Mexico a few years back. Victor's father promised him a guitar only if he were to take lessons, and practice on a regular basis. Little did they know they were making a dream come alive. He took guitar lessons at Giacoletti Music in Carlsbad, CA, for 6 years, where he eventually began working part time making sales on guitars and repairs. He played in a few neighborhood bands, soon after helping found his most current band, Creative Conspiracy, formed with only the closest friends he's had since elementary school. So far, Victor has received notoriety for his guitar playing capabilities, and is seen by many as a